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1.1. Jim will take a vacation when his ______ have finished.
(A) outskirts
(B) dukes
(C) corps
(D) toils .

2.2. Now that smartphone are so _______, some people don’t have phones at home.
(A) crude
(B) applicable
(C) impoverishing
(D) prevalent .

3.3. After spending years apart, the family was able to ______.
(A) unravel
(B) reunit
(C) abuse
(D) astonish .

4.4. With such a large lead, all of the fans could predict the team’s _______ victory.
(A) inevitable
(B) executive
(C) appropriate
(D) contagious .

5.5. In order to lose weight, you will need to have a ______ exercise program.
(A) series
(B) heroic
(C) consistent
(D) dependent .

6.6. Please remind the children not to play near that ______ house where a student committed suicide in it.
(A) sighted
(B) abandoned
(C) infected
(D) disabled .

7.7. Formosa Bolevard(美麗島) is the last MRT station that we will get ______.
(A) eventually
(B) physically
(C) obviously
(D) anyway .

8.8. The boy explained to their parents how the ball ______ the window.
(A) disturbed
(B) shattered
(C) heeded
(D) derived .

9.9. I think this concept is beyond my ______. I can’t understand what it’s talking about.
(A) comprehension
(B) atmosphere
(C) assignment
(D) compliment .

10.10. In order to make the accelerate the agenda, the chairman ______ the representatives to speed up their speeches.
(A) captivated
(B) substituded
(C) modified
(D) prompted .

11.11. One of the world’s largest trees has a ______ that measures over 11 meters across.
(A) border
(B) illstrator
(C) trunk
(D) strategy .

12.12. A frequent lack of appetite can sometimes be an ______ of a serious diease.
(A) accuracy
(B) digestion
(C) indication
(D) approach .

13.13. This art project is turning into a bigger ______ than I imagined.
(A) debate
(B) outline
(C) plight
(D) endeavor .

14.14. For their grandmother’s 100th birthday, the family decided to throw a ______.
(A) mentality
(B) convert
(C) celebration
(D) relaxation .

15.15.You, like many others, might be suffering from ______, a condiction that prevents you from falling or staying asleep.
(A) canopy
(B) insomnia
(C) syntax
(D) caffeine .

16.第16至20題為題組 Ed Sheeran was born in February 1991 in Halifax, England. He began playing guitar (16) and soon after started writing his own songs. When he was just a teenager, he moved to London to pursue his music, and his outpouring of creativity added up to several early EPs and (17) of live shows. Drawing attention for his online performances, Sheeran (18) No. 1 on the iTunes chart before he ever signed (19) a record label. Since signing with Atlantic, Sheeran has sold millions of records, had a song appear in the second installment of The Hobbit trilogy and won Grammys for hits (20) "Thinking Out Loud" (2014) and "Shape of You" (2017).
【題組】 16.
(A) get in the way
(B) in anticipation
(C) take action
(D) at a young age .

(A) hundred
(B) one-hundred
(C) hundreds
(D) two hundreds .

(A) enlist
(B) hit
(C) indent
(D) donate .

(A) of
(B) on
(C) as
(D) with .

(A) to
(B) for
(C) like
(D) toward .

21.21至25題為題組 eSports describes the world of competitive, (21) video gaming. Competitors from different leagues or teams (22) in the same games that are popular with at-home gamers: Fortnight, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch and Madden NFL, to name a few. These gamers are watched and followed by millions of fans all over the world, (23) attend live events or tune in on TV or online. Streaming services like Twitch allow viewers to watch (24) their favorite gamers play in real time, and this is (25) where popular gamers build up their fandoms.
【題組】 21.
(A) organized
(B) organize
(C) organizing
(D) organizes .

(A) face off
(B) face on
(C) face to
(D) face down .

(A) who
(B) which
(C) when
(D) where .

(A) as
(B) to
(C) for
(D) from .

(A) typically
(B) definitely
(C) literally
(D) actually .

