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108 年 - 108 特種考試民航人員三等 英文#79083 

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1.1 In the past years, the country has experienced what some scientists call “the new normal climatological conditions,” which are marked with frequent _____ storms, flooding, droughts and wildfires.
(D)remorseless .

2.2 The car _____ is making a new model that runs on gasoline and electricity because its customers want vehicles that use less fuel.
(D)receptionist .

3. 3 One of the things that preoccupies test designers and teachers alike is _____ has been called the washback or backwash effect.

4. 4 Experts say that a person who works at an untidy desk spends about one-and-a-half hours a day _____ things.
(D)relishing .

5.5 The refugees were _____ back to their country of origin because they had no legal right to stay here.
(D)deported .

6.6 An agreement between the two countries has been reached so the USA government will soon _____ the Columbian hijacker from Bogota for trial in America.
(D)dissipate .

7.7 The United Nations refugee agency said 68.5 million people are now _____ due to war, violence, and persecution, with Colombia, Syria and Democratic Republic of Congo making up the largest numbers.
(D)disintegrated .

8.8 The old man went back to the house he grew up in and reviewed things in _____ before the house was demolished.
(D)retroversion .

9.9 A full _____ of the damage is under way, but initial reports suggest it is minimal.
(D)requirement .

10.10 Exercise is a direct and _____ contribution to reducing the likelihood of heart disease.
(D)incidental .

11.11 The US administration worked to reunite hundreds of migrant families whose separation on the Mexico border drew worldwide condemnation and forced the government to _____ its “zero-tolerance” immigration policy.
(A)abide by
(B)stand by
(D)ease .

12.12 Shootings in US communities and even in high schools have raised international concerns on _____ violence since many of the crimes were done by armed high school students.
(D)judgmental .

13.13 After a series of volcanic explosions occurred on Saturday morning, firefighters went door-to-door to urge residents to _____ right away.
(D)evacuate .

14.14 In Italy, discontented railway workers began a slowdown that sparked nationwide _____ of train service. This chaos caused hundreds of passageners to change their vacation plans.
(D)discharge .

15.15 This is a non-smoking campus. Smoking in any part of the campus is _____ and liable to a maximum fine of NT$10,000.
(D)reinforced .

16.請依下文回答第 16 題至第 20 題: A young woman, wearing a traditional full-length Amish dress and white bonnet, stepped away from a farmer’s market, opened her palm and revealed a smartphone. She began to scroll through screens, seemingly 16 to the activity around her. Not far away, a man in his late 60s with a silvery beard, wide-brimmed straw hat and suspenders adjusted the settings on a computer-driven crosscut saw. He was soon cutting pieces for gazebos that are sold 17 and delivered around the country. The Amish have not given up on horse-drawn buggies. Their rigid 18 from many kinds of technology has left parts of their lifestyle 19 since the 19th century: no cars, TVs or connections to electric utilities, for example. But computers and cellphones are 20 into some Amish communities, pushing them—sometimes willingly, often not—into the 21st century.
【題組】 16

17.【題組】 17
(D)onward .

(D)departure .

(D)transformed .

(C)making their way
(D)feeling their way .

21.請依下文回答第 21 題至第 25 題: If you spend most of your days sitting at school, work, at a computer or stretched out on a couch at home, you may be taking up to two years off your life. It is common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle 21 the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and obesity, and can result in premature death. Many people think they can compensate for sitting around by walking, playing sports or going to the gym. 22 , this might not be so. A new study just published in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine” suggests the effect on our longevity from sitting for long periods of time cannot be 23 through exercise. Even 60 minutes of daily exercise may not be enough. The study is from Dr. David Alter and his colleagues at Toronto University. Dr. Alter and his team analysed 47 studies that tracked different groups of people, 24 kept notes on how long they sat down each day and how much they exercised. They found that the most sedentary groups had a 24% increased chance of dying during the course of the study than the least sedentary 25 . This remained the case even though those who sat a lot also did 60 minutes of daily exercise.
【題組】 21
(D)increases .

(D)Similarly .

(D)resolved .

(D)whom .

(D)ones .

