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109 年 - 109 國際經濟商務特種考試_三等_國際經濟商務人員類科西班牙文組:外國文(西班牙文)#90948 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1 The agency hosts various activities and programs that spotlight the excellence and              of the country.
(A) diversity
(B) depletion
(C) salvation
(D) similarity

2.2 Today’s event is both a sign of what we have accomplished together as well as the start of a              new chapter in our cooperation.
(A) depressing
(B) promising
(C) suppressing
(D) binding

3.3.             is the legal process for a non-citizen to acquire nationality of the country into which he/she immigrates.
(A) Neutralization
(B) Realization
(C) Authorization
(D) Naturalization

4.4 Adapting to climate change means understanding what climate we are to experience in the future, and creating plans for how to              opportunities and avoid vicious impacts.
(A) take out of
(B) take advantage of
(C) take account of
(D) take for granted

5.5 These systems use low-carbon              energy sources, such as sewage waste heat, to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
(A) toxic
(B) chronic
(C) renewable
(D) dispensable

6.6 In order to provide              care and protect human rights, the officers that take charge of detention affairs treat these illegal immigrants with care, love, and patience.
(A) humiliating
(B) humanitarian
(C) humid
(D) humble

7.7 In a new study, scientists have pinpointed that mastering a second language is rather challenging and that chances of reaching fluency after a certain age in a second language seem to              .
(A) procure
(B) protract
(C) liquidate
(D) plummet

8.8 It is advised that people should              sugary soda in order to gain less weight.
(A) cut back on
(B) cut down to
(C) put up with
(D) catch up with

9.9 Newly arrived immigrants face various challenges adapting to life, including the language              and the feeling of loneliness.
(A) barrier
(B) courier
(C) chamber
(D) savior

10.10 Apassenger holding a fake travel document would be intercepted at the customs and subsequently             back to his previous embarkation point.
(A) deported
(B) exported
(C) imported
(D) reported

11.11 People are horrified at the treatment of the              immigrant children who were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border.
(A) detained
(B) attained
(C) departed
(D) aborted

12.12 In earlier times,              of new immigrants ventured to undertake tasks for which they were not fitted either by knowledge or previous experience.
(A) swords
(B) swallows
(C) swamps
(D) swarms

13.13 The practice of applying the minimum wage to foreign workers in Taiwan is              primarily by the government’s insistence on the principle of equality.
(A) motivated
(B) captivated
(C) cultivated
(D) excavated

14.14 New immigrants’ limited social interaction, inability to comprehend and navigate mainstream society, and delayed sense of belonging can lead to cultural              .
(A) violence
(B) alienation
(C) cultivation
(D) consensus

15.15 Aship with more than 600 migrants was operated by a charity organization, which was refused to              at an Italian port by Italy’s anti-immigration Interior Ministry.
(A) dock
(B) explore
(C) import
(D) surrender

16.請依下文回答第 16 題至第 20 題:
      For adventurous travelers, diarrhea is merely an embarrassing nuisance. But among poor people it is a killer. As many as half a million children are thought to die every year from enteric diseases, including cholera and dysentery. Repeated infections also   16   them, laying them open to attacks from other killers such as pneumonia. Diarrhea can even change the average   17   of a certain population. One reason Indian children are shorter than sub-Saharan African children from families of similar means is that they fall sick more often.
     Bangladesh, one of Asia’s poorest countries, is making huge progress   18   this misfortune. In one part of the country with particularly good data, deaths from diarrhea and other enteric diseases have fallen by 90% in the past two decades. Along with a far-reaching   19   program and steady economic growth, that has helped drive down the number of childhood deaths. In 1990 the under-five death rate in Bangladesh was 54% higher than the world average. Now it is 16% lower. In a country with more than 160 million inhabitants, this represents a vast   20   in human misery. Bangladesh’s success holds lessons for other poor countries that are trying to beat back disease.

(A) weaken
(B) waken
(C) fasten
(D) frighten

(A) weight
(B) height
(C) behavior
(D) intelligence

(A) over
(B) before
(C) against
(D) through

(A) violation
(B) veterinarian
(C) vegetation
(D) vaccination

(A) decline
(B) growth
(C) combat
(D) chaos

21.一、Traduzca el siguiente texto al chino.(25 分)
El Examen estadístico del comercio mundial 2020 muestra las tendencias más recientes del comercio mundial, con un análisis en profundidad del comercio de bienes y servicios, y en términos de valor añadido. Señala los cambios importantes que se han producido en los últimos años, destacando los principales países comerciantes, las regiones que han obtenido los mejores resultados, los bienes y servicios más comerciados, y los resultados de los países menos adelantados. En la publicación también se examinan las repercusiones de la COVID-19 en el comercio mundial y las perspectivas para 2020. En la introducción del informe, el Director General, Roberto Azevêdo, dice lo siguiente: “La OMC desempeña un papel fundamental en la recopilación y el análisis de datos sobre el comercio. Si bien la pandemia actual constituye una ruptura drástica con casi todas las tendencias económicas recientes, lo cierto es que las pautas del comercio mundial pueden aportar perspectivas útiles sobre lo que nos podría deparar el futuro”.

22.二、Traduzca el siguiente texto al español.(25 分)
2020 年定為臺灣 5G 科技應用發展元年,著重產業生態需求,取決於應 用端需求的驅動力道,致力產業供應端的技術能力布局,達供需共進。 經濟部工業局值此攜手交通部和文化部,建立「場域出題、產業解題」 機制,聚焦於 5G 智慧交通、智慧展演等領域,輔以場域評估、服務設 計、技術規畫等服務與工具,計劃今年第四季將公布「5G 產業化服務驗 證實務競賽」活動,連結百家業者進行共創交流。目前第 1 階段集結產 業團隊投入 5G 智慧交通、展演創新應用實證,後續將擴大導入網通服 務及整合服務,並扶植 SI 服務業者帶動 5G 生態,促成國際輸出。

23.三、Redacciones(25 分)
Desarrolle una redacción con unas 200 palabras sobre cómo se amplía la exposición de marketing de las producciones en la era digital.



6.( )右圖為澳洲氣候分布圖,甲區氣候溫和溼潤為澳洲人口、都市集中地。請問下列哪個地區的氣候類型與其類似? (A)巴西東南沿海 (B)紐西蘭西...

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109 年 - 109 國際經濟商務特種考試_三等_國際經濟商務人員類科西班牙文組:外國文(西班牙文)#90948-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - 109 國際經濟商務特種考試_三等_國際經濟商務人員類科西班牙文組:外國文(西班牙文)#90948