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108 年 - 第一銀行 108 年新進人員 一般行員 B、一般行員 C、 一般行員(法律組)、資訊人員:英文#78893 

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1.1. In some rural areas, public water supplies are tested for approximately 95 different _____ so it might not be safe to drink water without boiling it.
(A) emblems
(B) contaminants
(C) fractures
(D) installations .

2.2. Residents of the small town has voted that the festival should be growing a(n) _____ culture rather than importing one from elsewhere.
(A) excessive
(B) susceptible
(C) negligent
(D) indigenous .

3.3. To fly the plane safely, pilots are trained to understand and avoid visual _____, perceptions that differ from the way things really are.
(A) illusions
(B) peasants
(C) potentials
(D) proportions .

4.4. Fashion trends change rapidly. Fancy dress shops have reported an unusual _____ in demand for Elvis costumes for several weeks.
(A) sphere
(B) property
(C) surge
(D) realm .

5.5. Scientists think it is unlikely that any species will actually become extinct as a(n) _____ of the oil spill.
(A) famine
(B) evolution
(C) consequence
(D) inheritance .

6.6. In the art exhibition, the artist said the spaces are designed to make visitors feel disoriented and to _____ the feeling of those who were exiled.
(A) hibernate
(B) commence
(C) submerge
(D) stimulate .

7.7. After several months of negotiation, the two governments have agreed to engage in a(n) _____ dialogue to resolve the problem.
(A) comprehensive
(B) obstinate
(C) mystic
(D) obsolete .

8.8. Novice parents’ complaining about _____ nights without sound sleep makes any new parent feel ready to quit.
(A) profound
(B) reckless
(C) absurd
(D) successive .

9.9. In a _____ between management and unions, a four percent pay rise was agreed in return for an increase in productivity.
(A) rebound
(B) compromise
(C) repertory
(D) remnant .

10.10. For the violence on the sea, three men from the ship have been ____ for questioning by the Harbor Authorities.
(A) substituted
(B) detained
(C) renounced
(D) demolished .

11.11. Due to the technical problem, the flight had to be _____ at the last minute, and all the passengers needed to wait for a few hours to depart.
(A) protruded
(B) stalked
(C) aborted
(D) impaired .

12.12. The police’s failure to report the allegations undermined the _____ of the witnesses to the extent they should not be believed.
(A) credibility
(B) ailment
(C) initiation
(D)herald .

13.13. In that corruption scandal, the lawyers would be _____ from reporting information learned through confidential communication with clients.
(A) miserable
(B) exempt
(C) harmonious
(D) austere .

14.14. After being rivals for so many years, Frank believed Mark would prove to be a formidable _____ in the coming competition.
(A) zeal
(B) flattery
(C) fortress
(D) adversary .

15.15. In the latest issue of the science journal, it is reported that the development of new research directions might help to _____the concerns of some commentators.
(A) captivate
(B) expatriate
(C) assuage
(D) enclose .

16.16. People in that community are arguing what are the prospects for overcoming the _____ between the Christian minority and Muslim majority?
(A) imitation
(B) strife
(C) encounter
(D) exponent .

17.17. Caught in the heavy traffic on the highway, I felt I was _____ because it was really hot inside the car.
(A) suffocating
(B) exquisite
(C) explicable
(D) monotonous .

18.18. Their survey seems to have used dubious and possibly _____ methods to extract potentially sensational information so that many people are doubtful about the result.
(A) approximate
(B) minuscule
(C) unethical
(D) rotary .

19.19. People are protesting if the government wishes to raise tax revenue in order to subsidize the poor, it should _____ a heavier tax on luxury products not on people’s income.
(A) forsake
(B) relent
(C) provoke
(D) levy .

20.20. After several months of investigation, a report, published by the Department of Defense, will _____ the men of wrongdoing and recommend that their efforts be officially recognized.
(A) exonerate
(B) reverberate
(C) revere
(D) deride 二、文法測驗【請在下列各題中選出最適當的答案】 .

21.21. The rescue mission was on the point of taking off when the weather condition made _____ necessary to call it off.
(A) it is
(B) it was
(C) that
(D) it .

22.22. International students are encouraged to live in the dormitory _____ they can practice their English.
(A) even if
(B) so that
(C) because of
(D) though .

23.23. _____ you do your job well, improve your skills and technical knowledge, you can hardly make contributions to society.
(A) Unless
(B) Because
(C) Although
(D) While .

24.24. That woman never buys a thing _____ beats down the price.
(A) but
(B) without
(C) but she
(D) that she .

25.25. Spiders are often considered insects by many people, but actually they are _____ being related to insects, for they have eight legs while an insect has only six.
(A) nothing but
(B) far from
(C) failing to
(D) without .

26.26. Long, long ago, people used fingerprints instead of signatures as a way of identifying _____.
(A) them
(B) each
(C) themselves
(D) all .

27.27. The quarrel between my neighbors is becoming serious. It’s time I took a hand in it and ____ to stop it.
(A) try
(B) trying
(C) to try
(D) tried .

28.28. _____ the story be true? I often feel reporters like to exaggerate the facts.
(A) Can
(B) Should
(C) May
(D) Must .

