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請依下文回答第 21 題至第 25 題: 
Automated Passport Control (APC) first rolled out for international travelers at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in July 2013 and since then 23 other U.S. airports implemented the kiosks in their U.S. Customs and Border Protection international arrivals areas. When the kiosks debuted in Chicago and a few months later at New York’s JFK Airport, U.S. officials asserted they would slash average wait times by as much as 40%. They’ve appeared to deliver on that promise at some airports while most have seen mediocre success. 
At JFK airport the average wait time for international travelers to complete the two-step arrivals process, using the kiosks and then showing the receipt travelers receive to a Customs Officer, is about 18.5 minutes so far this month based on Customs data. That’s a 65.9% decrease from the 30.7-minute average wait time in March 2013 before the kiosks launched at JFK and this puts JFK at the top of the leaderboard in terms of which airport can claim the most success from the kiosks. 
 However, the improved overall monthly average wait time doesn’t mean JFK completely overcame its notoriously long Customs wait times. For example, Delta Air Lines boasted that Customs wait times in its Terminal 4 arrivals facility at JFK were reduced by 90% shortly after the kiosks became available in October 2013. But last week there were still several instances of maximum wait times exceeding two hours in Terminal 4 and average wait times hovered around one hour. 
Only four of the 24 airports using the kiosks managed to reduce their average wait time this month by 40% or more compared with March 2013 or 2014 (whichever date came before kiosks were implemented). After JFK, Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport, Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Miami International Airport reduced their average wait times by 51.6%, 45.9% and 40.4%, respectively, for this month compared to either March 2013 or 2014. 
The average wait times at some airports weren’t terrible to begin with before kiosks arrived--which could explain why some terminals saw small percentage decreases, but still included excessive wait times of an hour or more in most cases. Some of the airports, such as JFK, Orlando International Airport and Chicago O’Hare Airport, allow travelers from the 38 visa waiver countries to use the kiosks while many, including Phoenix Sky Harbor and Seattle-Tacoma airports, only grant access to U.S. and Canadian citizens.

【題組】22 Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the first paragraph?
(A)The success rate of using APC is not as high as expected.
(B)Customs kiosks are dramatically reducing fly time in airplanes.
(C)APC kiosks have been proven to enhance the visibility of U.S. airports.
(D)A high percentage of U.S. airports choose not to join the APC program.
D   "Indeed," George Washington wrote in his diary in 1785, "some kind of fly, or bug, had begun to eat the leaves before I left home." But the father of America was not the father of bug. When Washington wrote that, Englishmen hade been referring to insects as bugs for more than a century, and Americans had already created lightning-bug(萤火虫). But the English were soon to stop using the bugs in their language, leaving it to the Americans to call a bug a bug in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.   The American bug could also be a person, referring to someone who was crazy about a particular activity. Although fan became the usual term, sports fans used to be called racing bugs, baseball bugs, and the like.   Or the bug could be a small machine or object, for example, a bug-shaped car. The bug could also be a burglar alarm, from which comes the expression to bug, that is, "to install (安装) an alarm". Now it means a small piece of equipment that people use for listening secretly to others' conversation. Since the 1840s, to bug has long meant "to cheat", and since the 1940s it has been annoying.   We also know the bug as a flaw in a computer program or other design. That meaning dates back to the time of Thomas Edison. In 1878 he explained bugs as "little problems and difficulties" that required months of study and labor to overcome in developing a successful product. In 1889 it was recorded that Edison "had been up the two previous nights discovering 'a bug' in his invented record player."
【題組】70. The passage is mainly concerned with__________________.   
(A)the misunderstanding of the word bug
(B)the development of the word bug   
(C) the public views of the word bug
(D) the special characteristics of the word bug
Knowing the origin of a word can give you a clearer understanding of the word. For example, the word sabotage means “the intentional destruction of materials, machines, or some process of production.” The meaning of the term becomes clear when you learn that sabotage comes from the French word sabat, meaning “wooden shoe,” and it was coined during the French Revolution when workers sabotaged French factories by throwing their shoes into the machinery. Looking up the origin of a word also reminds you that language is constantly changing, with old words gaining new meanings and new words being born. The word chauvinist, for example, was never used before 1815. It was coined as a result of the fanatic loyalty of a French soldier, Nicolas Chauvin, to Napoleon. Thus, chauvinism has come to mean blind attachment to something, such as one’s beliefs or, as it is commonly used today, one’s sex. The word boycott is another word that has a relatively recent origin, and it also originated from a person’s name. In the 1880s, during the struggle between British landowners and Irish tenant farmers, a man by the name of Captain Charles Boycott was hired to collect the rent from the farmers on a large estate in County Mayo. The impoverished Irish peasants, however, got together and decided to ignore Captain Boycott by refusing to pay and expelling him.
【題組】45 According to this passage, which of the following statements about word origin is true?
(A)The word “chauvinism” originated from a French soldier’s blind attachment to his sex.
(B)Captain Boycott was the one who led the protest of the Irish tenant farmers. 
(C)From the origin of words, we can see that new words are coined constantly.
(D)Many French words originated from English names.

