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102 年 - 全民英檢中級預試試題-詞彙與結構#9476 

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1.The city government _______ to build a new sports stadium in preparation for the coming Olympics.
(A) is going to plan
(B) which plans
(C) is planning
(D) planning .

2.New computer technology has _______ changed the way Hollywood movies are made.
(A) sincerely
(B) dramatically
(C) idly
(D) greedily .

3.This proposal for a new high speed train _______ because the cost is too high.
(A) rejected
(B) has rejected
(C) had been rejected
(D) will be rejected .

4._______ many desirable qualities which make it a commercially very useful metal.
(A) Aluminum has
(B) That aluminum has
(C) Aluminum having
(D) Aluminum to have .

5.Ms. Chen _______ her position as the new conductor of the National Orchestra only a few weeks before the fall concert season began.
(A) picked out
(B) bent over
(C) took up
(D) drove down .

6.So far this year four typhoons – two of them very strong –_______ southern Taiwan.
(A) were striking
(B) will strike
(C) have been struck
(D) have struck .

7.Depending on the _______ he is in, the boss will either thank you for your suggestion or fire you for criticizing his plan.
(A) emotion
(B) behavior
(C) mood
(D) attitude .

8.If a typist wishes to type rapidly, he _______ develop a rhythmic movement of his fingers.
(A) used to
(B) must
(C) would
(D) had to .

9.During the experiment, a constant temperature of 28 C was _______ while the amount of sunlight was gradually increased.
(A) maintained
(B) performed
(C) continued
(D) expanded .

10.Construction of the new highway system _______ completed on time if more workers had been hired.
(A) needs to be
(B) would have been
(C) will be
(D) should have .



41.關於我國各項民選公職人員的連任規定,下列敘述何者正確? (A)縣議員連選得連任一次 (B)總統連選得連任 (C)里長連選得連任 (D)市民代表連選得連任...

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102 年 - 全民英檢中級預試試題-詞彙與結構#9476-阿摩線上測驗

102 年 - 全民英檢中級預試試題-詞彙與結構#9476