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108 年 - 108 一般警察四等 英文#76987 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1. 1 John is a _____ worker. He arrives on time and leaves no mess behind.
(A) conceited
(B) confident
(C) conscious
(D) conscientious.

2. 2 We will be grateful if you _____receipt of this message at your earliest convenience.
(A) acknowledge
(B) recommend
(C) recognize
(D) suspend.

3. 3 Wrong combinations of food can be not only unhealthy but _____ .
(A) pointless
(B) tempting
(C) prosperous
(D) toxic.

4. 4 Sam felt a sudden _____ to get a run, so he put on the sneakers and set out.
(A) impulse
(B) inspection
(C) imitation
(D) implication.

5. 5 The whole country was in a state of shock when the national football team was _____ from the World Cup right after the first game.
(A) alleviated
(B) relieved
(C) eliminated
(D) despised.

6. 6 Many plants _____water through their roots from the soil and emit it from their leaves into atmosphere.
(A) convey
(B) absorb
(C) recall
(D) hijack.

7. 7 For all the comfort that air-conditioning provides, home air conditioning is a(n) _____ in hot climates.
(A) curiosity
(B) extensity
(C) intensity
(D) necessity.

8. 8 I ordered the latest edition of a pronunciation handbook, but I received an old _____ of it instead.
(A) version
(B) virgin
(C) vision
(D) venture.

9. 9 Lake Baikal, famous for its _____ winter scenery, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
(A) unconscious
(B) voluntary
(C) pessimistic
(D) magnificent.

10.10 Optimists are more likely to see good and bad events occurring in their lives as being _____ rather than permanent.
(A) enduring
(B) pessimistic
(C) temporary
(D) vigorous.

11.11 The only _____ of the car crash was a little boy and all the other passengers got killed on the spot.
(A) survivor
(B) publisher
(C) formula
(D) literature.

12.12 Students in Taiwan usually take a short nap after lunch to _____themselves.
(A) refresh
(B) reserve
(C) repel
(D) resign.

13.13 Roger likes to go to see a movie to get relaxed in his_____time.
(A) stray
(B) sparkle
(C) spare
(D) stroke.

14.14 The workers should be very_____when they handle flammable gas.
(A) cautious
(B) conscious
(C) precious
(D) previous.

15.15 Empathy and patience are crucial when we console those who are in the midst of_____ over the loss of their loved ones.
(A) grieving
(B) oppressing
(C) persisting
(D) strolling.

16.16 Dozens of buildings in the town were destroyed in the earthquake; fortunately the 100-year-old church remained _____ .
(A) neutral
(B) edible
(C) intact
(D) mortal .

17.17 You _____ take care of that cut on your hand soon, or it will get infected.
(A) would rather
(B) have better
(C) had better
(D) would better.

18.18 Learning that he was_____ to Harvard University, Shawn didn’t show any sign of excitement but worry because he couldn’t afford it.
(A) transmitted
(B) permitted
(C) admitted
(D) submitted.

19.19 The super model has extremely rigorous exercise habits. Her apartment is even _____with a gymnasium.
(A) acquainted
(B) scattered
(C) identified
(D) equipped.

20.20 The salesperson _____ Mom to buy a new pot which she didn’t need.
(A) persuaded
(B) proved
(C) pursued
(D) permitted.

21.21 Jack pursues his wealth and fame at the _____ of his health and family.
(A) extension
(B) expansion
(C) expense
(D) experience.

22.22 It is not easy to _____ tigers from leopards. They look so similar.
(A) distinguish
(B) extinguish
(C) observe
(D) establish.

23.23 The design of the new sneakers _____ to teenagers. Everyone wants to buy a pair.
(A) resorts
(B) contributes
(C) appeals
(D) reveals.

24.24 If an earthquake occurs while you are driving, the standard operating _____ to be followed is to stop the car and stay in it until the shaking stops.
(A) potential
(B) precaution
(C) preservation
(D) procedure.

25.25 House cats like to sleep in the sun because they like to feel warm and secure before they fall to sleep, _____cats in the wild.
(A) and do so
(B) do so and
(C) so do and
(D) and so do.

26.26 Amanda Johnson, _____ , grows beautiful roses in her front yard.
(A) my next-door neighbor
(B) has been my next-door neighbor
(C) is my next-door neighbor
(D) who my next-door neighbor is.

