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109 年 - 109 第一銀行_新進人員甄選_一般行員 A:英文#89795 

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1.1. 2020 _______ the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and is the start of a critical decade in the fight to save our planet’s health.
(A) keeps
(B) marks
(C) thrives
(D) moves

2.2. People with a lone wolf personality have a very limited interest in building any _______ with other people or earning their acceptance.
(A) relationships
(B) hostility
(C) compromise
(D) strengths

3.3. Mind control is used in our everyday lives, from ________ products to media bias in politics.
(A) advantage
(B) adversity
(C) advertising
(D) admissive .

4.4. People usually take their ease of access to mass-produced material goods for _______.
(A) grievance
(B) guided
(C) granted
(D) grandeur

5.5. People are still working to understand and _______ with the human and environmental effects of the Industrial Revolution, here in the 21st century.
(A) abide
(B) cope
(C) conscious
(D) relieve

6.6. Cellular telephones, or simply cell phones, are _______ devices that may be used in motor vehicles or by pedestrians.
(A) portable
(B) portal
(C) wearable
(D) protective

7.7. Through the 19th century, water and air pollution and the accumulation of solid wastes were largely problems of _______ urban areas.
(A) specious
(B) constellation
(C) congested
(D) remote

8.8. Biodiversity loss describes the _______ in the number, genetic variability, and variety of species, and the biological communities in a given area.
(A) incline
(B) decline
(C) declaration
(D) recline

9.9. Many philosophical movies are entertaining but also have something _______ to say.
(A) renowned
(B) dumbfound
(C) refund
(D) profound

10.10. When accidents happen, news reporters usually _______ the tragedies live for the interest of their audience.
(A) broadcast
(B) forward
(C) pressure
(D) sandwich

11.11. He tried hard to get rid of fine lines and _______ on his face by surgeries and night cream.
(A) nightmares
(B) stockings
(C) tobaccos
(D) wrinkles

12.12. He tried very hard to _______ up the spilt milk. His mom would be angry seeing dirty spots on the floor.
(A) dash
(B) fetch
(C) mop
(D) paste

13.13. You’ve got to _______ the ingredients precisely. Otherwise, the cake will turn out wrong.
(A) depend
(B) measure
(C) quarrel
(D) restrict

14.14. He has _______ many times that he might quit this job, but he hasn’t expressed his intention directly or clearly.
(A) announced
(B) implied
(C) offended
(D) uploaded

15.15. We were required to _______ appliances and turn off lights when leaving the office.
(A) disconnect
(B) handicap
(C) minimize
(D) slaughter 

16.16. The basic components of a modern digital telecommunications system must _______ transmitting voice, data, radio, and television signals.
(A) enable of
(B) be able to
(C) be capable to
(D) be capable of

17.17. _______ can help consumers manage their finances during times of financial hardship.
(A) Taking measured steps
(B) Take measured steps
(C) If you take measured steps
(D) By taking measured steps

18.18. While some see the occupation as a terrorist movement, _______ see it as a peaceful approach to self-governance.
(A) all
(B) other
(C) another
(D) others

19.19. Most of us have one or more challenging core beliefs _______ repeatedly over the course of our lives.
(A) which surface
(B) where surface
(C) with which surface
(D) that which surface

20.20. Not only ________ attack the memory, but it also attacks visualization.
(A) does Alzheimer’s disease
(B) Alzheimer’s disease does
(C) Alzheimer’s disease did
(D) is Alzheimer’s disease

21.21. If the rate of plastic pollution of the world’s oceans continues _______, by the year 2050 the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.
(A) to check
(B) unchecking
(C) unchecked
(D) to checking

22.22. UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) estimates that 100,000 marine animals die each year _______ plastic pollution.
(A) with
(B) because
(C) since
(D) because of

23.23. The more intelligent a person is, ________ comfortable they may be with revealing too much about themselves to people they don’t know well.
(A) the sooner
(B) the fewer
(C) the less
(D) the easier

24.24. Overweight, if moderate, is not _______ obesity, particularly in muscular or large-boned individuals.
(A) necessary of
(B) necessary
(C) necessity
(D) necessarily

25.25. Gardening can be considered both as an art, concerned with arranging plants harmoniously in their surroundings, and as a science, _______the principles and techniques of plant cultivation.
(A) encompass
(B) encompassing
(C) encompasses
(D) encompassed