I visited Hokkaido in end May - early June 2016 with my parents and son. We really enjoyed our customised Hokkaido holiday very much! Love the excellent service, food and accommodation recommendations! (26) is definitely much higher than tour groups or self drive. Ms. Eriko Kakudate was our consultant and she arranged a wonderful itinerary for us - private and exclusive and away from the noisy tourist crowds and made reservations for us (27) various restaurants. We enjoyed the activities (28) - the private relaxing Lake Onuma cruise, the gelato making session, the private Dutch oven lunch and tempura picnic at the Tokachi farm. Yamasaki san our driver was excellent - although his English is not very good, he tries his best and (29) my son very well. He brought us to his friend's traditional handmade ramen shop (30) was excellent! We also greatly appreciate the early pick up from our Sapporo hotel and additional Otaru sightseeing before our departure flight on the last day.

【題組】 26.
(A) Costed
(B) Costing
(C) Cost
(D) What cost .

(A) to
(B) in
(C) for
(D) at .

(A) arranged
(B) arranging
(C) which arrangs
(D) which was arranged .

(A) look over
(B) look down on
(C) looked after
(D) look up to .

(A) who
(B) which
(C) what
(D) why .

31.第31至40題為題組 The 400-year-old tradition takes place each morning over eight days during the San Fermin festival in Pamplona in northern Spain. The festival (31) from July 6 to July 14. The bull run -- known as the "encierro" -- started on July 7. The Red Cross in Navarra said five people were taken to hospitals in the first running on Saturday and four people were taken in the second running on Sunday. The extent of injuries was not (32) available. Reuters reported that one person was (33) during the opening day of the bull run.The Red Cross said it assisted nearly 100 people over the two runs.Injuries are common during the bull run. Between 1910 and 2014, 15 people have died from gorings.Traditionally, the bull run was used as a way of (34) the bulls from the city (35) to the bull ring. After the launching of two rockets, the bulls charge behind amateur daredevils, many (36) in traditional white attire with dashes of red, for 825 meters which is the distance between the corral and the bull ring, according to the festival website. The morning runs through the pavement of the old town streets last between three and 10 minutes.The event ends with an evening bullfight, during which the bulls are (37) killed by matadors.The bull run is the marque event of the fiesta celebrated (38) San Fermin, patron saint of Navarra. Other activities include concerts and parades. The weekends of the fiesta (39) draw the largest crowds, tripling Pamplona's population of about 200,000.In recent years, animal rights groups have (40) the event for its treatment of the bulls.
(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally (DE) immediately

【題組】 31 
(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

32.【題組】 32 
(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

(A) in honor of
(B) outskirts
(C) eventually
(D) gored
(E) getting (BD) dressed (BE) criticized (CD) runs (CE) traditionally  (DE) immediately.

 Daydreaming has some historical background. Daydreaming is something that has been occurring for centuries. Some of our greatest scientists, activists, and mathematicians were once found daydreaming. For example, Albert Einstein was failing in math, and was almost kicked out of college for daydreaming. Einstein’s daydreaming may have been the secret of his incredible creativity. He maintained that he discovered the theory of relativity by gazing at sunbeams on a summer day, and fantasized about what it would be like to ride on them. Another example of daydreaming would be Winston Churchill. While living in political exile, he imagined or daydreamed what leadership of his country would mean to him. The exercise helped him to plan and prioritize in advance. It gave him a head start when he fulfilled his dream and became head of state in Britain during the war years. Another person would be Martin Luther King Jr. He used daydreams to create a vision for the future. He had to daydream to motivate others. He had to mentally remove himself from his present worries, and think of a better place to be. In fact, some of our civilizations greatest advances in engineering, medicine and physics began with a conscious dream.

【題組】 41. What kind of job did Winston Churchill became?
(A) a leader of a country
(B) a doctor of a hospital
(C) a general of a corp
(D) a commender of a army .

