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109 年 - 高雄市立國昌國中 108 學年度第一學期一年級第三次定期評量英文科試題#82942 

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1.1. Do not look around when(當) you have a test, or(否則) you will(將會) get into .
(A) kilometer
(B) beauty
(C) moment
(D) trouble

2.2. Mary’s birthday is coming. Let’s          a special gift for her.
(A) disappear
(B) follow
(C) choose
(D) call

3.3. A: Look! There are some sheep on the            .
 B: They are so cute! Let’s take a picture with them.
(A) grass
(B) moment
(C) joke
(D) classroom

4.4. Olympic Games (奧運) Tokyo 2020            a lot of different sports, like(像是) basketball, baseball, and tennis(網球).
(A) calls
(B) includes
(C) guides
(D) disappears

5.5. The            views in Green Island (綠島) are beautiful, and lots of people like to go there.
(A) wrong
(B) luckily
(C) natural
(D) young

6.6. A: Is your brother a junior high school student?
 B: No. In fact, my brother is            eight years old.
 A: What? He is very tall and strong.
(A) only
(B) too
(C) next
(D) so

7.7. Jason: Mom, may I have some food before dinner? I am so            .
 Mom: OK, eat some pineapple cakes on the table.
(A) kind
(B) hungry
(C) hurry
(D) life

8.8. She is late for the meeting. She is           the cellphone at her house now.
(A) looking at
(B) looking
(C) looking up
(D) looking for

9.9. A: Let’s get off(下車) now. B: No, you are wrong. We should(應該) get off at the next            .
(B) seat
(C) museum
(D) station

10.10. A: How’s your weekend? B: Not bad, but I have the            blues. I don’t want to do anything(任何事情) now.
(A) Saturday
(B) Sunday
(C) Friday
(D) Monday

11.11.             shout in the library. Please quiet here.
(A) Let’s;be
(B) Don’t;be
(C) Let’s;make
(D) Don’t;make

12.12. A: It’s time               my math class. Bye. B: See you.
(A) to
(B) at
(C) on
(D) for

13.13. Where is Nick now?           he               in his bedroom?
(A) Is; study
(B) Are;study
(C) Isn’t;studying
(D) Are;studying

14.14. Look at the T-shirt.             color is purple, and I like very much.
(A) It’s;its
(B) Its;it
(C) It;it
(D) It’s;it

15.15. Amy: I’m cold.                         Jack: OK, wait a minute.
(A) Jack please open the window.
(B) Please open the window, Jack.
(C) Please Jack close the window.
(D) Jack, close the window, please.

16.16. It’s raining(下雨) outside. Let’s              out.
(A) don’t go
(B) not go
(C) going
(D) no go

17.17. A: What time is the TV show?
 B: It’s            seven. Oh, it’s                six fifty-five now. Let’s turn on the TV.
(A) ╳;at
(B) at;on
(C) at;╳
(D) on;at

18.18 . A: Are Mr. and Mrs. Huang’s sons            in the gym? B: No, they’re              with their friends at the school gate.
(A) danceing;chatting
(B) dancing;chatting
(C) danceing;chating
(D) dancing;chating

19.19. Our group meeting with Mr. Lee is            this Wednesday morning.               late.
(A) ╳;Don’t be
(B) on;Let’s not be
(C) ╳;Let’s not
(D) on;Don’t be

20.20. A: The boy in the picture is my cousin, Jerry.
 B: Oh! I know                           my classmate in junior high school.
(A) him;He’s
(B) him;His
(C) his;Him
(D) his;He

21.21. Sharon              just a young girl. Forgive(原諒) her and              a kind brother, OK?
(A) be;is
(B) is;don’t be
(C) is;be
(D) be;isn’t

22.22. A:             is the baseball game? Is it today? B: No, it is        Friday.
(A) What day;╳
(B) What day;on
(C) What time ; ╳
(D) What time ; on

23.23. A:               Ms. White now. She is talking. B: No problem.
(A) Listening
(B) Listen
(C) Listen to
(D) Listening to

24.24. A: Is Ted reading storybooks or watching TV? B:                 
(A)Yes, he is reading storybooks.
(B) He isn’t sleeping.
(C) He is in the living room.
(D) He is watching TV.


Mandy: Hi, John. It’s good to see you 25. the metro. John: Hello, Mandy. Nice to see you here, too. Mandy: 26. next to me. You look tired. John: Thanks. 27. , do you have some water? I’m thirsty. Mandy: No. Don’t eat 28. drink here. Don’t you know the rule? John: Oh, sorry. I don’t know that.
 tired 疲倦的 thirsty 口渴的

(A) at
(B) in
(C) on
(D) into

(A) Watch out
(B) Take a seat
(C) Shout
(D) Stand in line

(A) Here we are
(B) No problem
(C) Hurry up
(D) By the way

(A) and
(B) or
(C) but
(D) so

Chinese New Year’s Eve is 29. . Bella’s mother is preparing 30. the food in the kitchen. Bella and her brother 31. cleaning the room. What is her father doing? He is writing the spring couplets in the living room. Look! Bella’s uncle, aunt and cousins 32. the USA are at the door. They are here for the reunion dinner. It’s six p.m. now. Everybody 33. sitting around the dining table and eating the dinner together. They are talking 34. some funny things in their daily lives. After dinner, the adults give red envelopes to the kids. Bella plays games with her family all night. It’s a nice New Year’s Eve for Bella’s family.
 Chinese New Year’s Eve 除夕 spring couplets 春聯 reunion dinner 團圓飯 together 一起 daily 日常的 after 在…之後 adult 大人 red envelopes 紅包

