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1.1. Studies indicate that too much ________  to the sun harms our skin. Before going out, please put on some sunscreen.
(A) resistance
(B) temptation
(C) exposure
(D) adjustment

2.2. While the election campaign was filled with fake news, important public issues were often ________  
(A) interrupted
(B) overlooked
(C) constructed
(D) executed

3.3. Peter is ________about his achievements; he credits the success to his research team.
(A) skeptical
(B) harsh
(C) intimate
(D) modest

4.4. Due to the serious knee injury, the tennis player had no choice but to ________ from the tournament.
(A) distract
(B) immigrate
(C) recognize
(D) withdraw

5.5. Though I don't________ of many of my colleague’s proposals, I have to admit that his ideas are very creative.
(A) approve
(B) convince
(C) consist
(D) remind

6.6. The fireworks display was so ________ that the visitors could hardly take their eyes off it.
(A) frequent
(B) spectacular
(C) abstract
(D) industrial

7.7. The customer service manager asked all the staff to be________in responding to complaints.
(A) hesitant
(B) slight
(C) prompt
(D) stingy

8.8. Parents have the responsibility to teach their children to draw a clear ________ between right and wrong.
(A) distinction
(B) attraction
(C) expression
(D) adoption

9.9. Reading novels is great mental exercise because it stimulates your ________ as well as improves your brain power.
(A) announcement
(B) imagination
(C) obedience
(D) significance

10.10. The police are ________ a tall, middle-aged man who was seen outside the bank just before the robbery.
(A) looking up
(B) looking for
(C) looking into
(D) looking after

11.11. I am sorry, but you can't order beef noodles. We have                 beef. 
(A) run against
(B) run up to
(C) run over
(D) run out of

12.12. Kids usually ________Christmas and New Year. That's when they have a lot of fun eating and playing.
(A) look forward to
(B) come up with
(C) make do with
(D) boil down to

13.13. When doing an experiment, we should always ________ that safety is of the utmost importance.
(A) run a risk
(B) strike the balance
(C) bear in mind
(D) beat around the bush

14.14. These backpackers forgot to make hotel reservations in advance, so they ________ having nowhere to stay.
(A) slipped away
(B) turned down
(C) dug in
(D) wound up

15.15. The tires of your car are ________ . You should replace them now so that they won't burst on the road.
(A) singled out
(B) worn down
(C) tucked away
(D) set aside

16.16. A: Are you familiar with the places________ in the TV show? B: No, I don't know any of them.
(A) mentioning
(B) to mention
(C) mentioned
(D) mention

17.17. To cut costs, Veronica suggested ________ her apartment for shooting the scene.
(A) that we could use
(B) we use
(C) us to use
(D) us to using

18.18. A: I don't feel like cooking today. B: ________ ordering a pizza instead?
(A) What if
(B) Why not
(C) How come
(D) How about

19.19. If the world's rain forests continue to disappear at their present rate, many species________ extinct.
(A) were to become
(B) will become
(C) would become
(D) would have become

20.20. The restaurant in Taipei ________ I had my first Taiwanese meal was a small and cozy place with great service.
(A) where
(B) which
(C) when
(D) what

21.21. A new iPhone will be awarded to ________comes up with the best name for the new fragrance.
(A) whoever
(B) whomever
(C) anyone
(D) no matter who

22.22. Ned is determined to go to college ________ he has very little support from his family.
(A) as if
(B) as though
(C) even though
(D) so that

23.23. If ________ they about your difficulty, they ________ a different decision. Yet, it is all too late now.
(A) know; may make
(B) knew; might make
(C) have known; would make
(D) had known; might have made

24.24. The woman is new in our neighborhood. Do you know ________?  
(A) where does she live
(B) where she lives
(C) where has she lived
(D) where she'll have lived

25.25. Jim is afraid of making mistakes. ________this fear that prevents him from making progress.
(A) What is
(B) How is
(C) It is
(D) He is