27.27 With his outstanding skills and extraordinary physical strength, the young basketball player will _____ become a super star someday.
(A) fortunately
(B) generally
(C) constantly
(D) undoubtedly.

28.28 Jenny believed that it was her _____, not a mere coincidence, that she had come all the way to this faraway place to meet and marry her husband.
(A) destiny
(B) splendor
(C) potential
(D) compassion.

29.請依下文回答第 29 題至第 31 題 
        In June of 1991, the Economist magazine reported that “a pair of Nike sports shoes that sells for $150 in the United States is made by Indonesian women paid the 29 of 58 cents a day.” The British weekly noted that 30 women on the line seemed glad for their jobs, the Indonesian government manpower minister had admitted that the nation’s official minimum 31 was below what was needed to make a living.

(A) balance
(B) equivalent
(C) equipment
(D) charge .

(A) as
(B) until
(C) though
(D) so .

(A) fee
(B) wage
(C) cost
(D) weight .

32.請依下文回答第 32 題至第 35 題 
        In many American cities public transportation is a political issue. So many people live in these cities that it is impossible for them all to drive cars. Besides, many of them cannot afford cars. Many people want to ride fast subways and clean buses,  32  nobody wants to pay for them. This is a problem for city politicians, who want to be elected and reelected. Some cities pay for part of the cost of public transportation from taxes. However, the costs  33  as the price of fuel increases, and the politicians do not want to increase taxes. The rest of the cost has to come from fares that the passengers pay. 
        The fare system  34  from city to city. In some, such as New York, every passenger pays the same amount  35  he or she takes a short ride or a long one. In other cities, such as Washington, there is a system of zones. A passenger who only wants to go a short distance pays one amount. A passenger who goes through more zones pays more. 
        In all systems, passengers complain that politicians let fares get too high. Other people complain that politicians let taxes get too high. Everybody blames the politicians.

(A) but
(B) so
(C) or
(D) for.

(A) get up
(B) give up
(C) turn up
(D) go up .

(A) ranges
(B) varies
(C) travels
(D) depends .

(A) not only
(B) no matter
(C) whether
(D) if .

36.請依下文回答第 36 題至第 40 題 
        Television is a major source of news for many people. Media outlets such as TV broadcasting companies  36  professional journalists to supply them with news stories. So, what makes a good journalist? First, a good journalist should get a lot of information about an event or situation. To do this, a journalist usually interviews  37  people. This way, s/he can tell the whole story, and not just one side, or opinion of it. Besides, a good journalist is  38  a breaking news story as quickly as possible. This means the journalist can report the story as soon as possible. In fact, professional journalists often  39  pride in being the first to report a story. A journalist’s job can be very interesting and exciting because s/he often gets to travel around the world. However, it is important to point out that a journalist’s job can also be very dangerous. Reporting a breaking news story often means being in place where there are wars, earthquakes, or tsunamis.  40  the situation around them is crucial for journalists in order to avoid getting hurt or killed. Being a good journalist requires a lot of hard work, an ability to evaluate information carefully, a willingness to take risks.

(A) rely on
(B) pick up
(C) take over
(D) point out.

(A) a herd of
(B) a scope of
(C) a big bunch of
(D) a wide range of .

(A) behind the scene
(B) on the scene of
(C) for the scene of
(D) under the scene .

(A) take
(B) takes
(C) taken
(D) taking .

(A) Beware
(B) Beware of
(C) Become aware
(D) Being aware of .

41.請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題 
        Do you DIY, upcycle or craft? If so, come get free materials from the Spokane City Center this Saturday on April 22. Let's celebrate the Earth Day by saving things from going to the dump! 
        If your sewing machine never gets tucked away, your toolbox, glue and scissors are always ready for the next project, or you're just looking for some creative inspiration, we have you all covered. 
        We have collected expired and unwanted material samples for reuse and creative upcycling by educators, artists,DIY-ers, and crafters. Some of the things you might find include fabric, carpet, wall covering, wood, tile, stone, glass,rubber, and much more. Crafting with children is always fun, so there will be free activities for the kids too, such as bead crafts, clay modeling, collage, etc. Come join us! 
        The event goes from 9 am to 2 pm at FloForm, 5320 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane, WA. 
        NOTE: If you want first dibs, you've got to register by 5 pm this Wednesday to get in the door 30 minutes early. It's free, so what are you waiting for? Don't forget, the event is also BYOB — bring your own bag or box to carry your finds home.

