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109 年 - 109 原住民族特種考試_四等_各類科:英文#90972 

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1.36 The magazine has recently _____ a list of the World’s 100 Greatest Places for tourists.
(A) released
(B) radiated
(C) rebelled
(D) regretted

2.37 The _____ in the polluted water may infect people with weakened immune systems.
(A) germs
(B) genius
(C) genres
(D) gangs

3.38 Since the world is becoming a globalized village, many diseases and viruses are spreading around the world at an _____ speed.
(A) inflexible
(B) indecisive
(C) inaccessible
(D) incredible

4.39 Ever since he came back from the war, Tom had been a hopeless _____ in the village for the rest of his life because he continuously attacked anyone that tried to approach him.
(A) hypocrite
(B) activist
(C) idealist
(D) outcast

5.40 Vitamin D is _____ by the body after exposure to sunshine.
(A) absorbed
(B) depleted
(C) extracted
(D) swallowed

6.41 Indeed, our April CNN _____ revealed that the female candidate’s backers are far more likely to have a college degree.
(A) poll
(B) pool
(C) pole
(D) pore

7.42 Failure itself is an _____ fact of life. We all have stumbled at some time or another, but that doesn’t make us failures.
(A) obsessive
(B) excessive
(C) inevitable
(D) ultimate

8.43 Volunteering has a positive impact on the lives of volunteers, assisting them in gaining new skills and _____ self-esteem.
(A) boosting
(B) diminishing
(C) exploiting
(D) liberating

9.44 The ability to _____ ideas to actions is the secret of success.
(A) converse
(B) convert
(C) conserve
(D) confuse

10.45 Serve the grilled fish with some pepper and wedges of lemon to _____ at the table.
(A) spin
(B) spill
(C) splash
(D) squeeze

11.46 Many countries have taken measures to _____ their banking system in order to improve their service.
(A) download
(B) hack
(C) meddle
(D) upgrade

12.47 Kidneys are important organs for they are responsible for making urine and _____ waste matter from your blood.
(A) removing
(B) renewing
(C) reviewing
(D) revising

13.請依下文回答第 48 題至第 50 題:
       Mary Rodas’s parents came to New York from El Salvador when she was four years old. Their neighbor, Donald Spector,owned a toy company. One day Donald gave Mary a new toy, and she said, “This is fun!” A few weeks later Donald gave her another toy, but she said, “I don’t like this toy. It doesn’t work.” Donald liked her honesty, and they became friends.For years Donald gave Mary new toys, and she gave him very good ideas about the toys.
       When Mary was thirteen years old, Donald showed her a new ball with a balloon inside it. Mary told him to fill the balloon with water, paint the ball crazy colors, and put beans in it to make it noisy. The company sold thousands of the balls.
That Christmas Donald gave Mary an incredible gift. He made her a vice president of his toy company. Her job was to see if the new toys were fun, and she made $200,000 a year. In high school, she took a limousine from her school to her office in New York City. She worked for three or four hours a day at her job.
       Today Mary works at a college. She helps students make decisions about their careers. 

【題組】48 What Christmas gift did Donald give Mary when she was thirteen years old?
(A) A new toy with beans inside it.
(B) A new ball with a balloon inside it.
(C) A job as the president of a new company.
(D) A job as a vice president of his company.

14.【題組】49 According to the passage, what kind of child was Mary when she was little?
(A) Crazy.
(B) Proud.
(C) Dishonest.
(D) Straightforward.

15.【題組】50 Which of the following statements is true?
(A) Mary was born in New York.
(B) Mary’s ideas about the ball were a hit!
(C) Mary didn’t go to high school after she got a job.
(D) Mary made decisions for her students about their future.




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109 年 - 109 原住民族特種考試_四等_各類科:英文#90972-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - 109 原住民族特種考試_四等_各類科:英文#90972