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109 年 - 109 臺北捷運-工程員(二)、工程員(三)、專員(三)、評價副站長:共同科目(英文)#84157 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. Please __________ the following changes regarding the English language courses offered at our Language Center this year.
(A) be aware of
(B) be conceived of
(C) be looking for
(D) be watching out。 .

2.2. He __________ murder since he was barely 18 as he accidentally killed someone during a fight.
(A) has been in prison
(B) has been in jail
(C) has been locked for
(D) has been imprisoned for。 .

3.3. The flowers and plants were the most __________ arranged creations I have ever seen in this garden.
(A) beautification
(B) beautiful
(C) beautifully
(D) beauty。 .

4.4. Presbyterians, Methodists, __________ Baptists are the prevalent Protestant congregations in many places around the world.
(A) and
(B) but
(C) or
(D) nor。 .

5.5. In April, __________ the snow has already melted in New York.
(A) countless of
(B) many of
(C) much of
(D) various of。 .

6.6. There are over 1,500 __________ in our campus and they could provide an opportunity for every student to become involved.
(A) club and organization
(B) clubs and organizations
(C) coach and staff
(D) coaches and staffs。 .

7.7. This is what we have discussed today for this topic, and call __________ if you have questions so we could further discuss it later on.
(A) I
(B) me
(C) us
(D) we。 .

8.8. To celebrate with it, we are going to have a party __________ the Dragon Boat Festival Day.
(A) at
(B) for
(C) in
(D) on。 .

9.9. Look at those cars in the parking lot over there. __________ is really ugly, but ours is beautiful.
(A) Their
(B) Theirs
(C) Them
(D) They。 .

10.10. After buying a new car for the eldest daughter, __________ adds a double garage to their house.
(A) the Johnson
(B) the Johnsons
(C) The Johnson
(D) The Johnsons。 .

11.11. When you order a copy of this newly published book, __________ include cash payment with your order form.
(A) do
(B) forget
(C) please
(D) remember。 .

12.12. It is __________ common belief that a newspaper should have __________ obligation to seek out and tell the truth.
(A) a, a
(B) an, an
(C) a, an
(D) an, a。 .

13.13. My grandfather refuses to go to bed early, __________ I am afraid he is going to catch a bad cold.
(A) and
(B) but
(C) or
(D) however。 .

14.14. It is difficult to become __________ because sometimes you have to avoid telling the truth due to some reasons.
(A) an honest person
(B) a person who is honest
(C) an honorable person
(D) a person who is honorable。 .

15.15. What is __________ color? __________ green.
(A) its, Its
(B) it’s, It’s
(C) its, It’s
(D) it’s, Its。 .

16.16. __________ the football season has not yet begun, __________ is overly anxious for information about the team.
(A) Although, the public
(B) Although, but the public
(C) Today, the public
(D) Spring, the public。 .

17.17. When John bumps up against a complex problem, he thinks back to a lesson he __________ in high school.
(A) is learning
(B) learn
(C) learned
(D) was learning。 .

18.18. Today, some people argue that the easiest and simplest way to improve our democracy is to __________ political parties as many of them only look for their own benefits, but not the benefits for the general public.
(A) abolish
(B) blow
(C) create
(D) support。 .

19.19. In English, __________ letters are the “large” versions of the 26 alphabets, frequently used for the first letter of proper names.
(A) capital
(B) large
(C) mini
(D) small。 .

20.20. My dog would excitedly __________ to me when I return home from school.
(A) bite into
(B) cross over
(C) dash up
(D) jump down。 .

21.21. The severe forest fire in New South Wales recently caused a terrible damage to the __________ of Australia and its south-eastern coast.
(A) ecology
(B) landform
(C) mountains
(D) valleys。 .

22.22. When teachers ask you to __________, they want to see you move from the particular to the general or from the concrete to the abstract.
(A) entertain
(B) generalize
(C) speak
(D) talk。 .

23.23. The roof of our greenhouse __________ leak when it rains heavily in the summer time.
(A) is apt to
(B) is excelled to
(C) is part to
(D) is up to。 .

24.24. Although the surface of the egg shell looks smooth, when __________ it is actually full of bumps and holes.
(A) boiled
(B) dyed
(C) heated
(D) magnified。 .

25.25. There are several ways to __________ the Sun, and for yourself, the easiest and safest is to project it by building your own pinhole camera.
(A) break
(B) catch
(C) observe
(D) spy。 .

26.26. At age 16, John dropped out of school __________ the fact that it was necessary for him to help support his parents as they got sick and became weak.
(A) on account of
(B) on behalf of
(C) on the chain of
(D) on the cultivation of。 .