【題組】41 What is the main purpose of this message?
(A) To ask people to clean up the trash in the city together.
(B) To support artists' new projects with waste materials.
(C) To persuade people to make good use of sewing machines and scissors.
(D) To encourage people to save materials from going to the landfills..

42.【題組】42 What should the participants do in order to get the best free materials?
(A) To bring your own bag or box.
(B) To join the children's activities.
(C) To sign up before 5 pm on Wednesday.
(D) To wait in line at 9:30 am on Saturday. .

43.【題組】43 Which of the following is NOT likely to be available for people to take away in this activity?
(A) scissors
(B) glass
(C) carpet
(D) tiles.

44.【題組】44 Which of the following can be the best title for this message?
(A) DIY and Save the Earth
(B) Get Free Materials This Saturday
(C) Recycle and Earn Money
(D) Craft Ideas from Designers.

45.【題組】45 What does the word "upcycle" mean in the passage?
(A) To update the recent information.
(B) To upgrade the usage of the material.
(C) To uphold the education for children.
(D) To upload a cyclist's picture to a website..

46.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 
        London is one of the top travel destinations in the world, but for a first time visitor, navigating this large city can be overwhelming. Using an Oyster card is an easy way to save time and money if you are planning to use public transportation in London. An Oyster card is a blue credit-card-sized contactless smartcard that can be used on every form of public transportation within London, including public bus, underground, railway, and some river boat services. 
        The Oyster card was first issued on June 30, 2003. The name was decided after a lengthy discussion. Two other proposed names were “Pulse” and “Gem.” “Oyster” was chosen because it sounded like a fresh name that was not directly linked to transportation; also, the hard shell of an oyster and the concealed pearl symbolize security and value.But perhaps the best reason is William Shakespeare’s quote “ The world is your oyster,” which means one has the ability and freedom to do anything or go anywhere. So far more than 60 million cards have been issued and over 85%of rail and bus travel in London is paid by using an Oyster card. The card never expires. It can be used after any length of time. Besides, deposits can be refunded on return of the card. 
        The best reason to get an Oyster card is cost savings and convenience. It is cheaper to travel in London with this card than it is to purchase individual paper tickets for each trip. The card allows 40 people to pass through a ticket gate per minute, 15 more than with paper tickets, and also makes boarding a bus three times faster. For London Underground and the railway system, passengers have to touch the card on an electronic reader when entering and leaving the transport system. The reader will show either a green or a red light. The former indicates that you have sufficient credit for your journey while the latter indicates you do not have enough credit and you have to purchase more credit before you can continue your journey. For the public bus service, which has fixed price, passengers only need to touch the reader at the start of the journey when boarding. If you touch the reader again when you get off the bus, you will be charged an additional fare.

【題組】 46 Which of the following is the passage most likely to be taken from?
(A) A city guidebook.
(B) A technology magazine.
(C) A travel safety report.
(D) An instruction book for bus drivers..

47.【題組】 47 Which of the following is the best definition of the word "expire" in the passage?
(A) To make efforts.
(B) To receive money.
(C) To come to an end.
(D) To remain unknown..

48.【題組】 48 What does a passenger have to do when taking the bus with an Oyster card?
(A) To touch the reader only once.
(B) To wait for the green light to show.
(C) To show the card to the bus driver.
(D) To pay the fare when getting off the bus..

49.【題組】 49 According to the passage, in what way is an Oyster card a better choice than a paper ticket?
(A) It prevents passengers from being charged twice.
(B) The electronic ticket is more environmentally friendly.
(C) It can save the time passengers pass through the gate.
(D) The more a passenger travels, the more refunds he or she can get..

50.【題組】 50 Which of the following statements about the Oyster card is correct?
(A) The card cannot be returned.
(B) The name “Oyster” is associated with efficiency.
(C) The pink smartcard is the same size as a credit card.
(D) The name of the card was inspired by a Shakespeare’s quote..




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108 年 - 108 一般警察四等 英文#76987