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請依下文回答第 21 題至第 25 題 Why does the ocean move? What causes the waves? Blowing winds move the water on the surface of the ocean.There are consistent winds that travel across the world's oceans, creating surface currents. Cold winds that blow fromthe North and South Poles carry cold water toward the warm, central parts of the Earth. At the same time, surfacecurrents from these warm, central parts shift warm water toward the North Pole and the South Pole. As the Earth turnsfrom east to west, that turning also causes currents to move. Another thing that makes ocean water move is temperature. Cold water is denser than warm water. Cold watersinks while warm water rises up. The deeper you go into the ocean, the colder the water is. Deep beneath the surface,large streams of cold water move in very long underwater currents. As the water moves, some of it begins to warm up.Then the cooler water underneath pushes the warm water to the surface. This interaction between cold water and warmwater is what makes water move below the surface. The influence of the moon and the sun helps move the water in the ocean by creating tides. At high tide, watercovers more of the beach because it has been pulled higher by the influence of the moon and the sun. At low tide, thewater is farther away. Tides vary in strength daily and seasonally. All these elements work together to create themotion of the seas.
【題組】22 What is the passage mainly about?
(A) The impact of the motion of the seas
(B) The effects of the moon and the sun on the motion of the seas
(C) The temperature of the seas
(D) The causes of the motion of the seas

智慧+考運=上榜 大四下 (2017/05/16)
【第一句】 Why does the o☆☆☆☆ ...

23. 個人對自己能夠完成情境目標的表現判斷稱為 ?
(A)自我概念 (self concept) (self concept) (self concept) (self concept) (self concept) (self concept) (self concept)
(B) 批判思考 (critical (critical (critical thinking) thinking) thinking)
(C) 自我效能信念 (self efficacy) (self efficacy) (self efficacy) (self efficacy) (self efficacy) (self efficacy) (self efficacy) (self efficacy) (self efficacy) (self efficacy)
(D)習得的無助 (the learned helplessness) (the learned helplessness) (the learned helplessness)(the learned helplessness)(the learned helplessness)(the learned helplessness) (the learned helplessness) (the learned helplessness) (the learned helplessness)(the learned helplessness)

We measure our lives in months and years. The wood mouse’s life is measured in hours and days. This tiny mammal, a member of the rodent family, has a childhood lasting only for three weeks.
Survival is a difficult task for such a small creature. The wood mouse ventures out mainly at night, using its whiskers to feel its way through the darkness. It has good sight and hearing, and an excellent sense of smell. However, the wood mouse is relatively defenseless, and many fall prey to owls, hawks, crows, foxes, and other predators.
The mouse’s main survival strategy is to breed at speed. A single mother may have several litters of babies, totally 25 to 30 offspring in a year. With so many babies, the chances are that only one or two will survive.
The wood mouse has many similarities to its close cousin, the house mouse. For both, life starts in a cozy nest. The new babies are pink and furless. Their eyes are closed, and there is no sign of the typically large mouse ears. They depend completely on their mother. She suckles them with her milk, licks them clean, removes their droppings, and keeps the nest clean. If they wriggle too far, she picks them up in her mouth and returns them to the nest.

【題組】44 According to the passage, what makes a difference between a wood mouse and a house mouse?
(A)The size of the ears
(B)The size of the eyes
(C)The color of the fur
(D)The color of the nose

相信自己一定可以(地特四等 國三下 (2016/09/15)
Millions of people visit Yosemite National Park every year to see the tall waterfalls and mountains. These mountains are a splendid sight when viewed from the valley floor. Lots of stores, hotels, and restaurants are needed to handle the crowds. Also, water, roads, and other service systems are part of the infrastructure (基础设施)that must be maintained. Unfortunately, these systems are starting to break down. It’s not just in Yosemite but in national parks around the nation. Yosemite is thirty years old according to Dennis Galvin, a National Park Service worker. The park is not only old but worn out. Two or three times as many visitors come every year. That is too many visitors for the park to deal with. Four years ago a storm washed out a water pipeline in the Grand Canyon. The National Park Service had to send water trucks to provide water for the visitors. Last month pipes almost broke again and roads had to be closed for a while. Why hasn’t the National Park Service kept up the park repairs? There is a lack of money. The United States has 378 monuments, parks, and wilderness areas. Between three and four billion dollars are needed for repairs. Yosemite is one national park that does have money for repairs. It has two hundred million dollars but cannot spend it any way it chooses. When the park workers started widening the road, they were forced to stop by the Sierra Club. The club claimed that the road work was damaging the Merced River that runs through the park. A Sierra Club lawyer, Julia Olson, feels that the infrastructure needs to be moved out of Yosemite. That way less pressure will be put on the already crowded park.
【題組】65.According to the text, the mountains in Yosemite look most splendid when they are appreciated from _______.
(A) the bottom of the valleys
(B) the top of the mountains
(C) the side of the mountains
(D) the edge of the valleys

55. According to the writer, what eventually brought about the disappearance of the park?
(A) The drought.
(B) The crime.
(C) The beggars and the rubbish.
(D) The decisions of the city.