29.29. In recent years, there ____ a tendency to favor authentic Chinese dishes.
(A) had been
(B) has been
(C) has
(D) had .

30.30. The jury found him guilty of taking the money from the company and _____ it for himself.
(A) kept
(B) keeping
(C) to keep
(D) to be kept .

31.31. Hard _____ I tried, I still could not win her trust.
(A) so
(B) as
(C) such
(D) even .

32.32. Recycled paper, if_____, looks yellowish.
(A) not bleaching
(B) it is bleached
(C) not bleached
(D) it is not bleaching .

33.33. But for the rescue dogs, the girl buried alive under the debris could never _____.
(A) have been found
(B) have found
(C) be found
(D) find .

34.34. Dolphins have a large vocabulary ____ they communicate with one another in a very human way.
(A) with that
(B) that which
(C) which
(D) with which .

35.35. Ever since the first human being shaped a stone into an axe, we _____ our technology.
(A) have been improving
(B) had improved
(C) were improving
(D) are improving .

36.36. Even though the construction costs are high, a new dormitory _____ next year.
(A) will build
(B) will be built
(C) will be building
(D) will have built .

37.37. Judging from his appearance, he seems _____ ill for quite a long time.
(A) to be
(B) that he was
(C) to have been
(D) that he is .

38.38. I will explain to you _____
(A) how does the machine work
(B) how do we operate the machine
(C) how we to operate the machine
(D) how the machine works .

39.39. I saw her in the flesh, or I _____ that there is such a gorgeous girl in the world.
(A) can’t believe
(B) could not have believed
(C) shouldn’t believe
(D) should have believed .

40.40. The population of the world is expected to be _____ that of today in another fifty years. Therefore, how to produce enough food for this population is the most urgent problem.
(A) two times as much as
(B) as twice large as
(C) twice as large as
(D) as two times much as .

   Depression is more than just feeling sad. It is a serious disease. Depression can 41 normal life and a person’s sense of self-worth. It can end in suicide. Some people are helped with traditional treatments, such as medicine or talking with mental health experts. 42 , these treatments are not 100 percent effective. Luckily, there are other methods people can try.
   One such treatment involves bursts of electromagnetic energy. It sends magnetic pulses directly to the brain. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS) does not involve doctors 43 he patient and the treatment usually does not require anesthesia. TMS uses a wire to send powerful magnetic pulses to the brain. During the treatment, patients feel gentle, repeated beats on their head. The treatment can cause minor pain inside the head. So before the treatments, patients took pain medicine, 44 reduced the sensation. After one week, patients said they noticed a real difference.
    found that most side effects, such as head pain, were minor to moderate. However, the treatment is 45 . The institute added that long-term side effects are unknown, and more studies are needed

(A) consult with
(B) interfere with
(C) cooperate with
(D) diagnose with .

(A) Therefore
(B) Instead
(C) Yet
(D) Furthermore .

(A) operating on
(B) making out
(C) building up
(D) dealing with .

(A) what
(B) that
(C) which
(D) where .

(A) newly relative
(B) relative newly
(C) new relatively
(D) relatively new .

   How can you command attention with 46 colorful images around the world? Some activists have learned that they can gain popularity by connecting their movements to a color like yellow, red, blue or green. Recently, French demonstrators wore “yellow vests” to block highways from Provence to Normandy. They rioted in Paris and left French President Emmanuel Macron struggling to meet their demands. 
   All French drivers must carry a yellow vest in their cars 47 they have car trouble. The drivers launched their protest against a proposed increase in fuel taxes wearing the vests. To the protesters, the vests represent a troublesome government demand. So they used the vests to express their anger over high taxes and 48 financial difficulties. The vests can be seen easily at night and at roadblocks around France. But they also made protesters easy targets for police during the riots. 
   Across the Atlantic, demonstrators wore green handkerchiefs in the streets of some Argentine cities last August. They were 49 women to have the right to end their pregnancies as they choose. The protests in the homeland of Pope Francis started as lawmakers in the Senate voted against a bill that would have permitted abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. If approved, the bill 50 Argentina only the fourth Latin American country to legalize abortion, after Cuba, Uruguay and Guyana.

(A) so much
(B) such many
(C) so many
(D) such much .

(A) in case
(B) on top of
(C) thanks to
(D) in spite of .

(A) the other
(B) another
(C) others
(D) other .

(A) using up
(B) calling for
(C) giving in
(D) putting out .

(A) is made
(B) is making
(C) would be made
(D) would have made .