42.【題組】42. How long have the daydreaming been happened for?
(A) decades
(B) centuries
(C) millenniums
(D) years .

43.【題組】43. What kind of job did the person who like to daydream and ultimately find the significant scientific law?
(A) A person who often researches for daydreaming.
(B) A person who likes to go outdoor activity.
(C) A person who likes to solve math problems.
(D) A person who often helps people to sleep. .

44.【題組】44. According to the article, which statement is correct?
(A) Albert Einstein daydreamed when he would become a leadership of his country.
(B) Some of our greatest adventurers, activists, and mathematicians were once found daydreaming.
(C) Winston Churchill used daydreams to think what would happen in the future.
(D) Martin Luther King Jr. had to daydream to inspire others. .

 Ralph Breaks the Internet begins after the events of the first Wreck-It Ralph movie, and all of the game characters in the arcade are getting along fairly well. Despite being from different games, Ralph and Vanellope are still the best of friends. Life is good, until something in the arcade goes horribly wrong. The steering wheel to Vanellope's game, Sugar Rush, gets broken while someone is playing it at the arcade. Since the game is so old, Mr. Litwack can't buy a new one. The only replacement he can find is on eBay, but it's too expensive for him to purchase. Sadly, Mr. Litwack believes he is going to have to unplug Sugar Rush for good, leaving Vanellope and her friends without a home, or a purpose. This is when Ralph and Vanellope come up with their grand idea. They're going to visit the Internet. (While that wasn't an option throughout the first movie, Mr. Litwack has since added a Wifi router to the power grid that connects all of the other games.) If Vanellope and Ralph can find eBay, they can take the steering wheel and have it sent to Mr. Litwack so that he can keep Sugar Rush running. Just like in real life, the Internet is a seemingly endless world full of different sites and users, and it opens the eyes of both heroes. Some people and places inside the Internet are friendly, but others only appear that way. On their journey, Ralph and Vanellope meet some very interesting new characters like the always-updating life of the party, Yesss (Taraji P. Henson), a glitchy search engine named KnowsMore (Alan Tudyk), and an edgy street car driver, Shank (Gal Gadot). Throughout the movie, Ralph and Vanellope are faced with several difficult challenges in their quest for the steering wheel, and their friendship is pushed to the limits. Ralph learns about the difficulties of fame and spotlight, while Vanellope realizes that there is much more to life than racing at the arcade.

【題組】 45. Why do Mr. Litwack want to unplug the game Sugar Rush?
(A) He can’t afford to buy a new component.
(B) The game characters are not enough celebrated.
(C) The game can’t connect to the Internet.
(D) He wants to modify some systems of the game. .

46.【題組】46. How many episodes did the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet been filmed?
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4. .

47.【題組】47. What can Vanellope and Ralph find eBay?
(A) They can attract more customers.
(B) They can make friends with others.
(C) They can keep the game running.
(D) They can heed Mr. Litwack the game needs to be upgraded. .

48.【題組】48.What are some things that Ralph learns about after the Internet was connected?
(A) He learns about the importance of humanitarian.
(B) He learns about how difficlt to accustom a new world.
(C) He learns about the problem of reputation
(D) He learns about there is much more to life than competitions. .

49.49至52題為題組 Good note-taking can be very important to academic and professional success. Notes can help you finish projects properly and pass tests and assignments. However, you may not be sure how to take notes. To do so, use note-taking techniques optimal for written text or verbal presentations such as lectures, seminars, and meetings.
 1.Note details at the top of your paper. Keep your notes organized by writing important details at the top of each page. Include information such as the date, bibliographic information, and page number of your notes. Noting details can make it easier for you to return to your notes and get important information. 
 2.Use your own language. Write down key facts, ideas, and details in your own words. Avoid noting anything in the text verbatim, or word for word, unless it is a phrase or quote you may later use. Taking notes in your own words actively engages your brain, helps you better understand the text, makes you more likely to retain the information, and may minimize the risk of plagiarism. 
 3.Write keywords instead of full sentences. Think about the text you’re reading or the lecture you’re listening to—they may be a bit dense and hard to understand. Avoid using these models when you write your notes. Instead, use keywords to say the same things in a short and manageable way that you can easily and quickly review later. 
 4.Skip lines on the paper for later review. As you write your keywords and ideas down, leave space between each line. Having extra room allows you to make additional notes or clarify points that you may not understand. This helps you quickly have and identify all of the relevant material to that keyword or thought.

