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Winner on Exam Room

搜尋:Richard wished to make his engagement to..

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5 Richard wished to make his engagement _____ to all the people at the party.
(A) knowing
(B) to know
(C) known
(D) know
humore93 primary 62st (2015/11/02 11:08):
engagement  婚約

Here is Mark Lin’s profile(簡介). Read it and answer the questions. My name is Mark Lin. I was born on September 11, 1981. I enjoy music and movies a lot, and swimming is my favorite sport. Since I finished school, I have worked for six years at my parents’ farm. I hope I can have my own business soon.  I love animals a lot: I have two dogs, four birds, and some fish at home. They are my best friends. Of course, I enjoy being with people, too, but I have had to spend a lot of time working and have not had much chance to meet people. I would really like to make some friends. If you are interested, please write to me at 

【Group】05.Why did Mark write this profile?  
(A) To make friends.
(B) To look for a job.
(C) To join a sports club.
(D) To give his pets away.

His inclination to succumb to flattery made him ____ to the cajolery of people who wished to take advantage of him.
鄭丞衡 Junior 22st (2012/08/17 15:36):
(a) immune--> 免疫的
(b) prejudice-->偏見、歧視、偏愛
(c) susceptible--> 易受影響的、多情的、敏感的
Darrell Lin primary 62st (2012/09/04 18:03):
蔡娟娟 Senior 11st (2013/04/24 23:30):
cajolery - 誘騙

7. A 15-MINUTE practice spell of bowling was all it took for the Melbourne Stars to be convinced Shane Warne's burnt hand is ____________ enough for him to make his come back in the next quarter.
(A) dexterous
(B) consensual
(C) perpendicular
(D) exalted
best ans!
Jue-jing Chiang Senior 32st (2012/07/02 22:08):
consensual【律】在雙方同意下成立的perpendicular 垂直的, 成直角的, .....View more content , Login
Andrea Hsueh Senior 21st (2012/07/24 20:26):
Dex Shih Senior 31st (2012/08/02 11:57):

答案是A,熟練的,看到hand 就可以猜對耶~

查百科,Shane Warne是澳洲巧固球和保齡球高手。



There’s a different kind of graffiti that uses the actual street as a canvas and adds a whole new dimension. It’s called three-dimensional street art, and it’s out of this world. Normal graffiti looks like a flat, two-dimensional picture, but three-dimensional paintings appear to be coming right out of the surface. Many people have already experienced 3D animation at work in James Cameron’s latest sci-fi hit movie, Avatar. With 3D street paintings, you don’t even wear 3D glasses. Imagine walking up to a crack in the icy surface of the Earth. Go one step further and you will fall into the freezing water hundreds of meters below. This is the kind of thrill you get when you see the incredible piece called the Crevasse by Edgar Mueller. Of course, you know it is just a painting. Mueller knows that your eyes can trick you mind, so his painting makes you wonder for a moment if the ground has actually disappeared. This incredible painting is one of the best examples of optical illusion to date. He spentfive days, working 12 hours a day, to create the 250 square meter image of the crevasse. Mueller, a German artist, is one of the best known 3D street painters in the world. The huge street serves as his canvas, and he uses chalk or washable paint to make his masterpieces. Another features an enormous shark with its mouth open, bursting out of a brick floor and ready to seize passersby. Using great skill and patience, Mueller, along with other talented 3D street artists, are adding a new dimension to graffiti. In paragraph 1, the phrase out of this world, is closest in meaning to ________.
(A)extremely good
(B)extremely lucky
(C)extremely strange
(D)extremely difficult
銀行◆英文- 2012 - 101年 板信商銀 新進行員甄試試題#8916
best ans!
Shu Yu Chen Junior 11st (2012/10/26 17:48):
graffiti  graffito的複數  n.  1. 【義】刻於牆上或岩石上的畫(文字)  canvas.....看完整詳解
Chun Jen Wang Senior 21st (2012/09/13 23:49):
一種別樣的塗鴉使用實際的街道作為畫布,並增加了一個全新的境界這就是所謂的三維街頭藝術,它是這個世界正常塗鴉看起來像一個扁平的,二維畫面立體的畫似乎是未來的表面很多人已經經歷了在工作中詹姆斯·卡梅隆的最新科幻賣座電影“阿凡達”3D動畫 3D街頭繪畫甚至佩戴3D眼鏡想像一下在冰冷的地球表面的走了一條縫多走一步,你會落入冰冷的水中幾百以下這是什麼樣的快感你當你看到令人難以置信的一塊稱為埃德加·穆勒的裂縫當然,你知道這只是一幅畫米勒知道,你的眼睛可以欺騙你的心中所以他的畫讓你不知道時刻,如果地面實際上已經消失這個令人難以置信的畫是最好的例子,光學錯覺他花了5天,每天工作12個小時創造了250平方米圖像裂隙穆勒,德國藝術家在世界上最知名的3D街頭畫家之一巨大的街道作為他的畫布,他用粉筆或清洗油漆,使他的傑作另一項功能,它的嘴打開一個巨大的鯊魚,綻放出一磚地板和準備抓住路人高超的技巧和耐心,穆勒以及其他有才華3D街頭藝術家塗鴉中添加了一個新的層面
Chun Jen Wang Senior 21st (2012/09/13 23:51):