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108 年 - 義守大學108 學年度學士後中醫學系招生考試-英文#77129 

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1.1. After working two weeks without a break, Tim’s energy level was so __________ that when he did finally get a day off, all he could do was sleep.
(A) depleted
(B) converted
(C) distributed
(D) intensive .

2.2. The south of the city has long been its most __________ area with incomes well below average.
(A) prosperous
(B) significant
(C) impoverished
(D) affluent .

3.3. More than two hundred years ago the United States ______ from the British Empire and became an independent country.
(A) got off
(B) put off
(C) broke away
(D) attached to .

4.4. It can be a strength rather than a weakness to express your emotions and show that you are ______to difficulties.
(A) inspired
(B) vulnerable
(C) frivolous
(D) motivated .

5.5. An __________ and sudden pain in the left arm is sometimes the first warning of a heart attack.
(A) elastic
(B) extensive
(C) exploratory
(D) intense .

6.6. The law __________ double-parking in this city.
(A) flings
(B) prohibits
(C) erodes
(D) facilitates .

7.7. They have to __________ their stay for another week in that city.
(A) prolong
(B) deport
(C) procreate
(D) denote .

8.8. There are __________ differences between theory and practice.
(A) resilient
(B) laden
(C) radical
(D) medieval .

9.9. The wages were often _______ according to the number of hours worked.
(A) paralyzed
(B) entertained
(C) detested
(D) reckoned .

10.10. Craig assured his boss that he would _______ all his energies in doing this new job.
(A) call forth
(B) call at
(C) call on
(D) call off .

11.II. Grammar: Please choose the BEST answer for each question. 11. Had they been done by hand, the millions of calculations involved ________ all practical value by the time they were finished.
(A) could lose
(B) would have lost
(C) might be losing
(D) ought to lose .

12.12. I worked so late in the office last night that I hardly had time ________ the last bus.
(A) to catch
(B) to have caught
(C) catching
(D) having caught .

13.13. __________ the fact that his initial experiments had failed, Professor White persisted in his research.
(A) As far as
(B) In spite of
(C) As long as
(D) In case of .

14.14. If I __________ a more reliable car, I __________ to Canada rather than fly.
(A) would have… would drive
(B) had… had driven
(C) had... would drive
(D) would have had… would drive .

15.15. Although he was a teenager, Fred could resist _______ what to do and what not to do.
(A) to be told
(B) having being told
(C) being told
(D) to have been told .

16.16. The concert features, __________ others, Lady Gaga and Maroon 5. Their music is still very popular __________ teenagers.
(A) between… among
(B) between… between
(C) among… into
(D) among… among .

17.17. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true __________ it comes to classroom tests.
(A) despite
(B) because
(C) since
(D) when .

18.18. __________ at the party, I saw Peter standing alone.
(A) Being arrived
(B) Having been arrived
(C) Arriving
(D) Have been arriving .

19.19. I appreciated __________ the opportunity to study abroad two years ago.
(A) having been given
(B) having being given
(C) to have been given
(D)to have given .

20.20. I apologize if I _________ you, but I assure you it was unintentional.
(A) offend
(B) had offended
(C) have been offended
(D)might be offended .

21.III. Cloze Test: Please choose the BEST answer for each blank. 1. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets 21 protesters in Hong Kong on Wednesday, hours after tens of thousands of mostly young people surrounded the city's government headquarters and postponed the debate over a 22 bill that would allow fugitives to be 23 to China. As violent clashes erupted between protesters and the authorities late Wednesday afternoon local time, Hong Kong Police Commissioner Steven Lo Wai-chung said the demonstration was considered a 24 . Rubber bullets, pepper spray and hand-thrown tear gas were used to push back protesters who had occupied the city's main thoroughfare near the government headquarters, as well as the surrounding roads, Lo confirmed. He added that police had been left 25 "no choice but to start to use force." Ambulances were seen rushing towards Harcourt Road, the main site of Wednesday's protest, amid reports of people being removed from the scene on stretchers. Lo said the number of officers injured was still being tallied.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) for
(D) at .

(A) controversy
(B) controversies
(C) controversial
(D) controversially .

(A) extradited
(B) exhorted
(C) expended
(D) exonerated .

(A) commemoration
(B) riot
(C) carnival
(D) ritual .

(A) for
(B) of
(C) between
(D) with .

26.2. The first and smallest unit that can be discussed in relation to language is the word. In speaking, the choice of words is 26 the utmost importance. Too often, careless use of words 27 a meeting of the minds of the speaker and listener. The words used by the speaker may stir up unfavorable reactions in the listener 28 interfere with his comprehension; hence, the transmission-reception system breaks down. Moreover, inaccurate or indefinite words may make 29 difficult for the listener to understand the message which is being transmitted to him. The speaker who does not have specific words in his working vocabulary may be 30 to explain or describe in a way that can be understood by his listeners.
【題組】 26.
(A) of
(B) at
(C) for
(D) on .

(A) enlightens
(B) obstructs
(C) delineates
(D) propagates .

(A) where
(B) whose
(C) which
(D) when .

(A) them
(B) it
(C) so
(D) such .

(A) unfeasible
(B) indispensable
(C) inaccessible
(D) unable .

