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108 年 - 108 公務升官等考試、交通事業郵政、公路、港務升資考試_薦任、員級晉高員級_各類科-公務、各類別-郵政、公路、港務:英文#80535 

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1.31 To reduce the risk that someone might ________embarrassing data from the USB flash drive you ditched, you can run a disk wipe utility to make sure that no data is left on the flash drive.
(A) salvage
(B) investigate
(C) reduce
(D) temper

2.32 The Pope held a mass to address peace and ________because the Korean Peninsula is divided.
(A) reconciliation
(B) recommendation
(C) diagnosis
(D) sanitation

3.33 The school has held a number of talks and workshops on the topic of peer support and peer respect to________ the idea of a bully-free campus.
(A) boycott
(B) denounce
(C) reinforce
(D) trespass

4.34 It was quite a scene at the party that Jerry spoke________ to Martin in every possible way trying to make a fool of him in front of the pretty woman they were both interested in.
(A) courteously
(B) provisionally
(C) sarcastically
(D) cordially

5.35 The tendonitis in my wrists and shoulders starts to________ after I work on computer for long periods of time. It can be very painful.
(A) act up
(B) sit up
(C) catch up
(D) go up

6.36 Nowadays kids are playing sports more _____ at younger ages; they are pushing their bodies to the limit, practicing sports too hard for too long.
(A) aggressively
(B) defensively
(C) elegantly
(D) persuasively

7.依下文回答第 37 題至第 40 題
 The lexicon of oncology is filled with military metaphors: the war on cancer, aggressive tumors, magic bullets. And although these are indeed only metaphors, they do reflect an underlying attitude--that it is the clinician's job to attack and destroy his patient's tumor directly, with whatever weapons that come in handy. 37 There is even talk of biological agents, in the form of viruses specifically tailored to seek out and eliminate their tumorous targets. 38 But as Sun Tzu observed, the wisest general is not one who wins one hundred victories in one hundred battles, but rather one who overcomes the armies of his enemies without having to fight them himself. And one way to do that is to get someone else to do your fighting for you. 39 Instead of attacking cancer directly, immunotherapy recruits a patient's immune system to do the attacking. The latest way of doing so is by removing the controls which keep the immune system in check during times of bodily peace, let it damage the person it is supposed to be protecting. Now, as a series of papers presented in June 2013 to the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago shows, its range is being extended. 40 The treatment of melanoma that started the ball rolling employed a particular drug called ipilimumab, a monoclonal antibody

【題組】 37
(A) The troops on the front will be no untested conscripts, experienced marines and special forces.
(B) But so far the patient has no clear sense of the cancer, its treatment and recovery.
(C) As in real warfare, those weapons may be conventional, chemical or nuclear.
(D) But some tumors prove unknowable and unconquerable.

8.【題組】 38
(A) They all suffer from the same drawback.
(B) This is all well and good as strategies go.
(C) In the original trials, all proved inefficient.
(D) Among the aforementioned weapons, the best are viruses.

9.【題組】 39
(A) This is bad news for all cancer patients.
(B) Sun Tzu would surely have approved.
(C) If such approaches are confirmed, cancers will be nowhere to find.
(D) That, in an oncological context, is where immunotherapy comes in.

10.【題組】 40
(A) More Chinese herbs are being brought in to treat all cancers.
(B) More effective versions are being brought to bear on melanoma.
(C) More viruses are being brought in to treat melanoma.
(D) More warriors are being brought in to treat melanoma.

11.依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題 Ritchie’s Fabulae Faciles is a graded reader of made-up Latin stories, which the author Francis Ritchie wrote in order to give students additional practice before they began reading Julius Caesar’s Gallic War. The text includes the myths of Perseus, Heracles, Jason and the Argonauts, and Ulysses; and the entire volume is divided into 100 sections of Latin, which are roughly a paragraph in length. Although Ritchie assumes that readers know all five declensions, pronouns, and active and passive verbs from the beginning of the Perseus readings, he does not introduce the subjunctive mood until the middle of the Heracles selections or indirect discourse and ablative absolutes until Jason and the Argonauts. Ritchie’s purpose is to provide readers with an opportunity to master simple Latin grammar and morphology before they encounter more complex constructions in the later stories, and he does so while presenting students with an informative and thoroughly engaging storyline. This Latin text was first published by Ritchie in 1884 in a volume called Fabulae Faciles: A First Latin Reader. In 1903, John Kirtland produced a revised edition of the book under the title Ritchie’s Fabulae Faciles: A First Latin Reader. Kirtland modified Ritchie’s Latin text, added grammatical notes, and eliminated a section of drill exercises found in the original volume. Kirtland’s book remained the standard edition until 1991, when another revised volume was prepared by Gilbert Lawall, Stanley Iverson, and Allan Wooley, entitled Fabulae Graecae: A Revised Edition of Ritchie’s Fabulae Faciles. While the first two books are out of copyright and can be downloaded for free, the Fabulae Graecae remains available in paperback. The aim of this current edition(2012) is to make Ritchie’s myths even more accessible to intermediate-level Latin readers.
【題組】 41 According to the passage, who are the target readers of Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles?
(A) Beginning students of Latin.
(B) Intermediate students of Latin.
(C) Advanced students of Latin.
(D) Native speakers of Latin.

