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108 年 - 兆豐銀行 108 年新進行員 高級辦事員(八職等)、辦事員(六職等):英文#78903 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. The ______ of frogs in the laboratory can be particularly unpleasant to some biology majors.
(A) bulletin
(B) candidate
(C) dissection
(D) funeral .

2.2. Parents complained that the new school didn’t have ______ resources to deal with the large amount of pupils.
(A) adequate
(B) elegant
(C) isolated
(D) objective .

3.3. The ______ terror attack on Muslims in a mosque in New Zealand has once again raised public’s awareness on the issue of gun control.
(A) brutal
(B) merciful
(C) greasy
(D) humid .

4.4. Blockbuster, a famous video rental company, ______ their number of stores significantly. In 2004, it had more than nine thousand stores in the US.
(A) assumed
(B) expanded
(C) invaded
(D) opposed .

5.5. The patient who just survived a major surgery expressed his ______ to everyone who took care of him when he was still in a coma.
(A) behavior
(B) competitor
(C) fantasy
(D) gratitude .

6.6. This poem depicts a world where people live in ______ with Mother Nature, and natural resources are cherished and conserved.
(A) harmony
(B) jealousy
(C) literature
(D) minimum .

7.7. The magical story is set in an ______ world where werewolves, vampires, and witches all live together.
(A) amphibian
(B) emotional
(C) imaginary
(D) obedient .

8.8. Before a company ______ its product, it has to do thorough research on the market and analyze customers’ preferences.
(A) flatters
(B) launches
(C) predicts
(D) scratches .

9.9. The doctor reminds her patient to keep a healthy diet that can supply all necessary vitamins and ______.
(A) cigarettes
(B) licenses
(C) minerals
(D) souvenirs .

10.10. Many citizens are worried about the development of ______ weapons, for fear that it could bring about terrible disasters on human beings.
(A) diligent
(B) glorious
(C) logical
(D) nuclear .

11.11. The landlord will ______ the furniture in his house and paint the walls, hoping to rent the house at a satisfying price.
(A) polish
(B) refuse
(C) shuttle
(D) violate .

12.12. Andy’s essay has many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It needs ______ before it can be handed to the teacher for grading.
(A) blessings
(B) revisions
(C) shelters
(D) surgeries .

13.13. Bob is a really selfish and ______ man. He never buys anyone a drink when we go out, and he never lends others money.
(A) curly
(B) pregnant
(C) stingy
(D) tragic .

14.14. When you have this online banking account, you can ______ money directly to another account without going to an ATM.
(A) disturb
(B) harvest
(C) lengthen
(D) transfer .

15.15. The owner of the restaurant is facing severe ______ after its employees left because they haven’t been paid for three months.
(A) criticism
(B) merchant
(C) necessity
(D) proposal .

16. The kindergarten kid is reluctant ______ the classroom on the first day of school.
(A) enter
(B) enters
(C) entering
(D) to enter

17.17. The doctor says my mom must remember ______ her pills every day to control her high blood pressure.
(A) taking
(B) to take
(C) taken
(D) takes .

18.18. When Abby ______ to Taipei next week, her friends will take her to Taipei 101 and dine at one of the most luxurious restaurants there.
(A) will come
(B) coming
(C) comes
(D) came .

19.19. The student is delighted ______ receiving an admission and scholarship at the prestigious university.
(A) to
(B) at
(C) in
(D) for .

20.20. If it ______ tomorrow, the outdoor barbeque party will be called off.
(A) will snow
(B) could snow
(C) should snow
(D) has been snowing .

21.21. Even if he thinks there are some major flaws in the plan, the intern dare not ______ what the manager says.
(A) question
(B) questions
(C) questioned
(D) questioning .

22.22. Statistics ______ that adolescents spend more time on social networking websites than people above the age of forty.
(A) prove
(B) proves
(C) proving
(D) have proven .

23.23. Last night, a kind woman found a little girl ______ alone on the street. She gave the girl a loaf of bread and asked her if she was lost.
(A) stood
(B) stands
(C) standing
(D) is standing .

24.24. The boy felt ______ when watching a three-hour long documentary about the history of currency.
(A) bore
(B) bores
(C) bored
(D) boring .

25.25. The mother felt desperate because there was ______ hope for her son’s full recovery after the car accident.
(A) few
(B) little
(C) a few
(D) a little .

26.26. Those who respect ______ in a workplace usually gain respect and friendship easily.
(A) other
(B) others
(C) the other
(D) another .

27.27. Sammy ______ to Canada on vacation. You will not be able to see him until next month.
(A) has been
(B) has gone
(C) have been
(D) have gone .

28.28. Tony confessed to his girlfriend that he was actually afraid of ______ horror movies.
(A) watch
(B) watched
(C) watches
(D) watching .

29.29. In the early morning, the street sweepers clean the ______ leaves and garbage on the pavement.
(A) fell
(B) falls
(C) fallen
(D) falling .

30.30. Every year, my parents go mountain climbing ______ Valentine’s Day because they met each other in the mountaineering club.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) at
(D) by .

