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-1910 年 - 中高級字彙 003 30題 (建議15~20分鐘內完成)#7709 

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1.The oil shortage ________ the prices of chemical fertilizers on the world market.
(A) drove oil
(B) drove up
(C) drove in
(D) drove off .

2.There are five ________ mistakes in this picture. Can you find them and win a prize?
(A) intensive
(B) deliberate
(C) planned
(D) calculated .

3.These studies will yield valuable lemons ________.
(A) in which to save lives and protect property
(B) how to save lives and protect property
(C) in how to save lives and protect property
(D) about those to save lives and protect property .

4.The school offered flexible courses for farmers, ________ more hours of study when farm work was not heavy.
(A) with
(B) without
(C) in
(D) for .

5.Part of the cost of many articles is taken as tax by the government ________ the community.
(A) in place of
(B) on account of
(C) in terms of
(D) on behalf of .

6.Soldiers act in ________ to the orders of their officers.
(A) obligation
(B) objection
(C) obedience
(D) offence .

7.________ after the Second World War that test pilots first attempted to break the “Sound barrier.”
(A) It was shortly
(B) Until shortly
(C) Shortly was it
(D) Shortly .

8.________ in the Atacama Desert.
(A) It never virtually rains
(B) It virtually never rains
(C) Never it rains virtually
(D) Never virtually it rains .

9.Society now requires the university to be a part of the community. ________, students themselves expect to play a role in the affairs of society.
(A) Hence
(B) However
(C) Moreover
(D) Otherwise .

10.Superconductors lose electrical resistance only ________ subjected to intense cold.
(A) through
(B) when
(C) as
(D) by .

11.Those who lie and cheat will never ________ it.
(A) get on with
(B) get back to
(C) get away with
(D) get off with .

12.A foreign language like English is difficult to learn, so you ________ work too hard.
(A) should
(B) mustn’t
(C) can’t
(D) ought to .

13.Cultural life in England takes so many forms that a brief summary can only attempt to ________ its variety.
(A) suggest
(B) remind
(C) consider
(D) propose .

14.There are ________ periods in an animal’s life when it is capable of learning a great deal in a very short time.
(A) urgent
(B) violent
(C) serious
(D) critical .

15.Do employers in your country ________ workers for injuries suffered at their work?
(A) conform
(B) conflict
(C) compel
(D) compensate .

16.Since they betrayed us, they have no hope of convincing ________ their sincerity.
(A) with
(B) for
(C) in
(D) of .

17.They assured us that ________ was waiting for they were there to share it.
(A) what
(B) whatever
(C) it
(D) whoever .

18.________ exposure to dirty air can cause people suffer from some diseases.
(A) Raised
(B) Prolonged
(C) Expanded
(D) Enlarged .

19.________ about one of the most rapidly changing countries in a ceaselessly changing world is not all easy.
(A) Being informed
(B) To be informing
(C) Have in formed
(D) Informed .

20.Though you stay in the sea for weeks, you will not ________ contact with the outside world.
(A) lose
(B) fall
(C) miss
(D) fail .

21.Visitors to England sometimes find the lack of public activities in the evenings ________.
(A) depressed
(B) depression
(C) depressing
(D) depressingly .

22.Julie is one of those women who always ________ the latest fashions.
(A) look after
(B) keep up with
(C) run for
(D) go in for .

23.This traditional entertainment for children in America has never, ________ I know, become popular in China.
(A) as far as
(B) as much
(C) to the extent that
(D) so long as .

24.Mr. Smith attends to the ________ of important business himself:
(A) transmission
(B) transformation
(C) transaction
(D) transition .

25.Besides what you have explained, can you think of ________ reason for their terrible action?
(A) any
(B) else
(C) other
(D) another .

26.The chairman threatened ________ if his policies were not adopted.
(A) to resign
(B) resigning
(C) to be resigned
(D) being resigned .

27.She was able to give the police a full account of since she had been ________ to it.
(A) an observer
(B) an on-looker
(C) a watcher
(D) a witness .

28.Very few people understood his lecture, the subject of which was very ________.
(A) obscure
(B) upsetting
(C) distant
(D) inferior .

29.Although the national government has introduced some new laws on this subject, it is thestate governments which are___________ responsible for pollution control.
(A) precisely
(B) primarily
(C) progressively
(D) preliminarily .

30.He would ________ it that his son took a livelier interest in politics.
(A) see into
(B) see through
(C) see about
(D) see to .



16. 當一物體受數個力作用而產生加速度運動,則下列敘述何者正確? (A)物體的速度方向必與加速度方向相同 (B)物體的速度方向必與合力方向相同 (...

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-1910 年 - 中高級字彙 003 30題 (建議15~20分鐘內完成)#7709-阿摩線上測驗

-1910 年 - 中高級字彙 003 30題 (建議15~20分鐘內完成)#7709