• 心智理論(Theory of mind) 100 by Reui Fen Huang
    心智理論(Theory of mind) 定義為推論他人心智狀態的能力,例如:想法、信念、慾望和意..
  • 教育的過程( The process of education ) Brune 119 by 已刪除
    布魯納(J. Bruner)認知心理學主力戰將之一,早年追隨J. Piaget的認知發展理論,並發..
  • 思考的藝術(the act of thinking原版) 111 by 已刪除
    思考技能是天賦還是養成的習慣?視野狹窄、缺乏好奇心對思考有什麼影響? ……針對這類我們很少意識到的..
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    資料來源: 配套措施3..
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    There are two reasons I don’t have a credit card.  The first reason is that using a piece of plas..
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  • circumvent 16 by 教甄教程◆英文
    (D) circumvent 應該是"避免"喔 ex:circumvent the rules規避法規 解釋: Circum in Latin means &q..
  • 太空食物 3 by 高普考/三四等/高員級◆英文

Judy, a five-year-old, keeps saying "goed" instead of "went" and "runned" instead of "ran." What kind of error is Judy making?

(A) Wrong preposition

(B) Misordering

(C) overgeneralization

(D) Omission

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 所有過去式皆加 -ed(過度類化), 但有些不規則變化
Peipei 大二上 (2012/05/17 16:05)
Omission  省略、刪除
Music which is original is individual and personal. That is to say, it can be identified as belonging to a particular composer. It has particular qualities, or a style, which are not copied from another. If you can recognize the style of a composer, you will probably be able to tell that a certain composition belongs to him or her even though you have never heard it before. A basket-maker has the skill of weaving and interweaving his materials to create colorful patterns. Similarly, in music a composer organizes his melodies and rhythm and combines sounds to create harmony. A composer may be capable of thinking up very good, original tunes, yet if tunes are poorly organized, that is, if the workmanship is poor, the final result will not be up to standard. Good music expresses feelings in a way that is suitable to those feelings. These may be joy, sorrow, fear, love, anger, or whatever. Bad music, on the other hand, may exaggerate some feelings and make them vulgar, that is, cheap and ugly. Good music will stand the test of time. It will not go out of fashion but will continue to be enjoyed and respected long after it is first introduced. It will gain a kind of permanent status while bad music will disappear and be forgotten quickly in pop music, where the general rule seems to be Tthe newer the better,U the test of time is the hardest test of all to pass.
【題組】What does the word “workmanship” in paragraph 2 mean?
(A) The skill in making things. 
(B) The process of making a basket.
(C) The tune in a piece of music.
(D) The final result of a performance.
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 the final result will not be up to standard結果不會達到標準

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What does the word “workmanship” in paragraph 2 mean?   選 (A)

What does the word “workmanship” in paragraph 2 refer to?  選 (C)

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The writer—like the musician or painter—must be free to explore; otherwise she or he will never discover what is needed to be known. This means, very often, finding oneself considered “unacceptable” by masses of people who think the writer’s obligation is to second the masses’ motions, whatever they are. Yet the gift of a writer’s loneliness is sometimes a radical vision of society or one’s people that has not previously been taken into account. Jean Toomer was, I think, a lonely, wandering man, accustomed to being misunderstood—and yet, Cane is a great reward; though Toomer himself probably never realized it. The same is true of Zora Neale Hurston. It is interesting to contemplate what would have been the result and impact on black women—since 1937—if they had read and taken to heart Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. Would they still be as dependent on material things—fine cars, furs, big houses, pots and jars of face creams—as they are today? Or would they, learning from the main character of the book that materialism is the dragrope of the soul, have become women immune to the accumulation of things, and aware that love, fulfillment as women, peace of mind, should logically come before, not after, selling one’s soul for a golden stool on which to sit. Sit and be bored.


【題組】45 According to the passage, what should black women do after reading Their Eyes Were Watching God? 
(A)Be dependent on material luxuries. 
(B)Choose a golden stool instead of fine cars and furs. 
(C)Sell one’s soul for accumulation of things. 
(D)Choose self-fulfillment instead of a golden stool.

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12. The garden too is an area where waste can be recycled. Start a compost heap using old food scraps and garden weeds instead of putting them in the dustbin. And it is surprising _____ can be done with some other things we usually throw away.
(A) it
(B) the following
(C) this
(D) what

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60. Using too much water or throwing rubbish into our rivers are clear ways that humans can Put our water supply in danger ,but we also affect our water supply in less obvious ways . You may wonder how paving(铺砌) a road can lead to less useable fresh water . A major Part of the water we use every day is groundwater . Groundwater does not come from lakes or rivers .It come from underground . The more roads and parking lots we pave ,the less water can Flow into the ground to become groundwater . Human activity is not responsible for all water shortages(短缺). Driver climates are of course more likely to have droughts(干旱) than areas with more rainfall ,but in any case, good management can help to make sure there is enough water to meet our basic needs . Thinking about the way we use water every day can make a big difference ,too In the United States ,a family of four can use 1.5tons of water a day ! This shows how much we depend on water to live ,but there’s a lot we can do to lower the number . You can take steps to save water in your home .To start with ,use the same glass for your drinking water all day .Wash it only once a day .Run your dishwasher (洗碗机)only when it is full 。Help your parents fix any leaks in your home . You can even help to keep our water supply clean by recycling batteries instead of throwing them away . Which of the following is most likely to lead to less groundwater ?
(A). Using river water .
(B) .Throwing batteries away .
(C). paving parking lots .
(D). Throwing rubbish into lakes .