27.27. We encourage all our students to __________ in this important and transformative program as they will benefit a lot from it.
(A) conquer
(B) participate
(C) prevent
(D) stop。 .

28.28. Today, many students are __________ more challenging academic work at a younger age in spite of hardship in life they might deal with.
(A) not for
(B) ready for
(C) waiting for
(D) yet for。 .

29.29. To investigate the crime thoroughly, the policeman interviewed the two suspects __________ over several days.
(A) excellently
(B) freely
(C) separately
(D) singly。 .

30.30. Obtaining __________ is often considered as licensing, and when you have it, you have a license to use the work.
(A) permission
(B) slip
(C) ticket
(D) voucher。 .

31.31. I need to look for a new job as my working contract will __________three months later.
(A) initiate
(B) terminate
(C) uphold
(D) waive。 .

32.32. This is the final list with the names of winners __________ in red.
(A) underlined
(B) underscored
(C) underutilized
(D) underweight。 .

33.33. In old days, my grandmother loved to hand-knit sweaters in wool __________ for all her six grandchildren.
(A) floss
(B) tinsels
(C) twigs
(D) yarns。 .

34.34. Mom: Glad to see you home, and he’s adorable!
Daughter: I think he’s the one!
Mom: Oh, me, too. I watched you two coming up the path and I saw how you looked at him. Do I hear wedding bells?
What does the mother expect to see? She expects that __________.
(A) her daughter should consider well before getting married
(B) her daughter should ask the man to go away
(C) the man shouldn’t contact her daughter again
(D) the young couple would get married soon。 .

35.35. Woman: It’s nice to be back but I do miss the excitement of the World Cup in Paris. I’m bored!
Man: Oh, thanks very much!
Woman: I didn’t mean you! I just mean it’s a bit hard to come back to reality; that’s all.
Why does the woman respond in this way? She feels that __________.
(A) she should continue her vacation
(B) she should stay in Paris
(C) the man might misunderstand her
(D) the man should stop working。 .

36.36. Man: What a great barbeque yesterday!
Woman: Oh no, I feel dreadful. I was throwing up all night long!
Man: Though the salmon looked gorgeous, I didn’t have any of it.Did you?
Woman: Yes.... oh, no!
What happened to the woman? She __________.
(A) enjoyed the party last night
(B) stayed up late last night
(C) cooked for everyone
(D) has been sick since last night。 .

37.37. Woman: No wonders you love it here, your garden is beautiful.
Man: Thank you. Just my luck though, neither my wife nor my daughter has green fingers.
Woman: I love gardening, too!
Where is the man? He is __________.
(A) in his garden
(B) in his living room
(C) in his office
(D) in a wild field。 .

38.38. Peter: Grace, we have to talk about something. My dad has had a heart attack.
Grace: Oh, that’s awful, so you are flying over to visit him. How long are you going for?
Peter: Grace, it’s a one-way ticket I’ve booked; I’m going back to USA for good.
What does Peter really mean? He would __________.
(A) come back soon to continue his study
(B) return home forever in order to take care of his father
(C) run away from everything
(D) travel with Grace to his home。 .

39.39. Albert: How does this sound? Wanted: male student or young professional for bright, sunny room in mixed flat-share. Must be clean, tidy and easy-going. Close to shops, pubs and buses. Reasonable rent,... Gina: Shouldn’t we say something about the cat? He might be allergic.
Albert: Ooh, yeah, good point.
What are they doing? They are writing __________.
(A) an advert to share their flat
(B) a note left on their fridge
(C) a reminder to their landlord
(D) a sales poster to promote some items。 .

40.40. Woman: It’s almost bedtime. Time for you to go to bed.
Kid: I don’t want to go to bed. I want to stay here and watch TV.
Woman: I don’t think that’s a good idea. You have to get up early for school in the morning.
What is the woman doing this evening? She is __________.
(A) babysitting the kid
(B) reading a book to the kid
(C) watching TV alone
(D) writing a paper by herself。 .


41. Man: How can I help you, madam?
Woman: It’s about this watch.
Man: What seems to be the problem?
Woman: The alarm doesn’t work, and when I take it off, the strap leaves a brown mark on my wrist.
What could the woman be? She could be a __________.
(A) customer complaining a watch bought earlier
(B) designer testing the watch designed by herself
(C) lady showing off her favorite fashion accessory
(D) saleswoman promoting a commercial item。


42.42. Man: Can I talk to you?
Woman: OK, but nothing heavy. I’m not in the mood.
Man: It’s just that I don’t think I can make the rent this month.
Woman: Oh! What am I supposed to do?
What could the woman be? She could be a __________.
(A) coach
(B) landlady
(C) manager
(D) shop owner。 .