   High above us, swarms of artificial satellites orbit the Earth to enable global communication, map the planet, check on the weather, assist in navigation, provide assistance during disasters, and monitor crops and military forces. Building satellites, rockets, and human piloted spaceships is a big and profitable business.
   The former Soviet Union put into orbit Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, on October 4, 1957. On January 31, 1958, only a few months after the launch of Sputnik 1, the United States launched its first satellite, Explorer 1. Clearly, the Soviet Union and America were in the Space Race, an expensive competition for international prestige.
   The Space Race was an important aspect of the Cold War. Initially, only America and the former Soviet Union had the technology and money to launch satellites. After the USA won the Space Race by landing humans on the Moon in July 1969, Russian and American companies, along with others in France, Japan, China, India and Britain, wanted to get into the growing commercial satellite business.
   Satellites are usually placed in orbits anywhere from 300 to 35,000 kilometers above the earth’s surface, and depending on their weight, they can cost from $10 million to $400 million to launch. The cost to build a satellite can be the same or more than the launch cost. The largest satellite currently orbiting the Earth is the huge International Space Station, which was mainly built from large modules launched on the American Space Shuttle.
   The European Space Agency (ESA), established in 1975, became the leader in commercial space launches during the 1990s. In 2003, humans first flew on China’s Shenzhou spaceship. During 2004, the privately owned SpaceShipOne made its first piloted flights into space. Only by one, rich tourists visit the International Space Station. All these new developments have added new excitement to the satellite business. Many companies are planning privately owned space stations, and some are even thinking about putting tourists on the enormous natural satellite called the Moon.

【題組】51. Which of the following countries form part of ESA?
(A) England, Canada, and Japan
(B) England, Argentina, and Russia
(C) England, China, and Australia
(D) England, France, and Germany .

52.【題組】52. The Space Race was a competition roughly from 1957 to 1969 when __________.
(A) America and the former Soviet Union raced each other to explore space and land humans on the Moon.
(B) America and the former Soviet Union raced each other to Mars and back.
(C) America and the former Soviet Union were trying to send a race of people to space.
(D) America and the former Soviet Union wanted to give each other space. .

53.【題組】53. What kinds of companies have the greatest need for satellites?
(A) Car and airplane manufacturing companies
(B) Communication and space tourism companies
(C) Computer companies
(D) Wildlife tour companies .

54.【題組】54. After reading the passage, why do you think many countries are interested in satellites?
(A) They want to look for alien invaders from another galaxy.
(B) They want to practice for the colonization of Venus.
(C) They want to make war with their neighbors.
(D) They want to improve their nation’s safety, make money, and gain international prestige. .

55.【題組】55. Which of the following is the principal factor affecting the cost of a satellite launch?
(A) It depends on who builds the satellite.
(B) It depends on how much the rocket launcher costs.
(C) It depends on the weight of the satellite.
(D) It depends on how fast it is built. .

   As social media websites grow, concepts of privacy seem to be changing. Images and information that would never before have been public are now available at a keystroke. For some people, the free-floating information is harmless. For others, though, it can be embarrassing, annoying, or even a matter of life and death. Recruiters now regularly perform Internet searches on job candidates. Cyber stalking has become a real and dangerous problem. While it used to be relatively easy to turn over a new leaf by moving, now the Internet can prevent anyone from really starting over.
   In these cases, there is the option of erasing one’s web presence. Social media sites are often the first step. The website www.sucidemachine.org offers a simple process that will eliminate your accounts from four social media sites.
    Those sites are just the beginning. If you’ve ever written a blog, created a photo account, signed onto a mailing list, gotten a cell phone, or done another thousand things that end up on the web, you’ll still be searchable. To delete the information that the Internet holds, first you’ll have to find it. Social aggregator sites like Pipl.com and Spokeo.com list addresses and phone numbers, as well as other information. This information can be deleted by specific request. Search engines will often remove you from their results if asked.
   However, information can linger in hidden places only to emerge later. To be thorough, some people employ professionals to do a web deep clean. Reputation.com and removeyourname.com are two companies that specialize in improving online reputations. Often, this means removing as much information as possible and then burying bad information that can’ t be removed with new, or good information.
   Removing your web presence can be painstaking and expensive. Perhaps the hardest part about cleaning yourself off the web, however, is staying off it. So much of life is conducted online now; we may never be able to completely private again.

【題組】56. What is the main topic of the article?
(A) It’s not easy to disappear from the web.
(B) Who to ask to remove your web presence.
(C) Dangers of wiping the information clean.
(D) People who have successfully removed themselves from the web. .

57.【題組】57. Most of the passage __________.
(A) is humorous
(B) uses vivid descriptions
(C) relies on biased opinions
(D) describes steps in a process .

58.【題組】58. The first paragraph mentions turning over a new leaf , which means __________.
(A) hiding until something difficult passes
(B) leading a doubt life
(C) changing one’s ways and begin again
(D) evolving naturally through aging or moving .

59.【題組】59. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) The website www.sucidemachine.org can remove your information from social networking sites.
(B) The website www.reputaion.com is a social networking site.
(C) Writing a blog post leaves searchable information behind.
(D) People use www.removeyourname.com to erase online information about themselves. .

60.【題組】60. Information about you online can ____________.
(A) be hidden by websites like www.spokep.com
(B) help websites like www.suicidemachine.org add to your listing
(C) all easily be removed
(D) make you vulnerable to stalkers .



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108 年 - 第一銀行 108 年新進人員 一般行員 B、一般行員 C、 一般行員(法律組)、資訊人員:英文#78893-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 第一銀行 108 年新進人員 一般行員 B、一般行員 C、 一般行員(法律組)、資訊人員:英文#78893