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108 年 - 108 臺銀人壽第二次新進人員甄試試題_五職等/壽險管理類_英文#84255 

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1.26. I’m not sure about his ___. He might be an engineer or a doctor.
(A) nationality
(B) occupation
(C) replacement
(D) characteristics .

2.27. I don’t plan to work part-time at a restaurant. I’d like to be a ___ teaching young kids.
(A) postcard
(B) symbol
(C) tutor
(D) vessel .

3.28. Please wear properly to a job interview if you want to leave a great first ___ on your future boss.
(A) impression
(B) observation
(C) population
(D) registration .

4.29. Nowadays some popular YouTubers have millions of ___, who pay nothing to watch their video blogs.
(A) qualifications
(B) revolutionaries
(C) subscribers
(D) whereabouts .

5.30. Please ___ the toilet after use. So the restrooms are not smelly.
(A) blush
(B) flush
(C) slush
(D) plush .

6.31. Taking mass ___ is more eco-friendly than driving a car.
(A) transaction
(B) transformation
(C) transmission
(D) transportation .

7.32. Don’t ask __ questions, which sometimes make people uncomfortable.
(A) adequate
(B) conscious
(C) maximum
(D) personal .

8.33. Some European countries are trying to deal with the problems related to ___, who are forced to leave their countries for wars.
(A) miniatures
(B) refugees
(C) satellites
(D) terminals .

9.34. Tom thought Mary could pass the exam, ___ he?
(A) didn’t
(B) wasn’t
(C) couldn’t
(D) isn’t .

10.35. If I’ve got the chance, I’ll work __.
(A) as hard as possible
(B) as possible hard as I can
(C) harder as I can
(D) harder as possible as .

11.36. He is a person I ___.
(A) like to play with
(B) with who I like to play
(C) who I like to play with him
(D) whom I like to play with him .

12.37. A lot of people I love passed away. I know the feeling of ___.
(A) lose
(B) losing
(C) loss
(D) lost .

13.38. I’ve been married ___.
(A) in 2009
(B) 10 years ago
(C) for 10 years
(D) since 2009 ago .

14.39. ___ in last century, this mansion has six big bedrooms and two swimming pools.
(A) Built
(B) To be built
(C) Being built
(D) Was built .

15.40. I strongly objected __ into a new office. I like the current one a lot.
(A) move
(B) moving
(C) to move
(D) to moving .

16.三、克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 The World Health Organization (WHO) says that 80% of the world’s teens don’t get enough exercise to live healthy lives. The pattern of inactivity could have 41 effects as these teens become adults. The report, 42 in Time Magazine, was based on research done with students aged 11 to 17 in 146 different countries. The WHO has been studying teen activity levels since 2001 and reports that 43 has changed since then. The WHO says that kids should get at least an hour of medium to vigorous (hard) exercise every day. This could 44 walking, running, biking, dancing, playing sports, or many other activities. Doctors say 60 minutes of exercise is needed for teens to build up their bone and muscle strength. It’s also hugely important for the health of the heart and lungs. Regular activity can help people control their weight, too. More and more research is showing that exercise doesn’t just help the body, it can help the brain, too, 45 thinking, test scores, and school grades. Trevor Shilton, who works for the Heart Foundation in Australia, says, “If this [exercise] were a medicine, we’d all be taking it.”
(A) desired
(B) no
(C) positive
(D) serious .

(A) published
(B) publishing
(C) which published
(D) which publishing .

(A) something
(B) a lot
(C) not much
(D) neither .

(A) replace
(B) include
(C) decide
(D) surpass .

(A) improving
(B) damaging
(C) emphasizing
(D) rejecting .

 College is an important investment that comes with the hope of a better, richer life. But some experts worry the value of a bachelor’s degree might be disappearing. Starting salaries for new college graduates in the United States have grown less than 1% over the past two years, remaining at around $50,000. Worse yet: A decade after leaving school, more than 1 in 5 graduates are working in a job that doesn’t even require a degree. However, obtaining a diploma is almost always worth it in the long run, according to “The College Payoff,” a report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Bachelor’s degree holders generally earn 84% more than those with just a high school diploma, the report said — and the higher the level of educational achievement, the larger the payoff. When broken down by areas of study, however, the difference is striking. Students who pursue a major specifically in science, technology, engineering and math — collectively known as STEM disciplines — are likely to earn the most overall. In addition to STEM, health and business majors are among the highest paying, leading to average yearly wages that are higher at entry level and significantly greater over the course of a career compared to liberal arts and humanities majors, the Georgetown Center found. All in, the top-paying college majors earn $3.4 million more than the lowest-paying majors over a lifetime. Of course, income isn’t the only consideration. After adding in satisfaction, stress level and job opportunities, among other factors, jobs marketplace, ZipRecruiter found that the majors college students most regretted choosing covered the arts and sciences. English, communications, biological sciences and law all made the list, according to ZipRecruiter’s survey of more than 5,000 college graduates who were looking for a job. On the upside, students who focused on computer science, business, engineering and health administration felt very good about their choices, ZipRecruiter found. “This generation, more than any other that came before it, is looking for work with purpose and meaning,” said ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel. “They are more aware of what their peers are doing” he added, and “it creates a little bit of the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ effect.”

【題組】46. What is the finding of “the College Report?”
(A) The value of college degree is disappearing.
(B) College degree is worth it eventually.
(C) College tuition is getting higher and higher.
(D) It’s getting hard to graduate from college. .

22.【題組】47. What major earns the least money?
(B) Health.
(C) English.
(D) Business. .

23.【題組】48. According to ZipRecruiter, what major does NOT feel regretful about their choice?
(A) Science.
(B) Math.
(C) Law.
(D) Communications. .

24.【題組】49. What major students feel satisfied with their choice of career?
(A) Biological science.
(B) Health administration.
(C) English.
(D) Art. .

25.【題組】50. What makes this generation different from other generations when they are looking for jobs?
(A) They care more about purpose.
(B) They think money is everything.
(C) They want to become rich overnight.
(D) They like to work on holidays. .



9.小新解一元二次方程式時,不慎將常數項的性質符號看錯,因而得到兩根為2或3,請問正確的兩根為何? (A)6或-1 (B) 6或1 (C)-6或-1 (D)-6或1。 ....

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108 年 - 108 臺銀人壽第二次新進人員甄試試題_五職等/壽險管理類_英文#84255-阿摩線上測驗

108 年 - 108 臺銀人壽第二次新進人員甄試試題_五職等/壽險管理類_英文#84255