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110 年 - [無官方正解]台北市立景興國民中學109學年度第二學期七年級第一次定期評量∶ 英文#98336 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.16. Ed: Do you and your brother help your dad in the kitchen after school?
 Eve: No. Only my brother ________.
(A) is
(B) do
(C) help
(D) does

2.17. Mr. Wang and his wife ________ go out for dinner. They only do it four times a year.
(A) seldom
(B) often
(C) always
(D) never

3.18. Henry likes music so much. He plays the guitar ________ a day.
(A) every
(B) one
(C) twice
(D) always總

4.19. Jane: ________ do you use the computer after ten?
Fayne: Well, I seldom do. I usually go to bed at nine.
(A) How come
(B) How often
(C) When
(D) What time

5.20. Everyone in my family ________ books書們. We always have a good 棒time時間 in the library圖書館.
(A) to love
(B) love愛
(C) loves
(D) are loving

6.21. Lisa: Wow, you play the piano so well. ________
 Alicia: I can play the guitar, too.
(A) What else can you play?
(B) What do you do on weekends?
(C) Can you play music?
(D) Do you play the guitar every day?

7.22. Ave: Sam, ________ ________ nice to your classmates. Don’t fight with them. Sam: Okay. I see.
(A) never ; be
(B) always ; be
(C) seldom ; is
(D) always ; is

8.23. Sue: Don’t you 你have breakfast早餐 every每一 day?
Nathan: Yes是, ________. I我 eat an apple 蘋果 for breakfast.
(A) I do
(B) I can
(C) I am not
(D) I don’t

9.24. ________ hard work, James and Curry are both top NBA players now.
(A) In
(B) Have
(C) With
(D) Be

10.25. Sophie: Where is Louis? He’s not here. Jerry: He’s sick today. ________.
(A) Good for him.
(B) I can’t help it.
(C) I never do that.
(D) Poor him.

11.二、克漏字 (10%)
 Wayne: Julia, you know道what? __26__ a new Japanese restaurant near the park.
Julia: __27__ The food there is really yummy and the price isn’t too bad.
Wayne: Do you go there very __28__ ?
Julia: Yes, I go to the restaurant with my family a lot.
 We have dinner there __29__ Sunday night.
Wayne: Wow! You really like it.

(A) It is
(B) There is
(C) They are
(D) There are

(A) No, I don’t.
(B) No way.
(C) Of course.
(D) Tell me.

(A) always
(B) often
(C) many
(D) close

(A) every
(B) in
(C) at
(D) on


三、閱讀測驗 (10%)
        Hello,哈囉 everyone! I’m Megumi. You all already know me. This time, let me introduce the people around me. We are all from Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School學校. We go there to learn how to fight with the bad spirits.
        On the right side, the girl女孩 is Nobara. She is strong and she usually fights with a hammer! Very cool, right?
      The two men in the middle with the same smile are Yuji and Satoru. Where are their eyes?眼睛 Yuji just laughs too much. Isn’t it funny? How about Satoru, my teacher? Well, his eyes have magic power. He seldom shows them, or he might see too many things and get hurt. That’s why he coversthem.

Now, you must know more about my school family家庭. See you next time, guys!


30. Who is Megumi?
(A) 6088ec9d14f6d.jpg
(B) 6088ecd33a4df.jpg
(C) 6088ecc3bf179.jpg
(D) 6088ece8a0ce2.jpg

16.【題組】31. What are them?
(A) The school family
(B) The magic power
(C) The spirits
(D) The eyes

17.【題組】32. Which is NOT true about the reading?
(A) The four people are all from a High School.
(B) Yuji and Satoru have the same eyes.
(C) The teacher often covers his eyes.
(D) The girl in the photo usually fights with a hammer.

18.        Holi is a Hindu festival. It dates back to the 4th century. It takes place every March. People celebrate love and new life. On the eve of Holi, many people light huge fires and get together around them. These fires scare away bad spirits. People throw all kinds of things into the fires to keep them burning. They also sing and dance around the fires. On the day of Holi, people throw red, yellow, green綠色, and blue powder at each other. Colors are everywhere. After they clean themselves up, they dress up and visit their friends and families. For them, Holi is about having fun and new beginnings.
*take place 舉行 celebrate 慶祝 scare away 把…嚇走 themselves 他們自己 Hindu 印度人

【題組】33. Which might (可能) be the title (標題) of the reading?
(A) Holi: The festival of colors
(B) Holi: The five things you never know
(C) Holi: The day for good spirits
(D) Holi: What you can’t do in India (印度).

19.【題組】34. Which is TRUE about Holi?
(A) It is a new festival for Hindu.
(B) People enjoy this festival every month.
(C) People usually celebrate at home.
(D) It takes place at the start of spring.

20.【題組】35. What do many people do on the eve of Holi?
(A) They make traditional food and share.
(B) They throw colored powder at each other.
(C) They get together around fires.
(D) They go back to school to visit teachers.



34-35)【題組】 34. Which is most likely(可能) the topic for the first meeting of the club? (A) Easy songs to learn on the flute. (B) Five tips for cleaning your flute. (C) Learning how to p...

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110 年 - [無官方正解]台北市立景興國民中學109學年度第二學期七年級第一次定期評量∶ 英文#98336-阿摩線上測驗

110 年 - [無官方正解]台北市立景興國民中學109學年度第二學期七年級第一次定期評量∶ 英文#98336