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100 年 - 臺閩地區 100 年度自學進修高級中學畢業程度學力鑑定考試-英文#73183 

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1.1. “With the cold front approaching, there will be a sharp drop in ______,"says the weatherman.
(A) confidence
(B) temperature
(C) journey
(D) branch

2.2. Taipei International Flora Exposition is expected to ______ millions of tourists.
(A) attract
(B) communicate
(C) wonder
(D) evolve

3.3. Hank purchased a pair of expensive jeans on an ______. Now, he regrets doing it.
(A) excuse
(B) operation
(C) award
(D) impulse

4.4. The motorist who was seriously injured in the car accident was _______ sent to the hospital.
(A) definitely
(B) immediately
(C) crucially
(D) universally

5.5. The kidnapper received a death ______ because he killed the innocent child.
(A) technology
(B) rescue
(C) sentence
(D) background

6.6. The ______ typhoon flooded the costal area and claimed over 300 lives.
(A) constructive
(B) protective
(C) negative
(D) destructive

7.7. We are extremely _____ by our narrow defeat in the baseball game with South Korea.
(A) disappointed
(B) explored
(C) relieved
(D) advertised

8.8. The student has been indulging himself in playing on-line games for months. As a(n) _____, he failed all the exams at school.
(A) event
(B) result
(C) contempt
(D) option

9.9. Those who suffer from _______ violence are well advised to call 113 for assistance.
(A) domestic
(B) democratic
(C) delicate
(D) diligent

10.10. The man bought a ______ of roses for his wife on Valentine’s Day.
(A) herd
(B) period
(C) bunch
(D) crowd

11.11. Harry Potter, one of the _______, has been translated into many languages.
(A) witnesses
(B) nations
(C) albums
(D) bestsellers

12.12. Upon knowing the death of her missing son, the ______ mother burst into tears.
(A) competitive
(B) symbolic
(C) anxious
(D) proper

13.13. President Obama is ______ admired for his eloquence and his determination to change.
(A) suspiciously
(B) widely
(C) unwillingly
(D) smoothly

14.14. Check out the TV _____ if you want to know what is on HBO tonight.
(A) monument
(B) survey
(C) guide
(D) perfume

15.15. The zoo is founded to protect ______ species like pandas and lions.
(A) endangered
(B) extinct
(C) superstitious
(D) standard

16.16. Some living creatures are said to have extra-sensory perception to predict when an earthquake is going to _____.
(A) neglect
(B) strike
(C) oppress
(D) accomplish

17.17. The National Palace Museum is ______ an exhibition of Egyptian artifacts.
(A) frustrating
(B) persuading
(C) declaring
(D) holding

18.18. Broadway ______, like Cats and Phantom of the Opera, are beloved by audiences around the world.
(A) blueprints
(B) musicals
(C) copies
(D) figures

19.19. The story ______ covered by the journalist touched every soul throughout the island.
(A) exclusively
(B) familiarly
(C) naturally
(D) mentally

20.20. Sue didn’t go to work today; _______, she went shopping with her friends.
(A) instead
(B) in addition to
(C) likewise
(D) then

21.1.______ the heavy rain, the concert will be held as scheduled.
(A) Although
(B) Despite
(C) In addition to
(D) Due to

22.2. Our family make ______ a rule to visit our grandparents in the country once a month.
(A) that
(B) this
(C) it
(D) which

23.3. ______ at the wonderful performance of the pianist, the audience gave him a big hand.
(A) Amaze
(B) To amaze
(C) Amazing
(D) Amazed

24.4. ______ our teacher just said makes sense.
(A) What
(B) Which
(C) How
(D) Whether

25.5. Taipei 101______ used to be the tallest building in the world, has become a popular tourist attraction.
(A) which
(B) that
(C) , which
(D) , that

26.6. The foreigner can speak neither English ______ French.
(A) or
(B) nor
(C) and

27.7. The photo reminds me ______ my happy childhood memory.
(A) of
(B) that
(C) at
(D) to

28.8. People living in Taiwan enjoy more freedom than ______ living in North Korea.
(A) that
(B) those
(C) these
(D) they

29.9. If I ______ a bird, I could fly freely in the sky.
(A) am
(B) was
(C) were
(D) be

30.10. I ______ work out in the gym, but now I have no time for that.
(A) have been used to
(B) am used to
(C) was used to
(D) used to

31.11. It is not until people lose health _______ they realize its importance.
(A) that
(B) which
(C) what
(D) where

32.12. Off the southeastern coast of Taiwan _____ Orchid Island.
(A) lay
(B) lied
(C) lies
(D) lays

33.13. The suspect was arrested with his face ______ by a helmet.
(A) cover
(B) to cover
(C) covering
(D) covered

34.14. In the conference room _____ the protesters who are against the new policy.
(A) has
(B) have
(C) is
(D) are

35.15. It never ________ to me that I could win the national championship in the speech contest.
(A) hit
(B) occurred
(C) turned
(D) preferred

36.16. ______ the advancement of space technology, it is possible to build a space colony in other planets.
(A) Of
(B) Among
(C) With
(D) For

37.17. The gentleman could not help but ______ in love with the beautiful girl at first sight.
(A) fall
(B) fell
(C) to fall
(D) falling

38.18. The researcher said that it _______ patience and perseverance to finish the research.
(A) got
(B) took
(C) spent
(D) cost

39.19. The boy is shy and conservative _______ his younger brother is outgoing and active.
(A) unless
(B) because
(C) as
(D) while

40.20. It is a great pity _______ the girl committed suicide because she broke up with her boyfriend.
(A) what
(B) which
(C) that
(D) why

100 年 - 臺閩地區 100 年度自學進修高級中學畢業程度學力鑑定考試-英文#73183-阿摩線上測驗

100 年 - 臺閩地區 100 年度自學進修高級中學畢業程度學力鑑定考試-英文#73183