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s1100.. 說:希望能達到目標 (1 分鐘前)
陳勁升 說:希望更努力,得到好成績 (2 分鐘前)
ErinZ 說:除非放棄,否則不會有失敗 (4 分鐘前)
Freda.. 說:升級了~~~~~~~~ (5 分鐘前)
Jine .. 說:我要努力向上,為了美好將來 (5 分鐘前)
ChihW.. 說:加油!持續不懈怠!會更進步的! (5 分鐘前)
chi 說:!!!!!!!!!! (6 分鐘前)
mlwu 說:Keep going (9 分鐘前)
Malon.. 說:呀呼吸很好升級了^_^耶耶 (10 分鐘前)
ErinZ 說:keep going~~~ (13 分鐘前)
新北彭于晏 說:大家請多支持我的新電影~破風 (2 小時前!)
Huei-.. 說:要『前進』還是『停下腳步』,決定權都在你的手上 (3 小時前!)
Chieh.. 說:我今年一定要考上~他已經是我人生的不成文規定了 (18 小時前!)
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10 example of minimal pairs

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      「差別最小的對偶詞」(minimal pair), 即 一對不同的字詞(word)中只有一個語音之別,其他的音都相同者   (名詞) 音異最小的字對。..
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27. Which of the following is an example of “minimal pair”?
(A) knife, kill
(B) rice, rise
(C) strong, stronger
(D) shirt, clothes
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艾游 Senior 11st (2012/06/27 15:50):
" 兩個單字如果只有一個音不同,其他音都相同,他們就是minimal pair 例如park.bark "..

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Which of the following is an example of a minimal pair?
(A) blend blond
(B) flow flock
(C) bride bridge
(D) tame mate
note:Minimal pair
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Kerry Hung Senior 32st (2010/02/03 21:35):
「差別最小的對偶詞」(minimal pair), 即 一對不同的字詞(word)中只有一個語音之別,其他的音都相同者   (名詞) 音異最小的字對。所謂 "minimal pairs" 指的是英語中僅有一個音素 (phoneme) 不同的兩個單詞, 如 thick -- sick,..

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Chen Lin Junior 32st (2012/04/26 17:03):

= =" 有看没懂~

Dex Shih Senior 31st (2012/08/19 07:49):
minimal 最小的

helen41038 primary 21st (2014/06/13 12:57):
Chen Lin

這是語言學的基礎概論部分。簡單來說,你要先知道這些字詞怎麼唸,然後懂得音素 (phoneme)是什麼;只有選項A是只有一個音不同,其他的都超過一個。Minimal pair只可以有一個音不同。
In a class, students first take part in a preliminary activity that introduces the topic (i.e., ordering food), the situation, and the script that will subsequently appear in a role play. Then the students work in pairs with food ordering. Assessment is primarily based on whether the intended meal is successfully ordered rather than on the accuracy of language forms. This is an example of __________.
(A) the audiolingual method
(B) the direct method
(C) task-based instruction
(D) form-based instruction
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Question 30-40 Many of the most damaging and life-threatening types of weather - torrential rains, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes - begin quickly, strike suddenly, and dissipate rapidly, devastating small regions while leaving neighboring areas untouched. One such event, a tornado, stuck the northeastern section of Edmonton, Alberta, in July 1987. Total damages from the tornado exceeded $250 million, the highest ever for any Canadian storm. Conventional computer models of the atmosphere have limited value in predicting short - lived local storms like the Edmonton tornado, because the available weather data are generally not detailed enough to allow computers to discern the subtle atmospheric changes that precede these storms. In most nations, for example, weather -balloon observations are taken just once every twelve hours at locations typically separated by hundreds of miles. With such limited data, conventional forecasting models do a much better job predicting general weather conditions over large regions than they do forecasting specific local events. Until recently, the observation - intensive approach needed for accurate, very short - range forecasts, or "Nowcasts," was not feasible. The cost of equipping and operating many thousands of conventional weather stations was prohibitively high, and the difficulties involved in rapidly collecting and processing the raw weather data from such a network were insurmountable. Fortunately, scientific and technological advances have overcome most of these problems. Radar systems, automated weather instruments, and satellites are all capable of making detailed, nearly continuous observation over large regions at a relatively low cost. Communications satellites can transmit data around the world cheaply and instantaneously, and modern computers can quickly compile and analyzing this large volume of weather information. Meteorologists and computer scientists now work together to design computer programs and video equipment capable of transforming raw weather data into words, symbols, and vivid graphic displays that forecasters can interpret easily and quickly. As meteorologists have begun using these new technologies in weather forecasting offices, Nowcasting is becoming a reality.
【Group】33. Why does the author state in line 10 that observations are taken "just once every twelve hours?"
(A) To indicate that the observations are timely
(B) To show why the observations are on limited value
(C) To compare data from balloons and computers
(D) To give an example of international cooperation
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Question 9-19 Birds that feed in flocks commonly retire together into roosts. The reasons for roosting communally are not always obvious, but there are some likely benefits. In winter especially, it is important for birds to keep warm at night and conserve precious food reserves. One way to do this is to find a sheltered roost. Solitary roosters shelter in dense vegetation or enter a cavity - horned larks dig holes in the ground and ptarmigan burrow into snow banks - but the effect of sheltering is magnified by several birds huddling together in the roosts, as wrens, swifts, brown creepers, bluebirds, and anis do. Body contact reduces the surface area exposed to the cold air, so the birds keep each other warm. Two kinglets huddling together were found to reduce their heat losses by a quarter and three together saved a third of their heat. The second possible benefit of communal roosts is that they act as "information centers." During the day, parties of birds will have spread out to forage over a very large area. When they return in the evening some will have fed well, but others may have found little to eat. Some investigators have observed that when the birds set out again next morning, those birds that did not feed well on the previous day appear to follow those that did. The behavior of common and lesser kestrels may illustrate different feeding behaviors of similar birds with different roosting habits. The common kestrel hunts vertebrate animals in a small, familiar hunting ground, whereas the very similar lesser kestrel feeds on insects over a large area. The common kestrel roosts and hunts alone, but the lesser kestrel roosts and hunts in flocks, possibly so one bird can learn from others where to find insect swarms. Finally, there is safety in numbers at communal roosts since there will always be a few birds awake at any given moment to give the alarm. But this increased protection is partially counteracted by the fact that mass roosts attract predators and are especially vulnerable if they are on the ground. Even those in trees can be attacked by birds of prey. The birds on the edge are at greatest risk since predators find it easier to catch small birds perching at the margins of the roost.
【Group】13. The author mentions kinglets in line 9 as an example of birds that
(A) protect themselves by nesting in holes.
(B) Nest with other species of birds
(C) Nest together for warmth
(D) Usually feed and nest in pairs.
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