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98 年 - 98年警專英文#8023 

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1.1. Alcohol and driving don’t mix. In many places, _____ driving is the major cause of traffic accidents.
(A) serious
(B) mature
(C) drunk
(D) regular .

2.2. After receiving a heart ______, the patient had a greater chance of survival.
(A) transportation
(B) transformation
(C) transplant
(D) transfer .

3.3. George’s performance in school has become worse and worse since he became ______ to online games.
(A) addicted
(B) adjusted
(C) destroyed
(D) damaged .

4.4. The police detective asked the witness to ______ how the robbery had happened.
(A) display
(B) concern
(C) guide
(D) describe .

5.5. Giving free ______ and discounts are common marketing devices to increase sales.
(A) responses
(B) samples
(C) contents
(D) functions .

6.6. It is reported that 88% of women who suffer domestic ______ do not leave their spouses because they have nowhere to go.
(A) poison
(B) violence
(C) outbreak
(D) equipment .

7.7. During the earthquake, a number of buildings ______ and hundreds of people were hurt.
(A) collapsed
(B) defended
(C) rescued
(D) knocked .

8.8. To succeed in almost any career, a _____ attitude is necessary.
(A) mysterious
(B) complicated
(C) private
(D) professional .

9.9. Fingerprints are _____; no people have the same.
(A) effective
(B) unique
(C) thoughtful
(D) creative .

10.10.The hostage was _____ as soon as his family paid the ransom.
(A) criticized
(B) promoted
(C) released
(D) advised .

11.11.If we don’t _____, we’ll miss the beginning of the concert.
(A) hold on
(B) hand in
(C) put away
(D) hurry up .

12.12.Jason had to _____ a three-page application form for a credit card.
(A) depend on
(B) belong to
(C) fill in
(D) result from .

13.13.The flight attendant asked the passenger to _____ his cigarette and fasten his seat belt.
(A) put out
(B) set out
(C) turn out
(D) break out .

14.14.The problem was tough for the engineers. They were trying to ______ a solution.
(A) come up with
(B) get rid of
(C) give in to
(D) run out of .

15.15.Take the cellphone with you, so that you can call us ______ an emergency.
(A) in need of
(B) in spite of
(C) on behalf of
(D) in case of .

16.The Great Wall of China is known to be over 1900 kilometers long, _____16_____ it by far the longest wall in the world. If it were laid out in a straight line, it _____17_____ 6500 kilometers—as it has many bends and curves. The building of the wall _____18_____ begun in the third century B.C. by the Emperor Shih Huangti. The reason it was built was to keep the Huns out of Central Asia. Over the centuries, it _____19_____ added to, rebuilt and repaired. Not only _____20_____ one of the greatest creations of mankind, but it is also the only man-made structure visible from space.
(A) and makes
(B) to make
(C) making
(D) that makes .

(A) reaches
(B) will reach
(C) reached
(D) would reach .

(A) says to have
(B) said to be
(C) is said to be
(D) is said to have .

(A) has been
(B) is
(C) was
(D) has .

(A) is it
(B) does it
(C) it is
(D) it used to be .

21.21.Tastes differ. Some people like music, _____ love sports, and _____ enjoy reading.
(A) some…other
(B) others…still others
(C) another…the other
(D) others…the others .

22.22.Maria is _____ patient and caring that she is regarded as the best nurse in this hospital.
(A) very
(B) enough
(C) too
(D) so .

23.23. _____ a great honor it is to be invited to the opening ceremony!
(A) What
(B) How
(C) Such
(D) As .

24.24.It _____ me a whole day to clean up my apartment.
(A) spent
(B) cost
(C) took
(D) wasted .

25.25._____ making David change his mind.
(A) I was difficult
(B) It was difficult for me
(C) I had difficulty
(D) I found it difficult .

26.26._____ that all men are created equal.
(A) What I believe
(B) It believes
(C) My belief
(D) It is my belief.



16. 下列何者符合牛頓第一運動定律? (A) 抖動衣服,可以抖掉衣服上的灰塵 (B) 拉扯樹枝,樹枝斷裂 (C) 在水平的道路上騎腳踏車,停止踩...

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98 年 - 98年警專英文#8023-阿摩線上測驗

98 年 - 98年警專英文#8023