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1 He dislikes me, and I loathe him. The feeling of resentment between us is ______ .
(B) wrecked 
(C) mutual 



2 According to research, children under 12 are not _____enough to recognize dangers and risks. That’s why they cannot be left alone without the company of adults.
(B) qualified 
(C) accurate 


3 Negotiators must attempt to probe below the ____of their opponent’s position to discover underlying needs.
(B) ground 
(C) reason 


4 No mammal, other than ______mammals such as whales, was previously known to travel such great distances to breed.
(B) nocturnal 
(D) marine.


5 Emily’s father has _________of what can be happening as a police official in order to persuade Emily from becoming such one.
(A)not spared her the details
(B) denied her efforts 
(C)belittled her achievement
(D)congratulated her .

6( ).

6 Short of fresh food usually happens to many poor families, so eating _______, becomes their only choice.
(B) take-out 
(C) left-over 
(D)hanging -in .

7( ).

7 After a strong 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador, dozens of _______climbed on to the rubble and sift through broken stones to recover whatever belongings remain intact.
(B) innovators 
(C) residents 
(D) treasurers.

8( ).

8 Education is a priority in Asian countries. Most students face ____ university entrance exams to be accepted into prestigious universities.
(B) comfortable 
(C) complete 
(D)competitive .

9( ).

9 In his State of the Union address, President Obama called upon Congress to _____federal minimum wage to $9 an hour by 2015, up from the current $7.25.
(B) decrease 
(C) revoke 
(D) veto.

10( ).

10 Political leaders keep talking about the future of Europe, yet none seems able to offer a clear _____ .
(B) hobby 
(C) melody 
(D) vision.

11( ).

11 Pets are a luxury not often seen in Morocco. Animals are kept for their _____benefits, as working animals or as sources of food.
(B) edible 
(C) tangible 
(D) utilitarian.

12( ).

12 The boys shuddered at the thought of being caught in any act of _____by their harsh teacher.
(B) appreciation 
(C) mischief 
(D) courtesy.

13( ).

13 A true friend is someone who keeps you ______when you are down and who shares your joy in the good times.
(B) relationship
(C) shelter 
(D) company.

14( ).

14 A NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) refers to someone that chooses to _______parents instead of looking for a steady job or enrolling in training.
(A)let down 
(B) live off  
(C)pick up 
(D) bring about.

15( ).

15 Jimmy _______his courage, walked toward the girl, and asked for her phone number.
(A)stood for 
(B) took after  
(C)plucked up 
(D) saw through.

16( ).

16 The building ______ when the quake hit and several people were killed.
(B) collapsed
(C) collected
(D) constructed.

17( ).

請依下文回答第 17 題至第 19 題: The imaginative worlds presented in science fiction may not be so far-fetched as readers think they are. 17 Mary Shelly completed Frankenstein in 1818, science fiction has been the precursor of new scientific discoveries and inventions. Robots, organ transplants, space travel, and other scientific inventions 18 considered wild imagination are now realities. Will all those odd-looking species we see in the movie series Star Wars be actually found somewhere in a remote corner of the universe? Will there be 19 one day launching attacks from the skies to destroy human beings or will they knock on our doors to say hello? Will human beings eventually scatter the universe with space colonies? Or can we travel to and fro freely between the past and the future with a time machine? All of these questions are still waiting to be answered with the passing of time.
(A)Even when 
(B)Ever since 
(C)Even though  
(D)Ever after.

18( ).

(B) never 
(C)to be 
(D)always .

19( ).

(B) galaxies 
(C) shuttles 
(D) aliens.

20( ).

請依下文回答第 20 題至第 23 題: To be healthy, people need to have a balanced diet. That is why we need to eat a variety of foods to give us the 20 carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins we need. Vegetables, containing a great deal of water, are an excellent 21 of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables also provide fiber, which helps our digestive systems to function properly. Most vegetables contain very little fat. When vegetables are overcooked, the minerals and vitamins in them are 22 . Vegetables that are 23 or lightly cooked are more nutritious than those that are cooked for a long time.
(B) essential
(C) delicious
(D) unusual.

21( ).

(B) kind
(C) outcome
(D) source.

22( ).

(B) lost 
(C) released 
(D) produced.

23( ).

(B) delicious 
(C) ripe 
(D) raw.

24( ).