43.43. Woman: Don’t cry, ... you might feel better if you talk about it.
Girl: I am so…. I had a date with Ted last night. When I arrived, I heard he was talking to somebody on the phone. I heard he said “I can’t wait to see you, darling. I love you.” He is seeing someone else!
Woman: Oh, there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation.
What does the woman want to do? She wants __________.
(A) her to look for a new boyfriend
(B) her to stop crying
(C) her to cool down before looking for an answer
(D) to be a good consultant。.

     A young boy in Hubei Province witnessed his grandfather die and remained at home alone afterward because of COVID-19 restrictions,local media reported.
    The news of the child’s ordeal prompted an outpouring of anger online in China.
     In Shiyan’s Zhangwan District, which has implemented “wartime control” to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, local community workers on Monday afternoon found an elderly man surnamed Tan who had died at home.
    His five or six-year-old grandson was also at home, Zhangwan District Department of Public Affairs vice deputy director Guo Ruibing told local media.
    The official did not confirm details posted online that the man had died several days earlier and that the grandson had survived on cookies.
     Asked by community workers why he did not seek help, the child reportedly said: “Grandpa said not to leave. There is a virus outside.”
     It is not possible that Tan died days earlier, Guo told Hongxing News, a government-affiliated media platform.
    Under lockdown measures in which residents cannot leave their homes, community workers had been making daily visits to check on residents, asking for their temperatures and if they needed any food supplies.
     The time and cause of Tan’s death was still being investigated, Guo said, adding that the grandson was being taken into care “according to procedure” by the district.
     The child’s father is in Guangxi Province and cannot return because of the lockdown measures on the area.
     Asked whether Tan’s temperature was normal before his death, Guo said: “Certainly, it was normal.”       The news caused a flood of criticism online, underlining public frustration and mistrust.
    “Why do they always do such a crappy job of ‘dispelling rumors’?”one user on Weibo wrote, adding that the official could have used community records to back up his statement. “The government always says: ‘impossible’ or ‘absolutely,’ but who can believe you?”
     Earlier this month, Zhangwan District was the first to implement official “wartime” quarantine measures in response to COVID-19,which emerged in nearby Wuhan.
    Commercial and residential buildings in Zhangwan were sealed and no unapproved outside vehicles could enter.
     Only healthcare workers and those providing essential supplies were able to be out on the streets, policed by public security. Local committee districts were to arrange food and medicine for residents.
    Those who broke the rules would be detained, an official notice said.

【題組】44. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?
(A) Grandpa died without any supportive care
(B) The kid is going to die soon
(C) Virus Outbreak: Child home alone with dead grandpa
(D) Virus Outbreak: One more to the dead toll .

45.【題組】45. Ordeal is a very __________ that one might suffer from a man-made or natural disaster, such as plane crash, coronavirus spreading, earthquake,major flood, etc.
(A) arrogant, bossy, and cocky feeling
(B) ironic, mocking, and satirical sense
(C) joyful, sweet, and happy perception
(D) unpleasant, painful,and difficult experience。 .

46.【題組】46. “It is not possible that Tan died days earlier” implies that Tan died __________ though it might not be true.
(A) four days ago
(B) three days ago
(C) two days ago
(D) yesterday。 .

47.【題組】47. This group received a flood of input containing the target forms of various discourse markers taught in the class.
(A) a great deal of
(B) rare
(C) incomplete
(D) insufficient。 .

48.【題組】48. You don’t need to plug your device into a computer or even be at home to back up with iCloud.
(A) edit a document
(B) make a redundant file
(C) make a spare copy
(D)write a document。 .

49.【題組】49. Usually, the first response to the threat of an epidemic is to keep people out of the country or quarantine them.
(A) to bake something with high temperature
(B) to keep away from others for a period of time
(C) to make a pie to share with others
(D) to stand far away from everything。 .

50.【題組】50. The buildings were sealed and no unapproved vehicles could enter.
(A) a few authorized cars permitted
(B) some unauthorized cars released
(C) no any authorized cars allowed
(D) only authorized cars allowed。.



42. ( )HCl+NaOH→NaCl+H2O是下列選項中的哪一種反應?  (A) 分解反應  (B)解離反應  (C)中和反應  (D)物理反應。 ....

50 x


109 年 - 109 臺北捷運-工程員(二)、工程員(三)、專員(三)、評價副站長:共同科目(英文)#84157-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - 109 臺北捷運-工程員(二)、工程員(三)、專員(三)、評價副站長:共同科目(英文)#84157