   Music has the power to transport us to a place and time in our lives that we have long forgotten. As many caregivers have seen, the same can be true of someone 31 Alzheimer’s or dementia. A research team from the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center, 32 by Andrew Budson, associate director for research at the center, believes there are two theories to explain the effects of music 33 people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. First, he believes that because music has emotional content it can trigger emotional memories, which he says are “some of the more powerful memories that we have.” Another 34 music can be so transformative to people with Alzheimer’s, is that when we learn music, we store the knowledge as procedural memory. Procedural memory is associated with routines and repetitive activities. As dementia progresses, episodic memory is destroyed but procedural memory is largely left intact. 35 more research needs to be done to determine the exact relationship between music and memory, lead author of the study, Nicholas Simmons-Stern said he does know that: Every patient could benefit from having more music in their lives.

(A) by
(B) in
(C) of
(D) with .

(A) lead
(B) leading
(C) led
(D) has led .

(A) for
(B) on
(C) through
(D) under .

(A) disease
(B) memory
(C) reason
(D) transport .

(A) While
(B) That
(C) For
(D) Because .

   When you wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm after a less than satisfactory night’s sleep, it can be all too enticing to press the snooze button and stay in bed for a few extra minutes. However, by hitting the snooze button, you are interfering with your body’s natural waking mechanisms which set you up for exhaustion during the day.
   Experts from Sleep Clinic Services have explained why you should refrain from pushing the snooze button. As most snooze buttons are set to last around 9 minutes, that amount of time isn’t enough for you to complete a full sleep cycle. Therefore, your alarm ends up jolting you back to wakefulness while you’re still transitioning between sleep stages. As a result, when you finally get out of bed, you experience what scientists call “sleep inertia.”
    usually only lasts for around 15 to 30 minutes as your mind and body gradually become more alert. However, according to research, it can take up to an hour and a half to shake off sleep-inertia grogginess. Besides grogginess, your memory, judgment, and reaction time are all affected. That spells trouble for all those sleepy commuters who get on the road shortly after waking up.
   Despite its popularity, snoozing creates a vicious cycle. The more you make a habit out of hitting snooze, the likelier you are to confuse your brain and your internal body clock. You want your brain to learn a conditioned response to your alarm – when the alarm goes off, it’s time for your brain to wake you up. However, if you keep snoozing, you prevent this response from ever developing, thus defeating the purpose of the alarm.
   To stop snoozing once and for all, Mel Robbins, creator of the 5-Second Rule, shares her formula for meeting a goal, such as getting out of bed. She recommends that you must physically move within five seconds or your brain will kill the idea. For example, your alarm goes off, and you tell yourself to get up. Instead of hitting snooze, you count backward from five and then get up. It sounds simple, but it works.

【題組】36. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) The contribution of snooze button
(B) The harmful effect of snooze button
(C) The behavioral theory behind snooze button
(D) The history of the invention of snooze button .

37.【題組】37. What does “grogginess” in the third paragraph refer to?
(A) The sleep disorder characterized by sudden attacks of sleep
(B) The condition of being unable to sleep over a period of time
(C) The severely disordered state of mind due to some mental illness
(D) The loss of strength and energy resulting from tiredness or illness .

38.【題組】38. How is this passage organized?
(A) By problem and solution
(B) In the order of importance
(C) By comparison and contrast
(D) In the sequence of happenings .

39.【題組】39. Which of the following News titles is an example of “sleep inertia”?
(A) Night owls may experience “jet lag” on a daily basis.
(B) Sleep-deprived teens cause crashes, study shows.
(C) Tesla driver caught sleeping at 75 mph on highway.
(D) Pilot just woke from an in-flight nap before Air India crash. .

40.【題組】40. According to 5-Second Rule, proposed by Mel Robbins, what is the best way to get out of a bed effectively?
(A) To stop a clock in five seconds
(B) To open the eyes for five seconds
(C) To take action within five seconds
(D) To let the alarm clock ring for five seconds .

41.貳、英文【英文翻譯 2 題】 
第一題:中翻英【配分 25 分】 
   一位製造業的企業家曾於一場大學畢業典禮演說時提到,高等教育成功的關鍵在於考量大學畢業生的 就業市場需求,以平撫一般大眾的憂慮。然而,事實上可能會顧此失彼:大學教育的排他性過高,可能會 導致畢業生最後落得找不到工作;學問追求若過於全面通泛,也可能會造成畢業生失去其利基。因此,大 學要在維持本身學術獨立的自由空間之同時,也讓學生能具備專業的一技之長,這點至關重要。

42.第二題:英翻中【配分 25 分】 
   People gathered across Paris in shock and in tears as the Notre Dame cathedral, one of the city’s most famous landmarks, caught on fire, sending up giant billows of smoke and flames. The fire broke out in the evening on April 15, and the flames quickly engulfed the cathedral’s spire, which was reconstructed in the 19th century, causing it to collapse. Thousands of onlookers watched as the fire glowed red in the spire before the pointed structure splintered and fell over, sending more smoke and flames upward.
   The official cause of the blaze is currently unknown, though a spokesperson for firefighters in Paris said the fire began in the cathedral’s attic. French President Emmanuel Macron, in a speech to the nation that night, offered thanks to emergency responders who battled the flames and vowed Notre Dame will be rebuilt. He said, “This is our history, and it’s burning.”



重新載圖18.嘉真將全校學生的身高製成圓形圖,該校學生身高的第 3 四分位數在哪一組? (A) 170~175 (B) 165~170 (C) 160~165 (D) 155~160 ....

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108 年 - 兆豐銀行 108 年新進行員 高級辦事員(八職等)、辦事員(六職等):英文#78903-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 兆豐銀行 108 年新進行員 高級辦事員(八職等)、辦事員(六職等):英文#78903