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109 年 - 109 原住民族特種考試_三等_各類科:英文#90975 

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1.36 Samuel loves food from other countries. His favorite ________ foods are Spanish and Italian.
(A) rural
(B) sleek
(C) ethnic
(D) drastic

2.37 During the hiking trip, Bella and Max got lost and ________ a small village, where they discovered some new species of plants unknown to the world.
(A) hovered over
(B) stumbled upon
(C) perched upon
(D) mulled over

3.38 The company claimed that the employee was ________ from his position for incompetence.
(A) disclosed
(B) dismissed
(C) disgraceful
(D) disdainful

4.39 Natalie gained much weight after giving birth to her second child. Her doctor, therefore, advised her to ________ sweet and greasy food in order to lose weight.
(A) drop back to
(B) cut back on
(C) get away with
(D) look up to

5.40 The effects of dumping trash, litter, oil spills, plastic, and various toxic waste into the sea has ________ the ocean and has led to a gradual loss of marine life and their habitat.
(A) confused
(B) disordered
(C) exposed
(D) polluted

6.41 The government has recently tightened driving ________ in hopes of reducing the number of drunk-driving related deaths.
(A) calculations
(B) inspirations
(C) operations
(D) regulations

7.42 Gina had to stop running because she got a terrible ________ in her leg.
(A) creak
(B) cramp
(C) crook
(D) crust

8.請依下文回答第 43 題至第 45 題:
 China is continuing an anti-corruption effort by targeting officials who have family members and property outside the country. People in China are asking how many officials have moved money out of the country, and how likely it is that they will be caught.
A local official in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen resigned her position after reports said her husband had moved to the United States. It caused people to start talking about what are called “naked officials” in China. That is the name people give to government officials who stay in China, but send their spouses or children to live in another country. Some people believe this gives the officials a place to send money that they have stolen from the government without being discovered by anti-corruption investigators.
The government requires all officials to report the residential status of their family members to tell if their family members are staying in China, or actually migrated to other countries. However, a lot of officials have not reported this information fully and it is really hard to verify if the information is true.
The Communist Party has put in place new rules urging officials with family members living in other countries to either bring them back to China or resign. And in recent months, anti-corruption investigators have been looking at local officials. Chinese media reported that all local governments had completed an investigation of where officials and their families live. Some local governments said they had no “naked officials.” But most did not release the findings of their investigation.
Only Guangdong Province reported problems. It said it had 2,190 “naked officials.” And it said it had already removed 866 of them. Because most local governments did not release the results of their investigation, many people are asking questions about how severe the problem is. The debate has also shown how little people in China know about the wealth of their local and national leaders. For many years, officials have been discussing a plan that would force government leaders to tell about their wealth.

【題組】43 What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) Anti-corruption investigators have been looking at local officials.
(B) China is taking measures to target corrupted officials.
(C) Government officials in China send their spouses or children to live in another country.
(D) Chinese people have been discussing a plan to force government leaders to report their wealth.

9.【題組】44 How does the Chinese government get the residential status of the officials’ family members?
(A) By police investigation
(B) Through reports by officials’ relatives
(C) By residents’ investigation
(D) Through the officials’ own reports

10.【題組】45 According to the passage, about how many naked officials are there in Guangdong Province?
(A) Around 800
(B) Around 1,000
(C) Around 2,000
(D) Around 3,000

11.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題:
Nearly every single part of our body is made of living cells. And it’s these cells that help us see, breathe, feel, think and much more.   46   their jobs in the body may differ, one thing all these cells have in common is that they need energy to survive and perform their duties.
Cells need to turn nutrients in our diet into a form of energy that they can use, and the process starts with glucose. Glucose is the basic fuel that powers every single one of our cells. If we eat or drink things that are high in glucose, the glucose gets absorbed straight into our blood ready for our cells to use. If a starchy food is   47   the menu, the enzymes in our saliva and digestive juices break it down and convert it into glucose. And if for some reason there’s no carbohydrate in our diet, cells can turn fat and protein into glucose as a last   48   , because they need glucose to survive.
It’s here that sugar and cancer start to   49   , because cancer is a disease of cells.
Cancer cells usually grow quickly,   50   at a fast rate, which takes a lot of energy. This means they need lots of glucose.
 All our healthy cells need glucose too, and there’s no way of telling our bodies to let healthy cells have the glucose they need, but not give it to cancer cells.

(A) While
(B) Because
(C) If
(D) As

(A) above
(B) on
(C) with
(D) by

(A) report
(B) resort
(C) source
(D) course

(A) collapse
(B) collide
(C) collect
(D) correct

(A) multiplying
(B) supplying
(C) complying
(D) applying



19. ( )(甲)伽利略發明望遠鏡 (乙)佛洛伊德發表「潛意識理論」 (丙)愛因斯坦發表「相對論」 (丁)居里夫婦發現放射性元素「鐳」 (戊)牛頓提出「運動...

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109 年 - 109 原住民族特種考試_三等_各類科:英文#90975