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Wikipedia is revolutionizing the concept of encyclopedias and the way we gather knowledge. Since its birth online, Wikipedia has become the world’s largest reference work. With more than 1.2 million articles in nearly 160 languages, it easily dwarfs the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Encarta Reference and a half-dozen other rivals. How did Wikipedia get started? Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia’s cofounder and leader, began with a simple yet counterintuitive idea: create an open encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to. (The name Wikipedia comes from the “wiki” sort of collaborative software that powers the website.) The project adopted a few rules of order: whenever someone edits an article, a new version of the article is created and saved. This is important because Wikipedia is an open-content project. Such projects are fueled by the authority derived by the contributors from the work that they do. Your contribution to an article, no matter how small, is kept for future generations and clearly identified as such.
【題組】24. What does dwarf in paragraph 1 mean?
(A) To make similar.
(B) To make popular.
(C) To make famous.
(D) To make smaller.
南霸天 大三上 (2015/10/01)




5 Richard wished to make his engagement _____ to all the people at the party.
(A) knowing
(B) to know
(C) known
(D) know
humore93 小六下 (2015/11/02)
engagement  婚約
People are being lured (引诱)onto Facebook with the promise of a fun, free service without realizing they’re paying for it by giving up toads of personal information. Facebook then attempts to make money by selling their data to advertisers that want to send targeted messages. Most Facebook users don’t realize this is happening. Even if they know what the company is up to, they still have no idea what they’re paying for Face book because people don’t really know what their personal data is worth. The biggest problem, however, is that the company keeps changing the rules Early on you keep everything private. That was the great thing about facebook you could create own little private network. Last year. The company changed its privacy rules so that many things you city. Your photo, your friends’ names-were set, by default (默认)to be shared with every one on the Internet. According to Facebook’s vice-president Elliot Schrage, the company is simply making changes to improve its service, and if people don’t share information They have a “less satisfying experience”. Some critics think this is more about Facebook looking to make more money. In original business model, which involved selling ads and putting then At the side of the pages totally Who wants to took at ads when they’re online connecting with their friends? The privacy issue has already landed Facebook in hot water in Washington. In April. Senator Charles Schumer called on Facebook to change its privacy policy. He also urged the Federal Trade Commission to set guidelines for social-networking sites.“I think the senator rightly communicated that we had not been clear about what the new products were and how people could choose to use them or not to use them,” Schrage admits. I suspect that whatever Facebook has done so far to invade our privacy, it’s only the beginning. Which is why I’m considering deactivating(撤销)my account. Facebook is a handy site, but I’m upset by the idea that my information is in the hands of people I don’t That’s too high a price to pay.
【題組】64.Why does Facebook make changes to its rules according to Elliot Schrage?
(A)To render better service to its users.
(B)To conform to the Federal guidelines.
(C)To improve its users’ connectivity.
(D)To expand its scope of business.
 Currently, the biggest problem that pandas face is the loss of their natural habitat This loss is mainly due to deforestation. Because of rapid population growth in the past decades, large areas of natural forest __(36)— for agriculture^ timber and human housing. As settlers ^ push up the mountain slopes, panda habitat __(37)__ disappears. Deforestation also threatens the pandas5 food supply. Pandas feed mainly on bamboo, __(38)__ up to 38 kilograms a day。Without enough forest area, the pandas will starve。 —(39)—,every 60 years or so the bamboo in a certain area may naturally bloom and die .of£ It will __(40)__ several years for the new bamboo shoots to grow back. During this time, many wild pandas have to search for other areas to live in. However, deforestation now leaves them with nowhere else to go,

(A) To be sure
(B) To begin with
(C) To sum up
(D) To make matters worse
宇崴 高二上 (2014/12/11)
五、閱讀測驗(請在下列各題中選出最適當的答案) In 11 states across the USA, school buses are now doing more than just transporting students. They’re also serving as rolling billboards. These school buses carry advertisements on the outside. Restaurants, insurance companies, banks, and other businesses pay for the ads, hoping to attract more customers. And it’s a way for the schools to make money as they face deep budget cuts. In addition to Colorado, states such as Arizona, New Jersey, and Texas allow ads on the outside of their school buses. The idea appears to be catching on. In Georgia, some school-district leaders are suggesting putting ads on their buses too. School districts need to ensure that the ads are appropriate for kids, according to Michael Beauchamp, chief executive officer of Alpha Media. This company works with businesses in several states to create ads for school buses. “The districts won’t allow ads for things like beer, cigarettes, or politics,” Beauchamp told Time for Kids Magazine. But not everyone is in favor of school buses having ads on the outside. That includes Georgia’s Department of Education. Spokeswoman Dorie Nolt told TFK, “We strongly believe that advertising on the outside of school buses distracts drivers and children.” Parents are divided on the issue. “I don’t think the ads are a distraction,” said Glenn Herdling of River Vale, New Jersey. His son is in second grade. “And if they can bring in money for the schools and help save some programs, that’s fantastic.” Cindy Tomarchio of East Windsor, New Jersey, feels differently. “I know the schools can use the money, but kids already see enough advertising every which way they turn,” she said.
【題組】36. According to the passage, why do some schools allow their school buses to carry advertisements?
(A) To make money.
(B) To attract students.
(C) To beautify the buses.
(D) To help the local business.
Ian Tu 大三上 (2017/02/12)
make mone.....看完整詳解