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108 年 - 108移民三等 - 外國文(俄文兼試移民專業英文)#78629 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1 The company has not yet received an invitation to attend the event,__________is to be held from May 2 to May 5.
(B) how
(D)what .

2.2 The government is to sign an_______with U.S. government for preventing the criminals from travelling to Taiwan.
(B) according
(D)accordion .

3.3________of heart attack include chest pain, cold sweating and nausea, developing into trouble breathing and loss of consciousness in the most serious cases .
(B) Symptoms
(D)Symposiums .

4.4 Many citizens view the rapid influx of immigrants with anxiety, worrying that the nation might fail to _______the streams of new arrivals pouring in annually.
(B) accumulate
(D)ventilate .

5.5 A visitor visa holder will be allowed to travel to Taiwan before the_____ of the visa.
(D)expansion .

6.6 ______the truth during an immigration inspection is a violation of Immigration Act and thus punishable by law.
(B) Misrepresenting
(D)Rehabilitating .

7.7 To follow a Mediterranean-style diet, which include high consumption of olive oil, fruits, and vegetables, and low consumption of red meat, would decrease the chance of developing________ disease.
(B) contemptuous
(D)cardiovascular .

8.8 After several rounds of recruitment, a number of potential candidates finally _________as the president’s national security advisers.
(B) emigrate
(D)employ .

9.9 In recent years, increasing numbers of refugees and migrants from Syria are crossing the Mediterranean to search for_______in Europe.
(B) sanctuary
(D)stationery .

10.10 The major argument against immigration is that so many migrants fail to _________with the local community and culture and this leads to social tension and even unrest.
(D)interfere .

11.請依下文回答第 11 題至第 15 題:For United States Government personnel abroad to host a banquet, round tables of six or more persons allowmore flexibility than rectangular ones. Often it is more convenient to 11 at two or more tables of six ormore persons. The advantage of this arrangement is that it affords more places of honor as the host andhostess can each have a co-hostess and cohost at their 12 tables. At seated meals, foreign guests shouldhave precedence 13 Americans of comparable rank with the exception of an American Ambassador.American officials present on such occasions should understand that it is 14 to cede one’s rank to arepresentative of another country. They should forget precedence among themselves and be prepared to beseated in any way that will make conversation easier and will take language abilities into account. To avoidany misunderstanding, it would be well for the host or hostess to inform in advance any guest, whetherAmerican or foreign, who are not seated according to protocol, of the reason for this 15 from the norm.When a high official is a guest, they should obtain his prior permission.
(B) adhere
(D)encourage .

(D)restrictive .

(B) before
(D)over .

(D)controversial .

(B) departure
(D)rupture .

16.請依下文回答第 16 題至第 20 題:Since the 1980s, immigration has drastically increased, making the city more ethnically and linguisticallydiverse. More than half of the people in Vancouver do not speak English as their first language. Almost 30%of the city’s inhabitants are of Chinese heritage. In the 1980s, an influx of immigrants from Hong Kong inanticipation of the transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom to China, combined with an increase inimmigrants from mainland China and previous immigrants from Taiwan, established in Vancouver one ofthe highest concentrations of ethnic Chinese residents in North America. This arrival of Asian immigrantscontinued a tradition of immigration from around the world that had established Vancouver as thesecond-most popular destination for immigrants in Canada after Toronto. Other significant Asian ethnicgroups in Vancouver are Filipino, Japanese, Korean, as well as sizeable communities of Vietnamese,Indonesians, and Cambodians. Despite increases in Latin American immigration to Vancouver in the 1980s and '90s, recent immigration hasbeen comparatively low, and African immigration has been similarly stagnant. The black population ofVancouver is rather scant in comparison to other Canadian major cities. The neighborhood of Strathcona wasthe core of the city’s Jewish community. Hogan’s Alley, a small area adjacent to Chinatown, just off MainStreet at Prior, was once home to a significant black community.Prior to the Hong Kong diaspora of the 1990s, the largest non-British ethnic groups in the city were Irish andGerman, followed by Scandinavian, Italian, Ukrainian and Chinese. From the mid-1950s until the 1980s,many Portuguese immigrants came to Vancouver and the city had the third-largest Portuguese population inCanada in 2001. Eastern Europeans began immigrating after the Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe afterWorld War II. Greek immigration increased in the late 1960s and early '70s, with most settling in theKitsilano area.
【題組】16 What is this passage mainly about?
(A)Demographics in Vancouver.
(B)Languages in Vancouver.
(C)How to immigrate to Vancouver.
(D)How to make a living in Vancouver. .

17.【題組】17 According to the first paragraph, which of the following statements is true?
(A)Since the 1980s, immigration has declined in Vancouver.
(B)Half of the people in Vancouver do not speak English as their first language.
(C)More than half of the city’s inhabitants are of Eastern Europe heritage.
(D)An influx of immigrants from Taiwan became the most numerous ethnic Chinese residents in Vancouver. .

18.【題組】18 According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A)Immigrants from around the world established Toronto as the most popular destination in Canada.
(B)There was a larger black population in Vancouver than in other Canadian major cities.
(C)The neighborhood of Strathcona was the center of the city’s Jewish community.
(D)Hogan’s Alley was once home to a significant black community. .

19.【題組】19 When was a Polish family most likely to immigrate to Vancouver?
(A)Before World War I.
(B)Since the 1980s.
(C)After World War I.
(D)After World War II. .

20.【題組】20 What does the word “stagnant” mean?
(D)Sluggish. .

一、翻譯:Перевод(每小題 20 分,共 40 分)

【題組】 (1)學者認為,確保本國籍勞工權益維護,不僅是憑藉外籍勞力數量限 制,本國人士優先就業權已經保障他們在勞動市場優勢。對本國籍與 外籍勞動者實施同工同酬,事實上,係保護本國勞動市場機制,不讓 移工被視為廉價勞力來源。

22.【題組】(2)Миграционный отток российских граждан за рубеж является серьезным демографическим и экономическим вызовом для России. Наиболее болезненным для экономики России является высокий образовательный и квалификационный уровень выезжающих российских граждан, что в сравнении с низкой образованностью значительной части трудовых мигрантов, прибывающих в Россию в поисках работы, приводит к ухудшению качества задействованной на российском рынке труда рабочей силы и выступает тормозом на пути формирования инновационного типа развития российской экономики.

23.二、申論短文:(35 分) Напишете эссе на тему : «Как умно жить в мире, где информация перенасыщена полуправдой» ( Изложите свою точку зрения не мнее 120 слов)!



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108 年 - 108移民三等 - 外國文(俄文兼試移民專業英文)#78629-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 108移民三等 - 外國文(俄文兼試移民專業英文)#78629