12.【題組】42 How many editions of Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles are there?
(A) One.
(B) Two.
(C) Three.
(D) Four.

13.【題組】43 Which of the following statements about Fabulae Faciles is NOT true?
(A) It is a graded Latin reader.
(B) It was first published in the nineteenth century.
(C) It consists of roughly 100 paragraphs.
(D) It is intended be read after Caesar's Gallic War.

14.【題組】44 Which of the following statements about Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles is true?
(A) Its section about Perseus introduces the use of the subjunctive mood.
(B) It helps readers learn basic Latin grammar.
(C) It was first published in 1903.
(D) Its 1901 edition can be download for free from the Internet.

15.【題組】45 Which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage?
(A) This 2012 edition can only be purchased from the Internet.
(B) It is still possible to find the first two editions online now.
(C) The 1991 edition is out of print now.
(D) The new edition is more suitable for all levels of Latin learners.

16.依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 Acknowledging that traditional passwords are no longer secure, some of the largest banks in the world are increasingly using voices, fingerprints, facial scans and other types of biometrics to safeguard bank accounts. Through their mobile phones, millions of banking customers routinely use fingerprints to log into their bank accounts. This feature, which some banks have introduced since the second decade of the 21st century, enables a huge share of banking customers to verify their identities with biometrics. The move reflects deep concerns that so many hundreds of millions of email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers and other personal identifiers have fallen into the hands of criminals, rendering those identifiers increasingly ineffective at protecting accounts. “We believe the password is dying,” said Tom Shaw, vice president for enterprise financial crimes management at USAA. “We realized we have to get away from personal identification information because of the growing number of data breaches.” Long regarded as the stuff of science fiction, biometrics have been tested by big banks for decades, but have only recently become sufficiently accurate and cost effective to use on a large scale. It has taken a great deal of trial and error: With many of the early prototypes, a facial scan could be foiled by bad lighting, and voice recognition could be scuttled by background noise or laryngitis. Before smartphones became ubiquitous, there was another obstacle: To capture a finger image or scan an eyeball, a bank would have to pay to distribute the necessary technology to tens of millions of customers. A few tried, but their efforts were costly and short-lived. On top of all these, there is an even bigger problem: As criminals have found their ways to break the traditional banking passwords, they could eventually find ways to steal biometric data as well
【題組】 46 Which of the following words best describes the author's attitude toward the use of biometrics to safeguard bank accounts?
(A) optimistic
(B) pessimistic
(C) picky
(D) skeptical

17.【題組】47 Which of the following statements about the banking password is NOT true?
(A) The banking password may be about to expire forever.
(B) The banking password has been replaced by biometrics for two decades.
(C) The banking password is not secure anymore.
(D) The data breaches of banking are increasing.

18.【題組】48 According to the passage, which of the following is most likely to endanger the system of biometrics to safeguard bank accounts?
(A) Smartphones are not to become ubiquitous.
(B) A facial scan could be foiled by bad lighting.
(C) Voice recognition could be scuttled by background noise or laryngitis.
(D) Criminals could eventually find ways to steal biometric data.

19.【題組】49 Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?
(A) Banking customers' psychological reactions to the use of biometrics.
(B) Some banks have tried the use of biometrics.
(C) To use the biometrics, a great deal of trial and error must be undergone.
(D) The distribution of the biometrics technology to the banking customers is costly.

20.【題組】50 When was the use of fingerprints to log into bank accounts first introduced?
(A) Before the 2000s.
(B) During the 2010s.
(C) After the 2020s.
(D) During the 2030s.



12.如圖在平行四邊形ABCD中E為 中點 =12G為 與 的交點則 =? (A) 32 (B) 43 (C) 53 (D) 65 ...

50 x


108 年 - 108 公務升官等考試、交通事業郵政、公路、港務升資考試_薦任、員級晉高員級_各類科-公務、各類別-郵政、公路、港務:英文#80535-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 108 公務升官等考試、交通事業郵政、公路、港務升資考試_薦任、員級晉高員級_各類科-公務、各類別-郵政、公路、港務:英文#80535