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108 年 - 108 年-108年第四次交通部航海人員測驗【301】一等船副【000003】船舶通訊與航海英文#80812 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. 搜救用雷達應答機(SART) 於正常操作情況下,其可達距離約多少浬?
(A) 15
(B) 30
(C) 45
(D) 60.

2.2. 摩爾斯碼信號「─‧(劃、點)」,代表何信號?
(A) Bravo
(B) Lima
(C) November
(D) Yankee.

3.3. 依據基隆港船舶交通服務指南,船舶拋錨後,應於多少時間內,向VTS塔台作船舶動態報告?
(A) 10分鐘
(B) 20分鐘
(C) 30分鐘
(D) 60分鐘.

4.4. Horizontal fore or aft motion of a vessel is known as __________ .
(A) pitching
(B) surging
(C) swaying
(D) rolling.

5.5. Mariners determine the positions of ships by observing the ______ of conspicuous objects using magnetic or gyro compasses.
(A) heights
(B) headings
(C) courses
(D) bearings.

6.6. ______ can be defined as a deflection right or left of the magnetic meridian caused by magnetic properties of the vessel. and is required to be corrected at regular intervals.
(A) Variation
(B) Adaptation
(C) Gyro error
(D) Deviation.


7. What’s the part name of life boat that marked “D”? 5de0aa24040ce.jpg
(A) Winch
(B) Fall
(C) Skid
(D) Cradle


8.8. MARPOL Annex IV is applied to ships engaged in international voyage and also what size of ships?
(A) 400 dwt and above.
(B) 400 gross tonnage and above.
(C) 1,000 dwt and above.
(D) 1,000 gross tonnage and above..

9.9. As per MLC, the cost of medical certificate should be borne directly or indirectly by whom?
(A) Manning company
(B) Seafarer
(C) Ship owner
(D) The competent authority.

10.10. 船舶停泊港口時,若人手不夠,無法同時掛出各旗時,何者應先升上?
(A) 船旗國國旗
(B) 港口國國旗
(C) 公司旗
(D) 禮貌旗.

11.11. By SMCP, choose one of the following sentences for expressing ”Vessel is unmanoeuvrable.”
(A) “I am unmanoeuvrable.”
(B) “I am a hampered vessel.”
(C) “I am not under command.”
(D) “I am manoeuvring with difficulty.”.

12.12. ______ is a compartment divided by the floors and keelsons between the inner and outer portions and is usually used as ballast tanks or fuel tanks.
(A) Afterpeak tank
(B) Forepeak tank
(C) Double bottom
(D) Double hull.

13.13. 當一架搜救飛機接近SART小於1浬時,則雷達PPI上會出現何種狀況?
(A) 12個環
(B) 12個點
(C) 12個弧
(D) 12個直線.

14.14. When a vessel has the duty of giving way to another under the rules of Collision Regulations, she normally does so by altering courses to pass the astern of the other, and should make a clearand ______ alteration of courses in plenty of time to indicate to the other vessel that she is takingthe appropriate action.
(A) inferior
(B) trivial
(C) significant
(D) puny.

15.15. 夜晚使用岸上救生器材時,表示鬆放之聯絡信號,使用白燈一盞或手持白焰作何種動作?
(A) 上下擺動
(B) 水平運動
(C) 繞圈運動
(D) 高舉不動.

16.16. 船舶回答搜救飛機表示收悉並配合飛機的信號,下列何者正確?
(A) 掛“答應旗”
(B) 掛“OK旗”
(C) 掛“SO旗”
(D) 掛“YES旗”.


17. 圖示信號旗所代表之字母依規定全名(code word)是: 5de0aa4dc4ff4.jpg
(A) Zulu
(B) Delta
(C) Juliett
(D) Mike


18.18. The ______ cargo in No. 5 hold is required to be re-lashed and secured.
(A) shifting
(B) bending
(C) yawing
(D) liquid.

19.19. Where is the emergency lighting applied for as per SOLAS required ?
(A) In all alleyways, stairways and exits.
(B) In ship earth station.
(C) The navigation lights and other lights required by COLREGS.
(D) Emergency lighting at every muster and embarkation station..

20.20. By SMCP, choose one of the following sentences for expressing ”Vessel has to move closer to vessel ahead.”
(A) “You must divert vessel ahead of you.”
(B) “You must close up on vessel ahead of you.”
(C) “You must deviate to vessel ahead of you.”
(D) “You must drop back to vessel ahead of you.”.

21.21. By SMCP, choose one of the following sentences for expressing ”Time of arrival at pilot station is 0925 hrs UTC”
(A) “Information: my reaching at pilot station zero nine two five hours UTC”
(B) “Information: my ETA at pilot station zero nine two five hours UTC”
(C) “Information: my time of arrival at pilot station nine twenty-five AM”.
(D) “Information: my ETA at pilot station is nine twenty-five”..