請依下文回答第 24 題至第 27 題: Barbie dolls have been part of the American culture since they were first sold in 1959. Aimed at six-to-nine-year-old girls, Barbie is made by Mattel. The company has sold more than a billion dolls worldwide. The Barbie line includes Malibu Barbie, Babysitter Barbie, and Wedding Barbie. Every year a new Barbie arrives on the market. But anyone can make a mistake, 24 Mattel shows. The company introduced a 25 of Barbie that they said would be “every mother’s nightmare.” Butterfly Art Barbie came with a butterfly tattoo on its stomach and a set of temporary transfer tattoos for the owner. A Mattel spokesperson said, “Nowadays, tattoos are classed as art.” Although the company acknowledged that the new toy might inspire young girls to want real tattoos, it argued it was only 26 fashion. The spokesperson said, “Ask any cool girl, and she’ll tell you that tattoos are one of the latest fashion crazes.” Mattel was right about one thing. Parents were 27 . And the company took Butterfly Art Barbie off the market.
(B) for
(C) since 
(D) until.

25( ).

(B) case 
(C) version
(D) token.

26( ).

(A)standing up to 
(B) letting go of 
(C)giving up on 
(D)keeping up with .

27( ).

(B) puzzled
(C) supportive 
(D) furious.

28( ).

請依下文回答第 28 題至第 31 題: The beautiful scenery and amazing creatures found below the waves are what draw most divers to the ocean. Some divers take up photography as a hobby. Diving magazines have been known to buy photographs of rare sea life from regular divers. Above the surface, hired boats take tourists on whale watching trips. Whale watching during the right season allows people to see not only a variety of whale species, but seals and other sea animals as well. Some of the more eager watchers may even travel hundreds of miles to follow the paths of individual whales. Meanwhile, bird watchers work hard to discover new bird species. Serious bird watchers bring along their life lists, in which they record every species of bird that they have seen in the wild. Like whale watchers, “birders” sometimes hop continents on their mission to add new species to their lists. Collecting parts of animals is a common hobby. While buying or selling ivory is illegal, it can be made into profitable items such as chess sets, piano keys, and jewelry. Animal skins and furs and entire stuffed animals are often found at homes as decorating items. And the hobby of butterfly collecting is one of the oldest in the world. Russian author Vladimir Nabokov was known for his life-long passion for collecting butterflies. The world’s largest collection is found in Costa Rica, a nation with more butterfly species than the entire Africa.
【題組】28 What is this passage mainly about?
(A)Animal lovers’ efforts to protect rare species. 
(B) Making money by watching and selling animals.
(C)The land and sea animals that people like most.
(D) The popular activities among animal lovers..

29( ).

【題組】29 If you were a butterfly expert, which of the following places would you recommend to a butterfly lover?
(C)Costa Rica.
(D)Africa. .

30( ).

【題組】30 If you are a regular diver, you would probably .
(A)hire boats and take tourists to watch whales
(B)  take plenty of pictures and sell them to magazines
(C)track down the paths of individual whales 
(D)check the life list of sea animals every year.

31( ).

【題組】31 Why are some “birders” traveling far away from home?
(A)To watch a larger number of birds.
(B)To find a greater number of bird species.  
(C)To bring along more bird life lists.
(D)  To hop from continent to continent. .

32( ).

請依下文回答第 32 題至第 35 題: Recent researches have shown that how you breathe can tell you how relaxed or how tense you are. So if you want to keep a tranquil mind and not to feel anxious all the time, you should pay attention to your breathing. For example, when you are calm, your breathing is deep and steady. Your breath mainly comes from the stomach, not the chest. But when you are nervous, excited, or under pressure, your breathing changes. It becomes shallow and ragged; that is, it is short and quick. It comes mainly from the chest or throat. Sometimes, when upset, you may even catch yourself holding your breath without knowing it. Or you may exhale more quickly than you inhale. So whenever you want to calm down, try to breathe to a rhythm. Inhale to the count of three; exhale to the count of four. Then get in the habit of checking your breathing from time to time to make sure you stay relaxed and at your best.
【題組】32 What is the best title for this passage?
(A)How to Hold Your Breath
(B) Why Your Breathing Changes 
(C)The Habit of Checking Your Breathing 
(D)Breathing and the State of Your Emotion.

33( ).

【題組】33 When you feel relaxed, which of the following statements about your breathing is true?
(A)It is quick and short.
(B)  It is deep and steady.
(C) You exhale more quickly than you inhale. 
(D) Your breath comes mainly from your chest. .

34( ).

【題組】34 Which of the following best explains the word “rhythm” in this passage?
(A)A regular movement of body in dancing.
(B) A regular pattern of sound in poetry. 
(C)A regular pattern of sound in music.
(D) A regular flow of air in breathing. .

