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四、閱讀測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】 “Like a small boat amidst high waves. I have no goals, no directions, but drifting aimlessly along the waves. I have been tired physically and mentally during the past three years,”a 9th grader wrote of his experience attending junior high school in Taiwan. The disheartening article written by the 15-year old student is not an exception; in fact, it is a norm, according to educators and parents who attended the forum on education reform yesterday. They said it described the pain and pressures most students felt from preparing for the high school entrance exam during the entire three years in junior high. According to this student, all his anticipations toward an "exciting" experience at junior high school were all drowned out as textbooks, tests and pressures from the entrance exam flooded his daily life. The only excitement left for him was the short breaks on basketball courts and in the online digital world. A high school teacher said in the forum that to juggle between heavy courses and extra-curriculum activities, students often sacrifice lunch or dinner time to study. She added there are at least 10 subjects per every high school semester. "I cannot even carry these books, but a child has to!" said by a student’s parent, who pointed out to a thick stack of 20-plus textbooks displayed in the forum and said it is only a tiny portion of the required readings at her 9th-grade child's school. She added that there are at least 10 textbooks, and numerous outside readings, for each subject. Students lack the opportunity to think on their own when they have so many materials to study. Those who attended the forum all mentioned that students undergo tremendous pressures from high school entrance exams. They urge the government to review education plans of the past decade and to formulate an entirely different approach towards education in Taiwan. A professor from the National Chengchi University said, "After exams and tests, what is left of these children?"
【題組】48. Which of the following is mentioned in the passage as the most serious problem in Taiwan’s high school education?
(A)Students take part in a lot of activities during summer and winter break.
(B)Students skip their lunch or dinner in order to find time to study.
(C)Students are brought under enormous pressures from high school entrance exams.
(D) Students, though working so hard, get worse and worse results.
5. _______________ In both places, academic success depends on being a responsible student. This means attending class regularly, doing your homework, and studying new materials carefully. The social situation in college is also like that in high school. If you have friends in high school, chances are you will have friends in college, too. The activities in college also closely resemble the activities in high school. Musical groups, sports teams, special interest clubs, and other activities are found in both institutions. High school graduates really don’t need to be nervous about attending college.
(A) The social situation in college is only a little different from that in high school.
(B) There are some important similarities between college and high school.
(C) Being successful in high school does not mean you can stay in college without making too much effort.
(D) The extracurricular activities in colleges are more colorful than those in high schools.

(B) One of the most common elements of a professional presentation is the use of PowerPoint. The reason for this lies in the fact that its slide presentations create impact. They can focus an audience’s attention and stress points effectively. In fact, many presenters have difficulty giving a good presentation without the use of PowerPoint. Yet, many people still make serious mistakes when delivering these types of presentations. Probably the biggest error people make is putting too much information on a single slide. There is strong evidence that suggests people can only remember a limited amount of data. Speakers often compound this problem by using small fonts so that they can cram more statistics and analysis onto a single slide. Unfortunately, these presenters are mistaken in their belief that a presentation should be overloaded with facts because members of the audience have trouble reading and understanding such complicated slides. Moreover, they take the audience’s attention away from the presenters and their message. Another mistake that people make is relying so much on the PowerPoint images that they neglect their audience. In other words, they turn towards the screen, which is usually behind them, taking their attention away from the audience. While such presenters may be under the impression that they are giving a good presentation, doing so is not true. When speakers turn their backs on the listeners, they lose the impact they would have had if they had faced the audience. Fortunately, once a presenter knows what not to do, it is fairly easy to correct these mistakes. Regarding the problem of putting too much information on slides, it should come as no surprise that the answer is to simplify your slides. If you’re constantly reading from your slides and ignoring the audience, the solution is also simple—don’t do it anymore. (教一)

【題組】56. What has the US Census Bureau revealed?
(A) An equal number of Southeast Asians and whites finish high school.
(B) A great number of Southeast Asians than whites finish high school.
(C) There is no difference in the number of Southeast Asians and whites who finish high school.
(D) Fewer Southeast Asians than whites finish high school.
(D) Population growth is one of the biggest problems facing the world today. However, many developed countries are facing the opposite problem as birth rates fall to extremely low levels. One such place is Taiwan, whose birth rate is now one of the lowest in the world. Since so few babies are being born, in 10 to 15 years, there will not be enough young people entering the job market to replace retirees. This is made worse by the fact that most of Taiwan’s Asian competitors have better birth rates and will have larger work forces available. Furthermore, fewer young people mean that each of them will have to pay a higher proportion of the cost of caring for the elderly. Taiwanese economists and politicians warn of a looming aging crisis. No one is quite sure why younger Taiwanese are having so few babies, but several explanations are usually put forward. First, having children is increasingly costly. Not only do the costs for child care and education add up, but parents lose considerable amounts of money by staying home to care for their babies rahter than working. Second, more and more Taiwanese women are university-educated and work-focused. They do not want to risk their careers by taking several years out of their lives to have a baby, so nearly a third are choosing not to get married at all. Finally, many observers say that the new generation is just too selfish to endure the disruption a baby would bring to their lives. Naturally, stopping this trend is highly important to the Taiwanese government. They have already made laws to ensure that companies support their workers while they have families. They are even offering a bonus to new parents and subsidizing some of their hospital stays. Whether this will be enough to solve the problem of the falling birth rate, however, is something only time will tell. (教三)
答案:D [無官方正解]

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When selecting textbooks, a teacher needs to consider the factor of ____ by asking questions like "Is there a recommended method or approach of language teaching in this program/school/country?"
(A) learners
(B) teachers
(C) course syllabus
(D) institutional data
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如果老師買書會問是否有建議教學法,表示老師重點在課程設計Course syllabus。
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A piece of data is considered institutional if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The data is relevant to planning, managing, operating, or auditing a major administrative function of the university.
  • The data is referenced or required for use by more than one organizational unit.
  • The data is included in an official university administrative report.
  • The data is used to derive a data element that meets these criteria.
A good teacher is many things to many people. I suppose everyone has his definite ideas about what a good teacher is. As I look back on my own experience, I find the teachers that I respect and think about the most are those who demanded the most discipline from their students. I think of one teacher in particular that I had in high school. I think he was a good teacher because he was a very strict person. He just tolerated no kind of nonsense at all in his classroom. I remember very vividly a sign over his classroom door. It was a simple sign that said, “Laboratory – in this room the first five letters of the word are emphasized, not the last seven.”
【題組】Why did the author think of one teacher in high school most?
(A) Because the teacher often helped him with his homework.
(B) Because the teacher accepted all kinds of nonsense.
(C) Because the teacher was very strict.
(D) Because the teacher was very tolerant.

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