26.26. A will, or “testament,” is the legal transaction _______ an owner of property disposes of his assets for the event of his death.
(A) by which
(B) that
(C) what
(D) which

27.27. Most parents would never forget _______ their child walk for the first time. It was emotional.
(A) saw
(B) see
(C) seeing
(D) to see

28.28. Flowers are an important part of our natural world. _______ and smell can make us happy.
(A) Their beauty
(B) Their beautiful
(C)They’re beauty
(D)They’re beautiful

29.29. If you don’t like your food, you can try _______.
(A) mine
(B) my
(C) our
(D) us

30.30. According to the news report, U.S. naval ships have sailed many times this year _______ Taiwan Strait, which separates Taiwan from China.
(A) at
(B) by
(C) with
(D) through

The Wimbledon Championships are the oldest and most prestigious of the four tennis Grand Slam tournaments. As such, Wimbledon is awash in long-lasting traditions and features, such as the habit of calling the men’s and women’s competitions “Gentlemen’s” and “Ladies’,”  31  . But arguably the most notable aspect of the event is the all-white dress code for all participants. Why does the tournament specify that its players dress “  32  in white” or “almost entirely in white?” 
   The short answer is “because it’s in the dress code.” But it’s in the dress code for a reason: namely, when the code was written in the genteel 1880s, sweat stains were considered so improper and unsightly that it was decided that white should be worn to minimize their  33  , as sweat is more apparent on colorful clothing. From that period on, “tennis whites” were considered the standard  34  for well-heeled tennis players, which described everyone who played in the first Wimbledon tournaments. 
   The all-white dress code, however, has not always been popular with players. The most extreme case of this was when superstar Andre Agassi refused to play at Wimbledon from 1988 to 1990 in part because the dress code prevented him from wearing the flashy clothing that he was most comfortable wearing. When the criticism of some of the greatest players of all time is not enough to get Wimbledon to   35   its dress code, there is a good chance that we will continue to see Wimbledon participants clad in all white for a good long time.

(A) respectively
(B) respective
(C) perspective
(D) respect

(A) domineeringly
(B) dominate
(C) predominately
(D) determinedly

(A) vision
(B) visibility
(C) agility
(D) elasticity

(A) speculation
(B) retire
(C) mechanism
(D) attire

(A) signify
(B) soften
(C) vilify
(D) claim

  More than 100,000 people have downloaded the Taipei Bus Station app since it was released last year. 
Consumers have shown more interest in  36  ticket purchases due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Taipei Bus Station officials said at a press conference on Friday. The app allows passengers to buy tickets, select seats, and board  37  a simple QR code. With their phones, people can also check departure times and see how many seats are available on each  38  . Passengers can purchase tickets from five bus companies. Passengers can switch their tickets 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time,  39  it is with the same bus company. In order to encourage more people to use the app, between May 29 and Aug. 31, bus riders who use the app to make purchases will get NT$20 to NT$40 cash back on each ticket. This  40  is expected to attract more people to use the new app.

(A) electronic
(B) inexpensive
(C) return
(D) single

(A) use
(B) using
(C) to use
(D) to be used

(A) code
(B) bus
(C) rider
(D) ticket

(A) as long as
(B) not to mention
(C) more or less
(D) over the board

(A) performance
(B) promotion
(C) consumption
(D) exchange

Barbara Walters is an American journalist known particularly for her highly effective technique in television interviews of world-renowned figures.
   Walters graduated in 1951 from Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York, and, after brief employment in an advertising agency, she became assistant to the publicity director for New York City’s NBC-affiliated television station. There she gained experience in writing and producing for television. Soon she was hired as a news and public affairs producer and writer by the CBS television network. In 1961 she became a writer for the popular NBC morning show Today and did occasional on-air feature stories. 
  Walters was hired in 1964 as the “Today Girl,” a job that had traditionally involved little more than being attractive, making small talk, and reading commercials. She soon expanded that narrow role, making a place for herself among the Today show’s panel of commentators and newsreaders. Her intelligence and camera presence, together with the solid journalistic work she did on her feature stories, made her one of the most popular personalities on the program, and in 1974 she was named cohost of Today with Hugh Downs. The following year she won an Emmy for her work on the show. 
  In 1976 Walters made headlines by signing a five-year contract with ABC that made her the first woman to co-anchor an evening network news program and, with a salary of $1 million per year, the highest-paid journalist at that time. In 1978 she left the program. The following year she joined the ABC newsmagazine show 20/20 as correspondent, becoming cohost with Downs in 1984; she remained with the program until 2004. Walters was particularly known for her interviews with world notables. A tenacious pursuer of elusive figures in the news, she obtained exclusive interviews for her popular Barbara Walters Specials, which premiered in 1976. Her disarmingly direct questioning drew many subjects into frequently interesting and occasionally provocative moments of self-revelation.