26.     A new study published in Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society concludes that it's harder for people over 65 years old to understand jokes than it is for students, and the authors of the report say that the findings should be taken seriously as laughing has been linked to health benefits such as boosting circulation.
     It seems that many older adults may have deficits in some cognitive functions, which might cause them to have a harder time understanding a joke. The researchers tested 40 people aged over 65 and 40 undergraduates and the participants had to complete jokes and cartoon strips and then choose the correct punch line or final picture from a selection of options. When it came to choosing the punch lines for jokes, the undergraduates performed 6% better than older people and when completing cartoon strips, they were 14% better.
      The report's authors say the results suggest that because age relates to declines in short-term memory, abstract reasoning and moving between different thought trains, that may affect the humor comprehension in older people. Professor Brian Carpenter, author of the report, pointed out, “This wasn't a study about what people find funny. It was a study about whether they get what's supposed to be funny. There are basic cognitive mechanisms to understanding what's going on in a joke. Older adults, because they may have deficits in some of those cognitive functions, may have a harder time understanding what a joke is about."
      Dr. Chris Moulin, a cognitive neuropsychologist at the University of Leeds, said it was "entirely feasible” that people's understanding of jokes could change with age. “Many jokes require us to simultaneously have two ideas in mind and older people may find it difficult to do this. Having a sense of humor is important to health because laughter can maintain well-being by boosting levels of the so-called “happy hormones.”
      Dr. Moulin, however, warned that if the jokes used in the study used modern humor, then the younger people might find them funnier and understand them better, which would have affected the results.

【題組】26. What is the best title for this article?
(A) How a Sense of Humor Benefits You
(B) Why the Elderly May Not See the Joke
(C) Different Generations, Different Jokes
(D) Laughter Is Not Always the Best Medicine

27.【題組】27. The experts in this article indicate that a sense of humor is important because
(A) laughter can push the blood circulation up
(B) laughter makes people young again
(C) laughter connects different parts of one's brain
(D) laughter helps with people's communication

28.【題組】28. What doesn't happen to the brain when it gets old?
(A) The ability to do abstract reasoning goes down.
(B) Connection between different ideas declines.
(C) Language skills improve greatly.
(D) Short-term memory gradually fails.

29.【題組】29. What can influence the effectiveness of the research mentioned in this article?
(A) The number of participants in the research.
(B) The languages in which the jokes are written.
(C) What the experts think about jokes.
(D) The kind of humor used in the jokes for the study.

30.【題組】30. Judging from the context, what does the word boost mean?
(A) Worsen.
(B) Upset.
(C) Awaken.
(D) Increase.

31.31. We can't go to Julia's party ________ we're going away this weekend.
(A) as
(B) due to
(C) because
(D) since
(E) owing to

32.32.________ working as a doctor, he also writes novels in his spare time.
(A) Aside from
(B) Except for
(C) In addition
(D) What's more
(E) Besides

33.33. Betty's grandma is in her eighties now and ________ to be a little forgetful from time to time.
(A) possible
(B) likely
(C) tends
(D) apt
(E) probable

34.34. They've torn down the old buildings ________ reconstruct the whole neighborhood.
(A) in order to
(B) so as to
(C) with a view to
(D) for the purpose of
(E) with regard to

35.35. We have made every effort to help the earthquake victims.________we can do now is pray and stay patient.
(A) The way that
(B) What
(C) Whichever
(D) The only thing
(E) All that

(A) After I was scared by the movie last night, I couldn't fall asleep.
(B) Scared by the movie last night, I couldn't fall asleep.
(C) I couldn't fall asleep after being scared by the movie last night.
(D) Falling asleep last night, I was scared by the movie.
(E) The movie scaring me, I fell asleep last night.

(A) Edward was too careless to make quite a few mistakes.
(B) Such a careful person was Edward that he made few mistakes.
(C) Edward could not be too careless to make a few mistakes.
(D) Edward was so careless that he made quite a few mistakes.
(E) So careless was Edward that he made quite a few mistakes.

38.38. 請選出翻譯正確的句子:如果我現在有一百萬,我要去環遊世界。
(A) If I have a million dollars, I will travel around the world.
(B) If I had had a million dollars, I would have traveled around the world.
(C) If I had a million dollars, I would travel around the world.
(D) Had I had a million dollars, I would travel around the world.
(E) Had I a million dollars, I would travel around the world.

(A) My father insisted on walking to his office despite the heavy rain.
(B) Though it was raining heavily, my father insisted on walking to his office.
(C) My father insisted on walking to his office regardless of the heavy rain.
(D) In spite of the heavy rain, my father insisted on walking to his office.
(E) My father insisted on walking to his office on account of the heavy rain.

(A) On hearing the joke, we burst out laughing.
(B) As soon as we heard the joke, we burst out laughing.
(C) No matter who heard the joke, we burst out laughing.
(D) The moment that we heard the joke, we burst out laughing.
(E) We burst out laughing upon hearing the joke.



重新載圖4.化簡 之後,可得下列哪一個結果? (A) (B) (C) (D) ...

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109 年 - 109 臺灣警察專科學校_專科警員班第 39 期正期學生組:英文#85663-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - 109 臺灣警察專科學校_專科警員班第 39 期正期學生組:英文#85663