31.IV. Reading Comprehension: Please choose the BEST answer for each question. Reading A Blind people can “see” things by using other parts of their bodies. This fact may help us to understand our feelings about color. If blind people can sense color differences, then perhaps we, too, are affected by color unconsciously. Manufacturers have discovered by experience that sugar sells badly in green wrappings, that blue foods are considered unpleasant, and that cosmetics should never be packaged in brown. These discoveries have grown into a branch of color psychology. Color psychology now finds application in everything from fashion to decoration. Some of our preferences are clearly psychological. Dark blue is the color of the night sky and therefore associated with calm, while yellow is a day color with associations of energy and incentive. For a primitive man, activity during the day meant hunting and attacking, while he soon saw red as the color of blood and anger and the heat that came with effort. And green is associated with passive defense and self-protection. Experiments have shown that colors, partly because of their psychological associations, also have a direct psychological effect. People exposed to bright red show an increase in breath, in heartbeat and in blood pressure; red is exciting. Similar exposure to pure blue has exactly the opposite effect; it is a calming color. Because of its exciting meaning, red is chosen as the signal for danger, but closer analysis shows that a vivid yellow can produce a more basic state of alarm. So fire engines and ambulances in some advanced communities are now rushing around in bright yellow colors.
【題組】31. According to the passage, our preferences for certain colors are __________.
(A) associated with our blood types
(B) dependent on our personalities
(C) are linked with our ancestors
(D) partly due to psychological factors .

32.【題組】32. If people are exposed to bright red, which of the following things does NOT happen?
(A) They breathe faster.
(B) They feel satisfied.
(C) Their blood pressure rises.
(D) Their hearts beat faster. .

33.【題組】33. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?
(A) Color probably has an effect on us that we are not conscious of.
(B) Yellow fire engines have caused many bad accidents in some advanced communities.
(C) People exposed to pure blue start to breathe more slowly.
(D) The psychology of color is of some practical use. .

34.【題組】34. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?
(A) Manufacturers often sell sugar in green wrapping.
(B) Dark blue brings people the feeling of being energetic.
(C) Primitive people associated heat and anger with red.
(D) Green and yellow are associated with calm and passive defense. .

35.【題組】35. Which of the following could be the most suitable title for the passage?
(A) The Crisis of Color Psychology.
(B) Color and Politics.
(C) The Overuse of Color Psychology.
(D) Color and Feelings. .

36.Reading B Capoeira was invented hundreds of years ago in Brazil. It combines dance and music with martial arts and gymnastics, and it is part of what defines Brazilian culture. Nowadays, an increasing number of men and women in many countries are discovering this pastime that exercises the brain as much as it does the body. Before a Capoeira jogo, or game, Capoeira players and musicians get together in a large circle called a roda. A game starts when two players meet in the middle of the roda and begin a series of movements. Capoeira is similar to martial arts such as karate and judo because players practice different kinds of attacks and ways to defend themselves. One player displays part of an attack move but doesn't complete it; the other player pretends to block the attack but then gets out of the way instead. Players try to be unpredictable so that their opponents quickly have to decide on an escape move. In the jogo, the two players sweep their legs over one another, crouch down low, jump, stand on their hands or even their heads-and they do it all in time to music! Capoeira always includes musicians who decide whether the game will be slow- or fast-paced. They play traditional African musical instruments, including various drums and the berimbau, a one-stringed instrument that is hit with a stick. These instruments reflect and preserve the origins of Capoeira, which was invented by slaves brought to Brazil from Africa. There is no written history explaining why Capoeira was invented, but it is said that Capoeira games were a way for slaves, who came from many different cultures, to interact with each other. Capoeira was probably an enjoyable change from their hard work, and it might have been a way for slaves to become excellent fighters without their masters knowing about it. Today, Capoeira’s universal appeal can be seen in many places. In the movie The Matrix, the character Morpheus uses Capoeira moves in a fight. There is even a Pokemon character named Kapoera that spins on its head like a Capoeira player. And Bally Total Fitness, a chain of exercise facilities, recently announced a class that combines a cardio workout with martial arts and dance. You guessed it-it's Capoeira!
【題組】36. According to the passage, Capoeira is
(A) a dying art.
(B) becoming more popular.
(C) from Japan.
(D) an activity for the brain only. .

37.【題組】37. Who invented Capoeira?
(A) Dancers
(B) Kapoera
(C) Morpheus
(D) Slaves .

38.【題組】38. What is NOT included in Capoeira?
(A) poetry
(B) music
(C) martial arts
(D) gymnastics .

39.【題組】39. Today Capoeira is NOT
(A) a form of exercise.
(B) a martial art.
(C) a dance
(D) a medical treatment. .

40.【題組】40. Which is NOT true about Capoeira?
(A) It was invented hundreds of years ago.
(B) It is played with music.
(C) It is always played by teams of 10 people.
(D) It is still popular today. .

41.二、作文題(共 20 分): Directions: Read carefully the below passage about the issue of long-term care in Taiwan. Then write a well-organized short essay of approximately 300 words in English as your response to this passage. In April this year, Taiwan passed the threshold to officially become an aged society, with more than 14% of the population older than 65. That trend is set to accelerate over the next decade. By 2026, 21% of the population will be senior citizens, making Taiwan a hyper-aged society. While the government has tried to boost the fertility rate, those efforts have largely fallen flat. Taiwan’s birth rate of 1.13 is the third-lowest in the world, down from nearly 1.8 at the turn of the 21st century. Given the growing number of the elderly and the low replacement rate-which means fewer young people to help look after their aged family members-the government has felt the need to develop a robust long-term care plan. Currently Taiwan is in the second stage of an ambitious two-decade program. 紅核(red nucleus)



27.MgO、Fe2O3、CuO、PbO以上四種氧化物中,何者是最安定者(A) MgO(B) Fe2O3(C) CuO(D) PbO。 ....

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108 年 - 義守大學108 學年度學士後中醫學系招生考試-英文#77129-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 義守大學108 學年度學士後中醫學系招生考試-英文#77129