22.22. By SMCP, choose one of the following sentences for expressing ”Rudder must be held in the fore and aft position.”
(A) “Fore to aft!”
(B) “Meet her!”
(C) ”Steady!”
(D) “Midships!”.

23.23. ______ is a mandatory requirement of SOLAS convention described in Regulation 15 of Chapter II. It contains the information about fire station on each deck and various bulkheads andalso provides the type of fire detection system and fire fighting systems available on ship.
(A) Fire fighting chart
(B) Fire control plan
(C) Fire extinguishment chart
(D) Fire prohibition plan.


24. 圖示信號旗所代表之字母依規定全名(code word)是: 5de0aa877b6a7.jpg
(A) Alfa
(B) Charlie
(C) Golf
(D) Lima



25. 圖示信號旗所代表之字母依規定全名(code word)是: 5de0aa9f069fe.jpg
(A) Bravo
(B) Echo
(C) Hotel
(D) Zulu


26.26. 「國際信號規則(ICS)」之規定,配合「單字母(Single letter)」信號組合而成之「單字母 附輔助信號」代碼信號組,「經度」可使用下列何項「單字母」後連接四個或五個數字表示之?
(A) L
(B) G
(C) E
(D) W.

27.27. 航行警告電傳(NAVTEX)接收信文其信息種類的代字為B,則其意義是指:
(A) 搜救資訊
(B) 氣象報告
(C) 航行警告
(D) 衛星導航資訊.

28.28. 船舶特高頻(VHF)無線電話的何種頻道必須保持連續守聽?
(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 14
(D) 16.

29.29. 組成摩斯碼(Morse Code)的“點”(dot)其長度是多少個時間單位?
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4.

30.30. 若海上搜救單位對「遇險船舶或人員」回答並發出的信號是:「已看見你;將儘速前往救助」 ,則下列回答信號那一個是錯誤的?
(A) 發射紅色星簇三枚,每隔一分鐘發射一次
(B) 發射三個白色星簇火箭,每隔一分鐘發射一次
(C) 三個單獨信號,每隔一分鐘發射一次,此單獨信號由聲音與電光(雷電閃光)組成
(D) 橙色煙霧信號.

31.31. SECURITE means to announce a(n) _____ message.
(A) warning
(B) alarming
(C) distress
(D) safety.

32.32. Leeward means on or towards the _____ side of a ship; opposite of windward.
(A) open
(B) close
(C) protected
(D) sheltered.

33.33. The statement “two power-driven vessels are meeting on reciprocal or nearly reciprocal courses so as to involve risk of collision” means _____ situation.
(A) crossing
(B) head-on
(C) stand-on
(D) overtaking.

34.34. 於夜間,如何指導有遇險船員或人員的小艇,表示「此處登岸極度危險」?
(A) 紅燈一盞或紅色光焰一個作上下揮動
(B) 紅燈一盞或紅色光焰一個作水平揮動
(C) 白燈一盞或白色光焰一個作上下揮動
(D) 白燈一盞或白色光焰一個作水平揮動.

35.35. 某船於航行時,看見有漁船呼叫,但雙方語言不同,無法溝通,因此決定以懸掛旗號互通信息 。該漁船懸掛“W” 旗,問其意義為何?
(A) I require assistance.
(B) Keep clear of me.
(C) I require medical assistance.
(D) I am dragging my anchor..

36.36. The following event has been made in the Deck Log Book. “1000~1100 Master together with C/O and C/E carried out weekly _____ inspection and found everything fully compliance with thestandard of Paris Memorandum.”
(A) safety
(B) sanitary
(C) scene
(D) security.

37.37. 船用鉛酸蓄電池於維護保養時不可充電過量,否則極板容易造成下列何種現象?
(A) 縮短
(B) 脫落
(C) 膨脹
(D) 彎曲.

38.38. Damage control team means a group of crew members _____ for fighting flooding in the vessel .
(A) drill
(B) exercise
(C) practice
(D) trained.

39.39. 使用無線電話術,未能正確接收信文時,請對方重新發送時,依據標準語彙,下列何者正確?
(A) “Say again”
(B) “Replay again”
(C) “Message again”
(D) “Over again”.

40.40. Which of the following equipment is not an outfit for fire fighting team?
(A) Auxiliary engine
(B) Protective clothing
(C) Smoke helmets
(D) Breathing appratus .



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108 年 - 108 年-108年第四次交通部航海人員測驗【301】一等船副【000003】船舶通訊與航海英文#80812-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 108 年-108年第四次交通部航海人員測驗【301】一等船副【000003】船舶通訊與航海英文#80812