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107 年 - 107 台灣自來水公司評價職位人員甄試:英文#75109 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. All the chairs in the hall were ________, and at least 90 people had to stand.
(A) rebuilt
(C) removed
(D) packaged

2.2. I can see you are a little confused; let me ________ briefly.
(A) expose
(C) exchange
(D) explain

3.3. I can’t ________ on my work at the moment. The loud noise is distracting me.
(A) state
(C) concentrate
(D) dedicate

4.4. Famous artists often have excellent ________.
(A) imagination
(C) relation
(D) examination

5.5. Don’t ________ like you know everything. In fact, you know nothing about it.
(A) act
(C) make
(D) adopt

6.6. Those twins look alike. It’s very hard to ________ who is who.
(A) satisfy
(C) identify
(D) qualify

7.7. The ________ is so nice today. We can go out for a picnic under the sunshine.
(A) father
(C) weather
(D) flower

8.8. I think I’ve spent too long on the computer. My ________ is getting worse. Sometimes the words become very blurry for me.
(A) revision
(C) session
(D) mansion

9.9. It’s better to put the medicines on the ________, or the children might swallow it accidentally.
(A) store
(C) elf
(D) note

10.10. Several websites allow users to ________ movies for free on the Internet. To gain access to the sites, you may have to register with the company and create a login and password.
(A) download
(C) downfall
(D) downwind

11.11. The steak was ________ and didn’t taste good.(複選)
(A) overdone
(C) too well-done
(D) overcooked

12.12. A: Where are you going? B: To the post office. I have to mail a ________. (複選) 
(A) stamp
(C) postcard
(D) junk mail

13.13. Uniqlo will be having a(n) ________ of women’s casual shirts, dresses, and blouses this weekend.(複選)  
(A) bargain sale
(B)clearance sale
(C) year end sale
(D) anniversary sale

14.14. Adam: May I pick up my parcel, please? Post Office Clerk: Could I see ________? (複選) 
(A) your ID
(B)a recommendation
(C) stamp machine
(D) the notice left by the postman

15.15. Michael: I’d like to mail this package to Canada. FedEx clerk: Oops, you forgot to put the ________! (複選) 
(A) recipient’s address
(B)recipient’s phone number
(C) ZIP code
(D) postal money order

16.16. Molly often ________ the post office’s new iBox service to send packages anytime to 409 locations in Taiwan.
(A) use
(C) using
(D) have used

17.17. I found my dog ________ asleep in the sun.
(A) laid
(C) lying
(D) laying

18.18. I feel cold. Do you mind ________ I close the window?
(A) if
(C) that
(D) when

19.19. Would you like to go________ with me this afternoon?
(A) swim
(B)a swim
(C) to swim
(D) swimming

20.20. Responsibility, along with communication skills, ________ required for our candidates.
(A) are
(C) is
(D) is to

21.21. It has been claimed that ________ red wine is good for your heart.
(A) drink
(B)a drink
(C) to have been drinking
(D) drinking

22.22. ________ harshly he may speak to you, you can be sure that he has only your best interests at heart.
(A) However
(C) Moreover
(D) Whether

23.23. I’d ________ play football than watch it.
(A) better
(C) rather
(D) faster

24.24. Johnny didn’t like the film. He thought it was very ________.
(A) bored
(C) bore
(D) boring

25.25. Patrick and William are colleagues. They have known each other ________.(複選)  
(A) from last year
(B)for many years
(C) since 2001
(D) only a few years

26.26. There are ________ 50 students in our class.(複選)  
(A) no less than
(B)not less than
(C) no more than
(D) not more than

27.27. Steve, ________ his friends, is going for a walk in the park. (複選) 
(A) and
(B)along with
(C) with all
(D) together with

28.28. ________ the cold weather, Paul still went swimming in the lake. (複選) 
(A) Despite
(B)Despite of
(C) In spite of
(D) Regardless

29.29. Mary and Nicole had ________ got to school ________ they began to study. (複選) 
(A) as soon … as
(B)hardly … when
(C) no sooner … than
(D) scarcely … before

30.30. Julia can speak English well, ________ Japanese.(複選)  
(A) not to mention
(B)not to speak of
(C) to say nothing of
(D) get along

31.第一篇: Business strategy is sometimes defined simply as a firm's high-level plan for reaching specific business objectives. Strategic plans succeed when they 31 business growth, a strong competitive position, and strong financial performance. When the high-level strategy fails, however, the firm must 32 change its approach or prepare to go out of business. Strategies reflect the firm's strengths, vulnerabilities, resources, and opportunities. And, they also reflect the firm's competitors and its market. Many different strategies and business models are possible, even for companies in the same industry selling 33 products or services. Southwest Airlines (in the US) and Ryan Air (in Europe), for instance, have strategies 34 providing low-cost transportation. The 35 for Singapore Airlines focuses instead on brand image for luxury and quality service. In competitive industries, each firm formulates a strategy it believes it can exploit.
(A) go by
(B)lead to
(C) compare with
(D) work at