35( ).

【題組】35 According to this passage, which of the following statements is NOT true when you are angry?
(A)You may breathe out air faster than you breathe in.
(B)You may calm down by checking your breathing.  
(C)You may inhale more quickly than you exhale. 
(D) You may hold your breath without knowing it. .

36( ).

請依下文回答第 36 題至第 40 題: If you pull on a door handle, the door opens. If you sit on a bed, the springs in the mattress compress and, 36 of the compression, exert an upward force on you. We know from experiences that some sort of force is 37 to do these jobs. There are two basic classes of forces, 38 whether the agent touches the object or not. Contact forces are forces that act on an object by touching it at a point of contact. The majority of forces are contact forces. Long-range forces are forces that act on an object 39 physical contact. Magnetism is an example of a long-range force. You have undoubtedly held a magnet 40 a paper clip and seen the paper clip leap up to the magnet. A coffee cup released from your hand is pulled to the earth by the long-range force of gravity.
(A)as a consequence 
(B)at the expense 
(C)on the verge 
(D)for a change.

37( ).

(B) landed 
(C) required
(D) equated.

38( ).

(A)referring to 
(B) depending on 
(C) looking into 
(D)tearing from.

39( ).

(B) against
(C) towards
(D) through.

40( ).

(B) within
(C) throu gh
(D) over.

41( ).

請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題: Small businesses are common in many countries and are operated by many young entrepreneurs around the world. Although they don’t have deep pockets to 41 , small businesses have certain advantages over large companies. First of all, small businesses are easy to start because it doesn’t require a large amount of capital to 42 them. This is particularly helpful to those entering the field of business with limited resources. Secondly, a small firm can provide dedicated products or services 43 the specific demands of its customers. For example, a small shop can offer custom-made products that are not available in large chain stores. A small business’s ability to meet the true needs of the consumer is much higher than it is with big companies. Finally, operating a small business allows the owner to 44 of his/her labor. The owner has the sole right to the profits earned. He is not required to divide it with co-owners (shareholders) as 45 many bigger businesses. A small business’s owner is his own boss.
(A)cut corners 
(B) weather storm 
(C)face the music 
(D)climb the ladder.

42( ).

(B) bear 
(C) cost
(D) guide.

43( ).

(A)brought out 
(B) called upon 
(C)refrained from 
(D)tailored to .

44( ).

(A)take the floor 
(B) pick up speed
(C) make both ends meet  
(D)reap all the fruits.

45( ).

(A)by the name of 
(B)by the contrary of 
(C) in the case of  
(D)for the sake of.

46( ).

請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題: El Niño is coming and people in every part of the world are getting worried. El Niño is a mysterious weather pattern. It begins about every four years with a sudden warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean along the equator. El Niño is caused by changes in air movements. These changes disrupt ocean currents. The warm water in the Pacific Ocean moves south along the west coast of South America. It makes the cold water off the coast of Peru and Ecuador warmer. The warming of the ocean water kills many fish, sea animals, and sea birds. But El Niño’s effects are not limited to the local area. The warming of the ocean affects weather patterns throughout the world. El Niño is a Spanish term. It means “the male child” and usually refers to the baby Jesus. Fishermen in Peru began calling the strange weather event El Niño because it usually arrived around Christmas time. Today the term El Niño is only used when the weather event is big enough and warm enough to bring worldwide effects.
【題組】46 According to this passage, how often does El Niño occur?
(A)every two years 
(B) every three years 
(C) every four years
(D)every five years .

47( ).

【題組】47 According to this passage, where does El Niño occur originally?
(A)North America 
(B)South America 
(C) Spain
(D) Belgium.

48( ).

【題組】48 According to this passage, what does the term El Niño mean in Spanish?
(A)the cold weather 
(B)  the equator
(C)the male child 
(D)the warm water.

49( ).

【題組】49 According to this passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?
(A)Only the Spanish are worried about El Niño.
(B)El Niño usually arrives in summer.
(C)El Niño is caused by the cooling of ocean waters.
(D)Today the term El Niño is used only when it has global effects. .

50( ).

【題組】50 According to this passage, who first used the term El Niño to refer to the strange weather pattern? 
(A) fishermen

(B) scientists 

(C) technicians

linguists .




26.有關日本殖民統治時期行政的特色,下列何者「不包含」在內? (A) 台灣最高行政長官是台灣總督 (B)總督集行政、立法、司法、軍事等大權於一身 ...

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