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Automated Passport Control (APC) first rolled out for international travelers at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport in July 2013 and since then 23 other U.S. airports implemented the kiosks in their U.S. Customs and Border Protection international arrivals areas. When the kiosks debuted in Chicago and a few months later at New York’s JFK Airport, U.S. officials asserted they would slash average wait times by as much as 40%. They’ve appeared to deliver on that promise at some airports while most have seen mediocre success. 
At JFK airport the average wait time for international travelers to complete the two-step arrivals process, using the kiosks and then showing the receipt travelers receive to a Customs Officer, is about 18.5 minutes so far this month based on Customs data. That’s a 65.9% decrease from the 30.7-minute average wait time in March 2013 before the kiosks launched at JFK and this puts JFK at the top of the leaderboard in terms of which airport can claim the most success from the kiosks. 
 However, the improved overall monthly average wait time doesn’t mean JFK completely overcame its notoriously long Customs wait times. For example, Delta Air Lines boasted that Customs wait times in its Terminal 4 arrivals facility at JFK were reduced by 90% shortly after the kiosks became available in October 2013. But last week there were still several instances of maximum wait times exceeding two hours in Terminal 4 and average wait times hovered around one hour. 
Only four of the 24 airports using the kiosks managed to reduce their average wait time this month by 40% or more compared with March 2013 or 2014 (whichever date came before kiosks were implemented). After JFK, Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport, Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Miami International Airport reduced their average wait times by 51.6%, 45.9% and 40.4%, respectively, for this month compared to either March 2013 or 2014. 
The average wait times at some airports weren’t terrible to begin with before kiosks arrived--which could explain why some terminals saw small percentage decreases, but still included excessive wait times of an hour or more in most cases. Some of the airports, such as JFK, Orlando International Airport and Chicago O’Hare Airport, allow travelers from the 38 visa waiver countries to use the kiosks while many, including Phoenix Sky Harbor and Seattle-Tacoma airports, only grant access to U.S. and Canadian citizens.

【題組】22 Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the first paragraph?
(A)The success rate of using APC is not as high as expected.
(B)Customs kiosks are dramatically reducing fly time in airplanes.
(C)APC kiosks have been proven to enhance the visibility of U.S. airports.
(D)A high percentage of U.S. airports choose not to join the APC program.

D   "Indeed," George Washington wrote in his diary in 1785, "some kind of fly, or bug, had begun to eat the leaves before I left home." But the father of America was not the father of bug. When Washington wrote that, Englishmen hade been referring to insects as bugs for more than a century, and Americans had already created lightning-bug(萤火虫). But the English were soon to stop using the bugs in their language, leaving it to the Americans to call a bug a bug in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.   The American bug could also be a person, referring to someone who was crazy about a particular activity. Although fan became the usual term, sports fans used to be called racing bugs, baseball bugs, and the like.   Or the bug could be a small machine or object, for example, a bug-shaped car. The bug could also be a burglar alarm, from which comes the expression to bug, that is, "to install (安装) an alarm". Now it means a small piece of equipment that people use for listening secretly to others' conversation. Since the 1840s, to bug has long meant "to cheat", and since the 1940s it has been annoying.   We also know the bug as a flaw in a computer program or other design. That meaning dates back to the time of Thomas Edison. In 1878 he explained bugs as "little problems and difficulties" that required months of study and labor to overcome in developing a successful product. In 1889 it was recorded that Edison "had been up the two previous nights discovering 'a bug' in his invented record player."
【題組】70. The passage is mainly concerned with__________________.   
(A)the misunderstanding of the word bug
(B)the development of the word bug   
(C) the public views of the word bug
(D) the special characteristics of the word bug

Every year earthquakes are responsible for a large number of deaths and a vast amount of destruction in various parts of the world. Most of these damaging earthquakes occur either in a narrow belt which surrounds the Pacific Ocean or in a line which extends from Burma to the Alps in Europe. Some of the destruction is directly caused by the quake itself. An example of this is the collapse of buildings as a result of vibration. Other damage results from landslides, tsunamis, or major fires which are initiated by the quake.