(A) either
(C) to
(D) not

(A) alike
(C) opposite
(D) unlike

(A) due to
(B)according to
(C) prevent from
(D) based on

(A) reprove
(C) approach
(D) reproach

36.第二篇: Carrie joined a weight-loss center last summer. She took part in the program not so much for health 36 for good looks. Carrie secretly loved a pop star. She adored him so much that she had almost every album of his. Though she never revealed her secret to us, we were fully aware of her fascination with him. 37 he had a concert, she went to it. She was so obsessed with him that, as soon as she knew he liked slim girls, she enrolled in the weight-loss class, with the 38 of losing weight and winning his heart. To attain her goal, she was willing to pay whatever price she had to. She also started to eat less and exercise more, so she cut down on sweets, ice cream 39 . As a result of her persistence and hard work, she made her dream come true. Today she is 40 she used to be. Nobody believes that she weighed 100 kilograms a year ago.
(A) as
(C) so
(D) than

(A) However
(C) Whenever
(D) Whichever

(A) explanation
(C) impression
(D) inclination

(A) in debt
(B)in person
(C) in itself
(D) in particular

(A) half as heavy as
(B)half less heavy as
(C) less half as heavy as
(D) as half less heavy as

41.四、閱讀測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 第一篇: How do we get more young people to increase their consumption of iron-rich foods? Many nutritionists are advocating the fortification (提高營養價值) of a number of foods. This may help, but I contend that we should also intensify our efforts in nutrition education among our young people. I simply do not agree that it is futile to try to change eating habits. Once an intelligent person—and this includes adolescents—understand the need for a healthy diet, I think he/she will act accordingly. As for specific actions, I suggest that blood hemoglobin should be checked as a routine part of a youngster’s yearly physical exam. It should contain at least 12 grams for a boy. If it is any lower, the physician probably will prescribe an easily absorbed iron supplement. Adolescents—and everyone else—should cut out highly processed foods and drinks, which may be low in iron and other nutrients. Read the labels for iron content. Especially make sure that all bakery products are made with enriched flour or whole grains. Try adding liver, chicken, beef, veal or any other variety to the weekly menu. Finally, even when you are trying to lose weight, always eat a sensible, well-balanced diet made up of a variety of fresh or very lightly processed foods. This way, you stand a good chance of getting not only enough iron, but also adequate amounts of all the other essential nutrients.
【題組】41. The passage is mainly about ___________.
(A) the need of iron
(B)blood hemoglobin
(C) the importance of diet
(D) adolescents eating habits

42.【題組】42. The author recommends that young people _____________.
(A) lose weight
(B)check blood hemoglobin yearly
(C) be on a strictly vegetarian diet
(D) do some more studies on food processing and nutrition

43.【題組】43. The author says that the appropriate way to lose weight is __________.
(A) to eat vegetables and eggs
(B)to cut our highly processed foods and drinks
(C) to eat a variety of fresh or very lightly processed foods
(D) to follow suggestions from a physician

44.【題組】44. What kind of bakery products do young people have to eat?(複選)
(A) Bread made with whole grains.
(B)Bread containing less calories.
(C) Bread made with good vegetable oil.
(D) Bread made with enriched flour.

45.【題組】45. When the author says that “we should intensify our efforts in nutrition education among our young people,” he means that we should __________.(複選)
(A) tell young people to eat liver, chicken, beef or veal
(B)advise young people to keep healthy, well-balanced diets
(C) try to change eating habits to get enough iron and other essential nutrients
(D) teach adolescents about nutrition in home economics class in school

46.第二篇: On June 17, 1774, the officials from Maryland and Virginia held a talk with the Indians of the six Nations. The Indians were invited to send boys to William and Mary College. In a letter the next day they refused the offer as follows: We know that you have a high opinion of the kind of learning taught in your colleges, and that the costs of living of our young men, while with you, would be very expensive to you. We are convinced that you mean to do us good by your proposal; and we thank you heartily. But you must know that different nations have different ways of looking at things, and you will therefore not be offended if our ideas of this kind of education happen not to be the same as yours. We have had some experience of it. Several of our young people were formerly brought up at the college of the Northern provinces; they were taught all your sciences; but, when they came back to us, they were bad runners, ignorant of every means of living in the woods... They were totally good for nothing. We are, however, not the less obliged by your kind offer, though we refuse to accept it; and, to show our grateful sense of it, if the gentlemen of Virginia will send us a dozen of their sons, we will take care of their education, teach them all we know, and make men of them.
【題組】 46. The Indians’ chief purpose in writing the letter seems to ________.
(A) politely refuse a friendly offer
(B)express their opinions on equal treatment
(C) describe Indian customs
(D) show their pride

47.【題組】47. Different from the officials’ view of education, the Indians thought ________.
(A) they taught different branches of science
(B)young men should be educated in sciences
(C) they had different goals of education
(D) they should teach the sons of the officials first

48.【題組】48. The tone of the letter is best described as ________.
(A) requiring
(C) inquiring
(D) polite

49.【題組】49. This passage is about ________.(複選)
(A) the conflict between the Americans and the Indians
(B)exchanging ideas between the Indians and the officials
(C) the educational value of the Indians
(D) the college of the northern provinces

50.【題組】50. According to the letter, the Indians believed that ________.(複選)
(A) they were being insulted by the offer
(B)they had a better way of educating young men
(C) they knew more about nature than the officials
(D) it would be better for their boys to receive education at home



29.百日維新之變革到最後只有那一個機構沒有被廢?  (A)總理各國事務衙門 (B)北洋艦隊 (C)輪船招商局 (D)京師大學堂。 ...

50 x


107 年 - 107 台灣自來水公司評價職位人員甄試:英文#75109-阿摩線上測驗

107 年 - 107 台灣自來水公司評價職位人員甄試:英文#75109