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From its inception, children’s literature had in it an unusual educational function, which is to show horror and dire consequences in order to lead one into a certain pattern. Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China, for instance, relied on brutal intimidation to frighten children into docile behavior. In the story, Yeh-Shen was disfavored by her stepmother, and had to take care of all the house chores. At the village where Yeh-Shen lived, a festival would be held in springtime. All young men and women would like to attend the festival since it provided them with a chance to meet other youths, and possibly further spouse. As the festival was approaching, Yeh-Shen longed to go. But, her stepmother forbade her to leave the house. Desperately, she asked help from the magic bones that her fish friend left to her before. Immediately, she was transformed into a beauty. That night at the festival, everyone marveled at her prettiness. However, in order to hide from her stepmother and stepsister, she ran away from the party. She therefore lost one of her slippers. She had to find her shoe and return to the bones; otherwise, the bones would no longer have any responses to her. When she went to take her lost shoe back, her beauty attracted the prince. Eventually, the prince asked for her hand in marriage. As she was rewarded for her good heart, hard work, and inner beauty, her stepmother and stepsister were crushed to death in a shower of stones because of their wickedness and malice. In short, through a combined representation of a good girl and a wicked stepsister, this tale promotes a pedagogy of fear and terror through images of death and disaster to pave the path for children to move into their expected roles.
【題組】45. According to this passage, which is the major moral of this tale, Yeh-Shen?
(A) When you encounter problems, don’t be afraid to ask help.
(B) Do your best to attend the party, and then chances will arrive.
(C) The prince is always the best choice for one’s future spouse.
(D) The good will be rewarded, and the wicked will receive punishment.
IV. Reading Comprehension. (Questions 41-60) 30 points There are four passages in this section. For each passage there are 5 multiple choice questions. Choose the best answer to each question. 【單選題】每題 1.5 分,共 20 題,答錯 1 題倒扣 0.375 分,倒扣至本大題零分為止,未作答,不給分亦不扣分。 Passage #1 (Questions 41-45) 

On the Internet, everybody is a millenarian. Internet journalism, according to those who produce manifestos on its behalf, represents a world-historical development--not so much because of the expressive power of the new medium as because of its accessibility to producers and consumers. That permits it to break the long-standing choke hold on public information and discussion that the traditional media--usually known, then this argument is made, as “gatekeepers” or “the priesthood”--have supposedly been able to maintain up to now. According to Glenn Reynolds, a University law professor, who operates one of the leading blogs, Instapundit, millions of Americans who were once in awe of the punditocracy now realize that anyone can do this stuff--and that many unknowns can do it better than the lords of the profession. The rhetoric about Internet journalism produced by Reynolds and many others is plausible only because it conflates several distinct categories of material that are widely available online and didn’t use to be. One is pure opinion, especially political opinion, which the Internet has made infinitely easy to purvey. Another is information originally published in other media—which one can find instantly on search and aggregation sites. (Source: The New Yorker Aug. 7 & 14, 2006, p.44)

【題組】45. According to this passage, which of the following can best describe the central idea of this passage?
(A) Internet has greatly democratized journalism.
(B) Internet has created quite a few millionaires.
(C) Internet has provisioned a variety of opinions.
(D) Internet has enabled easy search for information.
(E) Internet has become a trendy profession today.