【題組】 49. People often use “69” or “skr” on the Internet, which paragraphy may be similar to this situation?
(A) Note details at the top of your paper
(B) Use your own language
(C) Write keywords instead of full sentences
(D) Skip lines on the paper for later review .

50.【題組】50. What is the word”verbatim” in paragraphy three?
(A) Write down every keywords.
(B) Leave your notebook vacant.
(C) Write down every words indeed.
(D) Take notes with some charts or pictures. .

51.【題組】51. “For example, for obstetrics, you might note words such as midwife, placental abruption, childbed fever, and preeclampsia.” Which paragraphy may be this text extracted from?
(A) Note details at the top of your paper
(B) Use your own language
(C) Write keywords instead of full sentences
(D) Skip lines on the paper for later review .

52.【題組】52. According to the article, which statement is incorrect?
(A) When you are writing some important issues, you should leave space between lines.
(B) Don’t write down every words that the speaker said during the speech.
(C) Note-taking may benefit you on your College Entrance Examination.
(D) You should write some information like dating, bibliographic information, and page number of your notes to help you organized your note. .



【題組】 53. Andy lives in California, where can he donate a computer?
(A) The Fire Agency of California.
(B) The university of California
(C) The Emergency department of California
(D) The esports exhibition match of California. .

54.【題組】54. What should you do if you want to donate a computer or a book?
(A) You should remove your motherboard before you want to donate the computer.
(B) You should tear the page that you have written a message on it before you want to donate the book.
(C) You should download some game applications before you want to donate the computer.
(D) You should use your erasers to get rid of your graffito. .

55.【題組】55. Where is the place that you can donate both computers and books?
(A) A place where is a collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing.
(B) A place where is a self-service shop offering a wide variety of food and household products, organized into sections and shelves.
(C) A place where is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial.
(D) A place where is a covered location for gymnastics, athletics, and gymnastic services. .

56.【題組】56. According to the article, which statement is incorrect?
(A) Many old computers can be used but discarded by people now.
(B) You may clean the parts of your computer and delete your personal information before donating.
(C) If you donate books to Operation Paperback, they may give your books to other countries.
(D) The contributors can get a souvenir if they give away their books. .

57.一、中譯英(占8分) 說明:1.請將以下中文句子譯成正確、通順、達意的英文,並將答案寫在「答案卷」上。    2.請依序作答,並標明子題號。每題4分,共8分。 1. 與孩子共讀能同時幫助讀的人以及聽的人培養語言技巧、提升自信心以及發揮創造力。

58.2. 再者,它能激起想對世界有更深一層了解的渴望,還能讓人與人之間關係更為親近。

59.二、英文作文(占20分) 說明︰1.依提示在「答案卷」上寫一篇英文作文。 2.文長至少120個單詞(words)。 提示:人生中有大大小小的比賽,無論是體育比賽、音樂比賽,甚至是演講比賽,都可能讓你得到不一樣的感觸。請寫一篇短文說明你的看法。文分兩段,第一段說明你擅長的項目,第二段舉例說明你參加過的比賽並得到什麼樣的名次,並描述你自己參加比賽的經驗及感想。



重新載圖6. 李爺爺有一塊圓形的花園,他用鐵絲將花園分割為4個區域,如下圖。已知 和 交點為M,且M為 的中點, =9公尺, =4公尺,則 為多少公尺?...

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