There are about a million quakes a year. Fortunately, however, not all of them are destructive. The intensity of an earthquake is measured on the Richter Scale, which goes from 0 upward. The highest magnitude recorded to date is 8.9.

Major damage generally occurs from quakes ranging upwards from 6.0. Exceptions to this are those whose epicenters are located far from inhabited areas. The actual cause of the quake itself is the rupturing or breaking of rocks at or below the earth’s surface. This is produced by pressure which scientists believe may be due to a number of reasons, two of which are the expansion and contraction of the earth’s crust and continental drift.

【題組】According to the passage, which of the following could be the main cause of earthquakes?
(A) Continental Drift
(B) Vibrations
(C) Tsunamis
(D) Landslides

Scorpiogirl 國三下 (2013/01/05)

Vibration    KK[vaɪˋbreʃən]

    1. 顫動; 振動; 震動[C][U]

      Your finger can feel the vibration on the violin string. 你的手指能感覺小提琴琴弦的顫動。

    2. sixty vibrations per second 每秒振動六十次

    3. 擺動; 搖擺[C][U]

    4. 感受, 共鳴; 心靈感應[P1]

      I am drawn to that girl; I get good vibrations from her. 我被那女孩吸引住了, 她使我產生良好的感覺。

Joana Lin 國一下 (2013/01/09)
Continental 歐洲大陸

相信自己一定可以(地特四等 國三下 (2016/09/10)
The actual cause of the quake itself is the rupturing or breaking of rocks at or below the earth’s surface. This is produced by pressure which scientists believe may be due to a number of reasons, two of which are the expansion and contraction of the earth’s crust and continental drift.
We are always trying to understand ourselves by asking “Why did I do that?” Certainly it is true that each human being faces the question of understanding himself, even though he may not put this question in so many words. Part of the answer to “Why did I do that?” is found in the way the individual looks upon himself, or the way he sees himself. This is referred to as the individual’s self-concept. It is obvious that we will tend to act with more self-control, and be happier, if we can gradually gain a better understanding of how we ourselves think and act, and what kind of individuals we really are. For example, a young woman may “see herself ” as a poor conversationalist and a kind of “wet blanket” when she goes out with her friends. Actually, she is warm and friendly and well liked by all who know her. Here is a case where an individual has formed a “self-concept” which is definitely not in line with the facts. If she could come to realize the true situation, it would in all probability help her overcome this fear of meeting or being with other people. The importance of an individual’s “self-concept” in influencing his behavior is plainly evident.
【題組】49. According to this passage, which of the following descriptions about the young woman is true?
(A) She identifies herself as an outgoing person, who can make friends easily.
(B) She can become more open-minded to socialize with others as long as she changes the way she sees herself.
(C) She has a high self-esteem, and sees herself as a people person.
(D) Her “self-concept” is compatible with her true personality.

Wu Ching Yi 小六上 (2017/05/06)
(A) She identifies h☆☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆ ...

Most people do not think that language classes are necessary. They would say that the best way to learn another language is to go to the country where that language is spoken by its native inhabitants. This is not a helpful suggestion. If a novice speaker goes to a new country where that language is spoken, he or she will only listen to many incomprehensible new words. Beginners are much better off attending a thoughtfully planned and taught language class. Good language classes will provide the beginner with easy lessons to start with during which the learner can practice important sentences many times. These practices are concentrated on the repetition of speaking skills for which the opportunities to use these words in the daily life of people in another country may be quite rare. The goal of teachers in language classes is to bring the learners to the point where they can go to a foreign country and manage to use their language in a way which allows the local people to understand them, without too much difficulty. For the learners, however, the key objective of studying in language classes is to reach what is called a “working-level” of language knowledge. This means the learners can cope with the bare essentials of communication, read some authentic texts, and get some comprehensible input from the environment. They will not, however, be perfect.
【題組】9 According to this passage, which of the following methods is the best for a beginning learner to learn a foreign language?
(A) Going to the country where the target language is spoken
(B) Attending a well-designed language class for beginning learners
(C) Speaking with foreigners whenever possible
(D) Watching movies and singing songs in that language


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