26.請依下文回答第 26 題至第 30 題: More than half of India’s population lives in villages. Gandhi had said, “the real India lives in villages.” Rustic simplicity and natural beauty is emblematic of Indian culture and heritage. Lives of most people in villages mostly depend on agriculture. Some people earn their living from animal husbandry and agro-based cottage industries. Most of the villagers are farmers. They are hardworking, unassuming and generous. When farmers plough their fields in the morning sun, the chirping of birds that accompanies the movement of the oxen seems to hum a melody of hard work. Farmers are innocent by nature unlike some of their urban counterparts who lose their inner goodness in the cut-throat world of materialism in cities. Life in urban India is marked by wide-ranging disparity. There are residents who have unlimited means of enjoyment but some people are so poor that they have to live in slums. Economic inequality, pollution and garbage are the bane of urban existence. People also have to face lack of adequate water supply. Yet people want to live in cities because they get facilities for good education, healthcare, transport and so many modes of comforts and entertainment. There are also good opportunities for employment in cities unlike villages where very few people are gainfully employed. City life is a boon in many ways, but on the other hand it is also a curse. Every year the population of cities is growing by leaps and bounds, increasing pressure on their infrastructure and reducing life to a dehumanised rat race. Thus, life in villages and in cities presents two contrasting pictures. There are positive as well as negative aspects to the both and it is up to the individuals to make the most of it irrespective of the rural or urban setting that one lives in.
【題組】26 What is the word “emblematic” closest in meaning to?
(D)symbolic .

27.【題組】27 In which section is this passage most likely found?
(B)Indian Art
(C)Life Style
(D)Travel .

28.【題組】28 What is implied about urban India in the passage?
(A)People have a less tendency to consider material possessions.
(B)There is no need to worry about water supply because of adequate rainfall.
(C)The population increases at a slow pace due to a dehumanised rat race.
(D)People are deprived of positive human qualities by the pressure of urban life. .

29.【題組】29 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A)People in villages have an inclination to materialism.
(B)People in urban India have higher educational standards.
(C)There are more problems in the villages than those in the city.
(D)People in villages yearn for living in the countryside. .

30.【題組】30 According to the passage, who is most likely to live in the rural area?
(A)A wealthy planter wearing rags that loves working in his orchard every morning.
(B)An entrepreneur that does trade with a merchant owning Nigeria’s 2nd Largest Rice Farm.
(C)A hardworking dentist who specializes in treating the tissues around the teeth.
(D)A retired high school teacher who lives in a small chalet with an extensive area of lawn. .

31.請依下文回答第 31 題至第 35 題: Mada’in Saleh was known as Hegra by the Nabataean people who carved its magnificent tombs into the golden Quweira sandstone outcrops. They were also known for their incredible familiarity with the desert and their ability to fade into it to evade enemy tribes. Their system of hidden cisterns dug deep in the interior provided water for their livestock and their people. The real cause of the success of the Nabataeans, however, was control over much of the spice trade. Many spices from southern Arabia were brought up to the north along trade routes to be purchased by people around the Mediterranean and in the Near East. The details on the entrance portals and the smooth surfaces of its 111 tomb façades reflect the great skills of the masons of the Nabataeans’ time. The splendor of the natural setting here must have reminded the Nabataeans of their capital, Petra. It is no wonder that they chose this very spot to build their second city, Hegra, because it was a crossroads where the major north-south incense route intersected a road from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf. The ruins of the town of Hegra lie on the plain some distance from their tombs. The buildings, still for the most part unexcavated, were made of unimpressive sun-dried mudbrick. What is known about Hegra comes primarily from the tombs, the many inscriptions carved into their façades, and references found elsewhere. The tomb façades are finely carved and fairly uniform in their style. A portal in the center of the façade provides the entrance to the tomb. Inside are recesses carved into the walls where the bodies of the deceased were placed.
【題組】31 What is this passage mainly about?
(A)How the Nabataeans sold spices in ancient times.
(B)How the ruins of Hegra reveal the Nabataeans’ lives.
(C)How people made a living in the desert.
(D)How the Nabataeans carved their tombs. .

32.【題組】32 According to the passage, what is Mada’in Saleh?
(A)An ancient city.
(B)An ancient tomb.
(C)A tribe.
(D)A capital. .

