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102 年 - 臺閩地區 102 年度自學進修高級中學畢業程度學力鑑定考試-英文#73184 

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1.1. Charlotte used to work as an assistant to a famous fashion designer; therefore, she ___________ a lot of experience in the fashion industry.
(A) accumulated
(B) despaired
(C) withdrew
(D) hesitated

2.2. The directions on this box ___________ that the patient should take only two pills a day. An overdose may easily cause side effects.
(A) disturb
(B) pronounce
(C) absorb
(D) mention

3.3. The locals ___________ supported the construction of a college in the town; no one opposed it.
(A) artificially
(B) unanimously
(C) consequently
(D) ambiguously

4.4. The mother admitted that she was very ___________ about her missing son.
(A) symbolic
(B) competitive
(C) anxious
(D) awful

5.5. The fable that a man killed a hen that ___________ golden eggs taught us a lesson about the price of being greedy.
(A) permits
(B) lay
(C) lied
(D) laid

6.6. All the employees in this well-organized company carry out their jobs ___________.
(A) sufficiently
(B) efficiently
(C) mercifully
(D) generously

7.7. Recently medical researchers have found that AIDS virus is ___________ to antibiotics.
(A) resistant
(B) assistant
(C) insistent
(D) persistent

8.8. After being out of work for several months, they finally found____________ in a factory and earned enough money to live on.
(A) employment
(B) sympathy
(C) emergency
(D) security

9.9. As an English ____________, Steve enrolled in the American Literature course and Shakespeare sonnets.
(A) major
(B) reform
(C) surgery
(D) physician

10.10. The typhoon flooded the coastal area and claimed over 300 lives.
(A) constructive
(B) protective
(C) destructive
(D) negative

11.11. Some English teachers put too much on grammar and sentence pattern instead of conversation and writing.
(A) pressure
(B) emphasis
(C) identity
(D) harvest

12.12. Once you your friend accidentally, the best thing for you to do is to offer a sincere apology as soon as possible.
(A) instruct
(B) offend
(C) encounter
(D) clarify

13.13. After Peter was fired, he and his wife often got into an argument, over money.
(A) mostly
(B) immediately
(C) thankfully
(D) gradually

14.14. It is necessary for language learners to do a lot of extensive reading as well as __________reading.
(A) illegal
(B) internal
(C) imaginative
(D) intensive

15.15. The motorist who was seriously injured in the car accident was _______ sent to the hospital.
(A) definitely
(B) immediately
(C) crucially
(D) universally

16.16. If you don’t know the _______ of a new word, you can always look it up in the dictionary.
(A) exaggeration
(B) interaction
(C) competition
(D) definition

17.17. Sue pays a lot of attention to her figure and works out every day. As a result, old as she is, she looks _____ young and beautiful.

18.18. Good manners ________ consideration for others.
(A)lead to
(B)drive off
(C)lie in
(D)stir up 

19.19. Every time I look at the photos, all the happy memories ______ my mind.
(A)flash through
(C)occur to
(D)dawn on

20.20. Red lights warn consumers that the food product should only be eaten ________ or in small amounts.
(A)once upon a time
(B)once in a time
(C)at a time
(D)from time to time

21.1. If I ___________ a bird, I could fly freely in the sky.
(A) were
(B) was
(C) am
(D) be

22.2. Taipei has a larger population than ___________ in Taiwan.
(A) any other cities
(B) any other city
(C) any cities
(D) any city

23.3. My fatter will never go to the restaurant ___________ ordering its specialty. He says it is too delicious.
(A) without
(B) not
(C) nor
(D) no

24.4. My grandparents make ___________ a rule to keep early hours. They always go to exercise in the park.
(A) this
(B) it
(C) that
(D) what

25.5. People do not know the value of freedom ___________ they have lost it.
(A) while
(B) as
(C) until
(D) when

26.6. I have learned English ___________ I was at the age of five.
(A) since
(B) for
(D) yet

27.7.Some students have a lot of difficult ___________ with their parents.
(A) communicating
(B) communicate
(C) to communicate
(D) communicated

28.8. cheats on the monthly exam, he or she will be punished.
(A) Every time
(B) As long as
(C) No matter who
(D) No matter when

29.9. by the directions, the patient looked at the doctor enquiringly.
(A) Puzzling
(B) Puzzled
(C) Puzzle
(D) To puzzle

30.10. the end of last month, Mark had earned NT$10,000.
(A) By
(B) On
(C) Of
(D) To

31.11. People living in Taiwan enjoy more freedom than living in North Korea.
(A) that
(B) they
(C) those
(D) these

32.12. In this office, some products are made in China, others are made in Taiwan, are made in Japan.
(A) others
(B) which others
(C) the others
(D) and still others

33.13. People enjoy a life span than before.
(A) longer
(B) long
(C) the longer
(D) longest

34.14. our delight, Jack won first prize in the speech contest.
(A) Of
(B) To
(C) At
(D) In

35.15.The little girl got lost. ___________ what to do next, she started to cry.
(A) Not knowing
(B) Not known
(C) Knowing not
(D) Because not knowing

36.16.______ the advancement of space technology, it is possible to build a space colony in other planets.
(A) Of
(B) Among
(C) With
(D) For

37.17.Ten persons were killed in the air crash, _____ Peter’s parents. It was such a tragedy.
(D)with inclusive

38.18.Convenience stores in Taiwan offering a wide variety of services, you can have your daily needs _____ there.
(A)taken care
(B)take care of
(C)taken care of
(D)take care

39.19.________ approach to food labeling we adopt, the point is to raise consumers’ awareness of potentially risky nutrients.
(C)No matter when
(D)No matter what

40.20.When Calvin comes home tonight, his children ________.
(A)will be sleeping
(B)have gone to bed
(C)have been watching TV
(D)are doing their homework

102 年 - 臺閩地區 102 年度自學進修高級中學畢業程度學力鑑定考試-英文#73184-阿摩線上測驗

102 年 - 臺閩地區 102 年度自學進修高級中學畢業程度學力鑑定考試-英文#73184