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In the movie, all the stuffed animals came__________.
(A) live
(B) lives
(C) alive
(D) alives
張芳瑜 高二上 (2015/10/25 22:20)
In the movie, all the stuffed animals came _______ .(A) live (B) lives (C) alive (D) alives【解題訣竅】首先選項(D)的alive是形容詞,所以不可能會有複數形的“alives”,所以選項(D)可以先刪除。空格前的動詞“came”是一個不及物動詞,所以後面不可能接名詞當受詞,因此選項(B)的lives(生命)可以刪除。動詞“come”可以當連綴動詞用,其意思是“變成,達到(某種狀態)”,所以後面可以加形容詞當主詞補語選項(A)的live和選項(C)的alive雖然都可以當形容.....觀看完整全文,請先登入
張芳瑜 高二上 (2015/10/25 22:21)
常見的連綴動詞(Linking Verb)有:be動詞、seem(似乎)、look(看起來)、appear (似乎)、feel (覺得)、sound (聽起來)、smell (聞起來)、taste(嚐起來)、keep (保持)、remain (保持)、stand(站立)、lie(躺)、stay (停留)、become (變成)、go( 變得)、get (變得)、turn (變成)、grow(變成)、fall(變成某種狀態)、come (成為)、run(變成)等
JOY (謝謝阿摩,郵局上榜) 大二上 (2016/08/05 13:22)

come alive 活躍起來,逼真,栩栩如生
145 Leonardo DiCaprio became ______ after starring in the movie Titanic.
(A) all the time
(B) all the rage
(C) all nerves
(D) all thumbs
唐宗琦 高二下 (2012/08/04 17:29)
Sherry Chang 高三上 (2012/11/15 21:52)
all the rage  風靡一時

all thumbs  笨手笨腳(什麼都不會)
Titan 國三下 (2014/09/19 11:29)

Leonardo Dicaprio  李奧納多 狄卡皮歐

rage [redʒ] n. 風靡一時的事物

Big earrings are the rage now.


There’s a different kind of graffiti that uses the actual street as a canvas and adds a whole new dimension. It’s called three-dimensional street art, and it’s out of this world. Normal graffiti looks like a flat, two-dimensional picture, but three-dimensional paintings appear to be coming right out of the surface. Many people have already experienced 3D animation at work in James Cameron’s latest sci-fi hit movie, Avatar. With 3D street paintings, you don’t even wear 3D glasses. Imagine walking up to a crack in the icy surface of the Earth. Go one step further and you will fall into the freezing water hundreds of meters below. This is the kind of thrill you get when you see the incredible piece called the Crevasse by Edgar Mueller. Of course, you know it is just a painting. Mueller knows that your eyes can trick you mind, so his painting makes you wonder for a moment if the ground has actually disappeared. This incredible painting is one of the best examples of optical illusion to date. He spentfive days, working 12 hours a day, to create the 250 square meter image of the crevasse. Mueller, a German artist, is one of the best known 3D street painters in the world. The huge street serves as his canvas, and he uses chalk or washable paint to make his masterpieces. Another features an enormous shark with its mouth open, bursting out of a brick floor and ready to seize passersby. Using great skill and patience, Mueller, along with other talented 3D street artists, are adding a new dimension to graffiti. According to the article, what is 3D graffiti?
(A)Landscape paintingson walls.
(B)Paintings only found on walls.
(C)Art using a number of colors on all surfaces.
(D)Art giving the illusion of being real and not flat.
Chun Jen Wang 高二上 (2012/09/13 23:53)






A decade after its first film debut, the final chapter of the Harry Potter saga has broken box-office records

(A) The first film in the series is the best all-time performer at the box office

(B) The last Harry Potter movie continued to surpass its own previous records

(C) It took a decade for the final chapter of the saga to turn into a franchise success

(D) By breaking box-office records with the first film debut, the movie Harry Potter was overrated.
王明玉 高一下 (2013/06/15 12:16)

film debut電影處女作      saga傳說; 英雄事蹟  

has broken box-office records打破票房紀錄





60.B TaIL Spin Two dolphins race around in a big pool in the Ocean Park. The smaller dolphin Grace, shown off a few of her tricks, turning around and waving hello to the crowd. The most amazing thing about her, however, is that she’s even swimming at all. She doesn’t have a tail.Grace lost her tail as a baby when she got caught up in a fish trap. When the dolphin arrived at the Ocean Park in Dcember 2005, she was fighting for her life. “Is she going to make it?” Her trainer, Abbey Stone, feared the worst. Grace did make it --- but her tail didn’t. She ended up losing her flukes and the lower part of her peduncle. Over the past six years, she has learned to swim without her tail. Dlphins swim by moving their flukes and peduncle up and down. Grace taught herself to move another way---like a fish! She pushed herself forward through the water by moving her peduncles from side to side. The movement put harmful pressure on Grace’s backbone. So a company offered to create a man-made tail for her. The tail had to be strong enough to stay on Grace as she swam but soft enough that it wouldn’t hurt her. The first time Grace wore the artificial tail. She soon shook it off and let it sink in the bottom of the pool. Now, she is still learning to use the tail. Some days she wears it for an hour at a time, others not at all. “The tail isn’t necessary for her to feel comfortable,” says Stone, “but it helps to keep that range of motion(动作) and build muscles(肌肉).” Now, the dolphin is about to get an even happier ending. This month, Grace will star in Dlphin Tale, a film that focus on her rescue and recovery. Her progress has inspired more than just a new movie. Many people travel from near and far to meet her. Seeing Grace swim with her man-made tail gives people so much courage. When Grace first arrived at the Ocean Park, her trainer worried about her .
(A)physical build
(B) potential ability
(C)chance of survival
(D) adaptation to the surroundings.