33.【題組】33 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A)The inside and outside of the Nabataean people’s tombs were both finely carved.
(B)The ruins of the town of Hegra are close to Petra.
(C)The Nabataeans excelled in the spice trade only.
(D)The Nabataeans knew how to use desert to avoid enemies. .

34.【題組】34 From which of the following sources do we learn about people’s lives in Hegra at that time?
(A)The spices they sold.
(B)Their enemies.
(C)People who live there now.
(D)The words carved in the tombs. .

35.【題組】35 Which of the following best replaces the word “cistern” in the passage?
(A)A tank for storing water.
(B)A place for raising animals.
(C)A tomb found in desert.
(D)A language spoken by the Nabataeans. .

36.請依下文回答第 36 題至第 40 題: A recent report issued by the British Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee has strongly criticized the government’s mistreatment of the Windrush generation because many of their rights have been rejected without reasons. The so-called Windrush generation is referred to those immigrants who migrated to the UK from Commonwealth nations after World War II. Yet, despite being legal immigrants for decades, those people were treated unreasonably as illegal ones. A lot of them have become unemployed, homeless, and even been deprived of their access to pensions, social security and health care. Further, the report indicates that this occurrence was caused by the implementation of various policies that makes the Home Office undergo several cultural and legislative transformations. This transition has let the ministry become inflexible and bureaucratic. Moreover, the report also reveals that people from the Windrush generation feel obligated to follow procedures that are, in fact, meant to cheat and trick them. And significant resources for support like legal assistance and the right of appeal have all been eliminated. People like them are being ensnared by policies that are aimed for attacking illegal immigrants. The report eventually advises that the government needs to attentively interrogate the Windrush case and discover the reasons why the policies have foundered in order to ensure that there is no recurrence of similar things in the future. The report also reminds the Home Office of the lesson learned from this Windrush scandal.
【題組】36 What is the main purpose of this report issued by the British Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee?
(A)To inform people of the malfunction of the Windrush generation.
(B)To remind the Home Office of the dangers involved in the scandal.
(C)To instruct the Home Office how to redress the financial imbalance.
(D)To suggest the Home Office attends to the Windrush issue. .

37.【題組】37 According to the passage, which of the following statements about the Windrush case can be inferred?
(A)It uncovers how the government’s wrong policies could have a devastating effect on immigrants.
(B)It showcases the anxiety and agony of the illegal immigrants who have been treated unequally.
(C)It downplays the likely racial discrimination against immigrants who are alien and non-white.
(D)It unravels the various ways in which the Windrush generation was fairly treated. .

38.【題組】38 What is the consequence of the implementation of the government’s policies on immigration affairs?
(A)The government has regarded the Windrush generation as illegal immigrants.
(B)The government has been investigated by the parliament.
(C)The government has become stiff and commanding.
(D)The government has become receptive to criticism. .

39.【題組】39 Which of the following words is closest in meaning to “ensnared” in Paragraph 2?
(D)abandoned .

40.【題組】40 What is the author’s attitude towards the Windrush generation?
(D)sympathetic .

41.一、英譯中:(15 分) We are taking steps to ensure that there will not be a reduction in our control over our security standards. To this end, the UK will operate a separate UK-only inbound cargo regime, which will mirror the EU scheme. To ensure that we do not put any barriers in place to international trade, we intend to grant UK-ACC3 designations for cargo flying into the UK from third (non-EU) countries immediately following Brexit.

42.二、中譯英:(15 分) 現在的年輕人最大的優勢是有多方面的資訊管道,讓他們盡情的發揮 與學習。但是,這個優勢的反面就是,人變得非常心浮氣躁,沒有辦 法專心下來,好好地把基本功打好。

43.三、英文作文:(20 分) Write an English composition of no more than 250 words on the following topic: Freedom of Speech and the Internet



重新載圖17.好來烏國際知名導演李安預計開拍《那些年,我們一起到過安平德記洋行》,描述年少時 期的往事。其拍攝地點應該位於圖中何處? ...

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108 年 - 108 特種考試民航人員三等 英文#79083