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Building a digital city is a grand experiment in which wireless communications make it easier to find friends, _____ local events, and build a warm community.
(A) come back to haunt
(B) dwindle away
(C) keep abreast of
(D) pull ahead
Ya-Ting Chang 高三下 (2012/05/26 22:28)
keep abreast of….  保持與...並列, (了解...的最新情況)          abreast  (adv.) (朝同一方.....看完整詳解
Chang-Yu Lin 高三下 (2012/08/22 13:22)
keep abreast of local events
吳蕊蕙 高三下 (2012/10/17 00:10)

Building a digital city is a grand experiment in which wireless communications make it easier to find friends, _____ local events, and build a warm community.

數位城市建設是一個盛大的實驗的無線通訊容易地找到朋友,___ 本地事件,和建立一個溫暖的社會。

劉品君 高二下 (2013/03/17 14:43)
haunt 使困擾
The Saisiyat people—one of Taiwan’s officially recognized aboriginal groups—have a unique ritual ceremony called Pas-ta’al. That ceremony is said to have been carried out for as many as 400 years. Today, it takes place every two years. And every ten years, it is larger and takes on added significance. The most recent ten-year ceremony was held in 2006 at two complementary and overlapping sites in northern Taiwan during the full moon of the 10th lunar month. <br>     Thousands gathered for the first day of the ceremony in Wufeng, Hsinchu County. Tourists from all over the island joined the local villagers in the elaborate ceremony in an open field. Men and women were dancing and singing, arms crossed, hand-in-hand, and moving in and out of a huge circle. Native Saisiyat people all wore bright red and white traditional costumes with intricate weaving and beading. Some had ornate decorations at the back, from which hung mirrors, beads, and bells that rang and clanged as the dancers moved. Tourists were welcome but were asked to stay away from particular areas where secret rituals were performed by village elders. They were also advised to tie Japanese silver grass around their arms, cameras, and recorders.
【題組】What is Pas-ta’al?

(A)It is an annual ritual ceremony of the Saisiyat people.

(B)It is a Saisiyat wedding ceremony in which people sing and dance.

(C)It is a Saisiyat ceremony in which Japanese silver grass is used as sacrifice.

(D)It is a Saisiyat ceremony that has a history as long as four hundred years.
章大師 國三下 (2014/01/19 02:16)
賽夏族人一台灣的官方承認原住民群體之一,有一個獨特的祭祀儀式叫Pas-ta’al該儀式是說已經進行(carried out)了多達400年。今天,它需要每兩年舉行一次。並且每隔十年,它是更大舉辦,具有更大的意義。最近的十年儀式在2006年陰曆10月的滿月期間,兩個互補和重疊的地點在北台灣舉行的。
Questions 41-50 The stylistic innovation in paining known as Impressionism began in the 1870’s. The Impressionists wanted to depict what they saw in nature, but they were inspired to portray fragmentary moments by the increasingly fast pace of modern life. They concentrated on the play of light over objects, people, and nature, breaking up seemingly solid surfaces, (5 ) stressing vivid contrast between colors in sunlight and shade, and depiction reflected light in all of its possibilities. Unlike earlier artists, they did not want to observe the world from indoors. They abandoned the studio, painting in the open air and recording spontaneous Impressions of their subjects instead of making outside sketches and then moving indoors to complete the work form memory. (10) Some of the Impressionists’ painting methods were affected by technological advances. For example, the shift from the studio to the open air was made possible in part by the advent of cheap rail travel, which permitted easy and quick access to the countryside or seashore, as well as by newly developed chemical dyes and oils that led to collapsible paint tubes, which enabled artists to finish their paintings on the spot. (15) Impressionism acquired its name not from supporters but from angry art lovers who felt threatened by the new painting. The term “Impressionism” was born in 1874,when a group of artists who had been working together organized an exhibition of their paintings in order to draw public attention to their work. Reaction from the public and press was immediate, and derisive. Among the 165 paintings exhibited was one called (20)Impression: Sunrise, by Claude Monet(1840-1926),Viewed through hostile eyes, Monet’s painting of a rising sun over a misty, watery scene seemed messy, slapdash, and an affront to good taste. Borrowing Monet’s title, art critics extended the term “Impressionism” to the entire exhibit. In response, Monet and his 29 fellow artists in the exhibit adopted the same name as a badge of their unity, despite individual differences. (25) From then until 1886 Impressionism had all the zeal of a “church”, as the painter Renoir put it. Monet was faithful to the Impressionist creed until his death, although many of the others moved on to new styles.
【題組】44 Which of the following is a significant way in which Impressionists were different from the artists that preceded them?
(A) They began by making sketches of their subjects
(B) They painted their subjects out-of-doors
(C) They preferred to paint from memory
(D) They used subjects drawn from modern life
64. Which of the following statements regarding inheritance is FALSE?
(A) “Ture-breeding” means varieties for each self-fertilization produced offspring all identical to the parent.
(B) The offspring of two different varieties are called hybrids.
(C) A monohybrid cross is a breeding experiment in which the parental varieties differ in some characters.
(D) The hybrid offspring of an F1 cross are the F2 generation.
(E) The hybrid offspring of a cross are the F1 generation.

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第 17 題至第 20 題為篇章結構,各題請依文意,從四個選項中選出最合適者,各題答案內容不重複     
     The assumption that reading takes place in imaginative isolation from the world is deeply embedded in everydayusage as well as in theoretical discussion. To begin with, reading feels like an intensely personal, private commitment.For instance, it is commonplace to hear the pleasure of reading associated with varieties of escape from the pressure ofhaving to relate to others in social situations. Yet, the flip side of this is the complaint one often hears, primarilyfrom students, that 17 These feelings about the solitariness of reading are so pervasive that one might inferthat 18 Such stereotypes persist, in part, because we assume that reading begins and ends as a solitary experience, that is, one that presupposes a single reader encountering a single text.      
      The perception that reading is an individual act gains considerable strength from the presence of three “enduringtraditions” in Western culture, traditions that constitute a formidable barrier to change. In the first place, assumptionsabout reading are conditioned by assumptions about writing, and romantic notions about writers as mysteriouslyinspired from within continue for many to be definitive. A second tradition grows out of the work of professionalliterary critics. For decades, this work has fostered the notion that 19      
      The impact of these images of writers and readers is intensified by a third tradition contributing to the impressionthat reading must be a private, asocial experience. In capitalistic, patriarchal societies such as ours, 20 We find itdifficult to imagine reading as a shared enterprise unless this involves individuals gathering to “consume”interpretations provided by others (via lecture or presentation) or to “exchange” ideas with one another. This way ofthinking makes the “economic marketplace” an apt (though undesirable) metaphor for what has traditionally beenunderstood by the term “class discussion.”

【題組】 17
(A)readers must be passive and pious observers of texts, and so must venerate them as artistic objects.
(B)reading is a collaborative process in which meaning is socially constructed.
(C)reading is boring in so far as it is not connected with their “real world” concerns.
(D)reading involves a transmission of objective information from the mind of the author to the mind of the reader via the text.