(A) tonight
(B) this weekend
(C) at tonight
(D) next weekend

(A) on
(B) at
(C) for
(D) ╳

(A) ╳
(B) is
(C) don’t
(D) are

(A) at
(B) about
(C) from
(D) on

(A) am
(B) is
(C) are
(D) ╳

(A) with
(B) in
(C) on
(D) about


四、閱讀測驗(每題 2 分,共 32 分。)


35. What CAN’T you see in the theater?  can’t 無法
(A) 5e47a72a3a0ef.jpg
(B) 5e47a72f0db09.jpg
(C) 5e47a73451237.jpg
(D) 5e47a73a98155.jpg

36.【題組】36. Who follows the rule in the theater?  take off 脫掉 post 發布
(A) Jane chats with her friend on LINE.
(B) Simon takes off the shoes and puts his feet on the seat.
(C) Zoey takes her trash out of the theater.
(D) Alan posts a video of the movie on his Facebook.

37.【題組】37. Which is NOT true about the rules?  on time 準時
(A) Don’t make noise.
(B) Don’t eat any food.
(C) Don’t go to the theater with your pet.
(D) Go into the theater on time.


BTS is a group of Korean singers. They have a concert in Taiwan this weekend. This is their schedule. Read the schedule and answer the questions.

【題組】38. Where is BTS at twelve thirty p.m. on Sunday?
(A) In the Dumpling House.
(B) At the airport.
(C) At the concert.
(D) In the place of fan meeting.

39.【題組】39. What is BTS doing at seven fifteen p.m. on Saturday?
(A) Eating dinner.
(B) Singing songs.
(C) Shooting videos.
(D) Learning Chinese.

40.【題組】40. What time ISN’T BTS’s dress-up time?
(A) Ten twenty on Sunday morning.
(B) One o’clock on Sunday afternoon.
(C) Six forty on Saturday evening.
(D) Eleven o’clock on Saturday morning.

41.【題組】41. Which is RIGHT about the reading?
(A) Dan is BTS’s English teacher.
(B) There are two concerts on the weekend.
(C) There are fifty fans at the concert.
(D) BTS is talking to the reporters at eleven twenty-five on Sunday.

Jessica: Hey, what about going to “Uncle Charlie” this weekend?
Tiffany: OK. No problem.
Jessica: Our roommates, Lisa and Jennie will go with us, too.
Tiffany: Great! What’s so special over there?
Jessica: There are a lot of different American dishes there, and I think you will like them. Also, we can get 15% discount on the dishes.
Tiffany: 15%! Let’s go there this weekend.
Jessica: In fact, we need to turn off our smartphones when we eat, and we can get 15% discount.
Tiffany: Wait! Let me think about it.
Jessica: Come on. When we are with our friends or our family, we chat on LINE, write a post on Facebook or make an Instagram(社群軟體) story. We don’t enjoy the fun time with them. I think the owner’s idea is really good. Let’s try it, OK?
Tiffany: OK, and you are right. We spend too much time on our phones in a day.
Jessica: Yeah. I believe we can enjoy the dishes and the special moment without smartphones.
 will 將會 dish 菜餚 think 想 also 此外 discount 折扣 need 需要 turn off 關掉 when 當 post 貼文 story 限時動態 enjoy 享受 spend 花費 believe 相信 without 沒有

【題組】42. What is “Uncle Charlie”?
(A) A library.
(B) A restaurant.
(C) A park.
(D) A station.

43.【題組】43. Who are Lisa and Jennie?
(A) Jessica’s classmates.
(B) Jessica and Tiffany’s family.
(C) Jessica’s cousins.
(D) Jessica and Tiffany’s roommates.

44.【題組】44. What does “them” mean in the reading?  mean 意指
(A) Owners and customers.
(B) Family and Friends.
(C) Roommates.
(D) Smartphones.

45.【題組】45. What does the owner want customers to do when they are eating?
(A) Enjoy their food.
(B) Play with their smartphones.
(C) Take pictures.
(D) Write a post about the dishes.

46.【題組】46. Which is TRUE about the reading?  should 應該 save 節省 won’t 不會
(A) There are a lot of Taiwanese dishes in Uncle Charlie.
(B) People should be quiet when they eat.
(C) People turn off their smartphones when they eat, and they can save money.
(D) Tiffany won’t go to Uncle Charlie with Jessica.



【題組】47. What time is it in New York?
(A) 5 p.m.
(B) 9 a.m.
(C) 2 p.m.
(D) 11 a.m.

48.【題組】48. What might Teddy and Jimmy’s parents be doing now?  might 可能
(A) Eating lunch.
(B) Sleeping.
(C) Eating breakfast.
(D) Hiking.

49.【題組】49. Which is TRUE about the reading?
(A) Lucy is in Sydney now.
(B) Ryoko is going to bed now.
(C) Michelle is in her Chinese class now.
(D) Teddy and Jimmy’s parents are in Tokyo now.

50.【題組】50. Teddy and Jimmy are calling Lucy. What might they say to her first?  first 首先
(A) Good night.
(B) Good morning.
(C) Good evening.
(D) Good afternoon.



11. 以下文句節錄自〈來到部落的文明〉,何者具有現代文明與泰雅傳統生活的衝突意味? (A)冰箱裡藏著一週前買的豬肉從來也不腐壞,錢幣的妙用帶...

50 x


109 年 - 高雄市立國昌國中 108 學年度第一學期一年級第三次定期評量英文科試題#82942-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - 高雄市立國昌國中 108 學年度第一學期一年級第三次定期評量英文科試題#82942