【題組】41. What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) Barbara Walters made millions of dollars as a successful anchorwoman.
(B) Barbara Walters was very effective interviewing world famous people.
(C) It gives a brief history about who Barbara Walters was and how she became a successful journalist and TV host.
(D) It describes how she made headlines by co-anchoring an evening network news program.

42.【題組】42. According to this passage, when did Barbara Walters learn to write and produce for television?
(A) When she was working in an advertising agency.
(B) After she became a publicity director of CBS.
(C) When she served as an assistant to the publicity director for a local television station.
(D) When she became a writer for the popular NBC morning show Today.

43.【題組】43. How did Barbara Walters become one of the most popular figures in the Today show?
(A) Because she was intelligent and attractive on TV.
(B) Because she demonstrated her intelligence and did the solid journalistic work on her feature stories.
(C) Because Hugh Downs appreciated her ability and gave her a chance to cohost with him.
(D) Because she won an Emmy for her work on the show in 1975.

44.【題組】44. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “elusive” in last paragraph?
(A) random
(B) popular
(C) intensive
(D) evasive

45.【題組】45. How many years has Barbara Walters remained at the ABC newsmagazine show 20/20?
(A) 20 years
(B) 26 years
(C) 25 years
(D) 28 years

    E.Sun Bank yesterday uncovered a program which allows social enterprises to take out loans more easily and at lower interest rates to help improve their development. The interest rates for regular corporate loans are usually at least 2 percent. But
(E)Sun bank would provide loans of up to NT$3 million for each social enterprise at 1.6 percent interest. The total amount of lending for the new program is limited to NT$100 million, which means at least 30 social enterprises could benefit from it. The bank is cooperating with the Taipei City Government for the program and only social enterprises registered in the city can apply for loans. 
   Because there is no complete and official definition of a social enterprise in Taiwan, the bank would ask four business consultants known for helping the development of social businesses to recommend qualified enterprises. After being recommended, the enterprises would need to apply to the Small and Medium Business Credit Guarantee Fund of Taiwan (Taiwan SMEG) for qualification, as the fund would provide credit guarantees for them. Then the firms would need to pass a review by the city government.
   It is not easy for social enterprises to take out loans, as their staff usually do not know how to prepare financial statements, which are crucial for banks when evaluating loan applications. In addition, because social enterprises’ profits are not as high as those of regular companies and as they do not have enough assets to be used as guarantee, they often end up paying higher interest. Taiwan SMEG, which normally offers credit guarantees of 80 percent, said that it would lift the guarantee percentage to 90 percent for social enterprises. The move would help reduce risks for the bank, and if a social enterprise failed to pay a loan, Taiwan SMEG would recognize 90 percent of the debt, while the bank would recognize the rest.

【題組】46. What social enterprises are qualified to apply for the loan?
(A) Those credited by
(E)Sun Bank
(B) Those dedicated to help young talents
(C) Those registered in Taipei
(D) Those supported by business consultants

47.【題組】47. What’s the task of the four consultants?
(A) To recommend social enterprises
(B) To suggest loan size for each social enterprise
(C) To interview the CEO of each social enterprise
(D) To visit the head office of each social enterprise

48.【題組】48.Who will recognize more debts should the social enterprises fail to pay back the loan?
(A) The City government
(E)Sun Bank
(C) The four consultants
(D) Taiwan SMEG

49.【題組】49. Why is the program issued by
(E)Sun Bank so attractive to social enterprises?
(A) The interest rate is lower.
(B) They can get a bigger loan.
(C) They don’t need to write financial reports.
(D) They are likely to make more profits.

50.【題組】50. How many social enterprises are expected to get a loan?
(A) At most 16
(B) Under 26
(C) About 30
(D) At least 50



25.「好讀書,不求甚解;每有會意,便欣然忘食。」由這段文字可以看出五柳先生的讀書態度如何? (A)溫故知新 (B)追根究柢 (C)心領神會 (D)博學...

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109 年 - 109 第一銀行_新進人員甄選_一般行員 A:英文#89795