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31 The kids ate their lunch ______and rushed out to play soccer.
(A) on occasion
(B) by and large
(C) little by little
(D) in no time
Lin_400AndMe 高三上 (2017/04/27 09:48)
The kids ate their l☆☆☆☆   ☆☆ ...

106-警察.上榜了 大二上 (2017/05/07 22:31)

(A) on occasion 偶爾;有時
(B) by and large 大體上; 一般而論
(C) little by little 逐漸地
(D) in no time 很快;立即

71.There were samng children all the way. Clearly they knew at what time the train passed their homes and they made it their business to stand along the railway, were to complete strangers and cheer them up as they rushed towards Penage. Often whole families stood outside their homes and waved and smiled as if those on the trains were their favorite relatives. This is the simple village people of Malaysia.I warmoved. I had always traveled to Malaysia by plane or car, so this was the first time I was on a train.I did not partie relish the long train joumey and had brought along a dozen magazines to read and reread. I looked about the train. There was not one familiar I sighed and sat down to read my Economics It was not long before the train was across the Causeway and in Malaysia. Johore Baru was just another city like Singapore, so I was tired of looking at the crods of people as they hurried past. As we went beyond the city, I watchd the smaight rows of rubber trees and miles and miles of green. Then the first village came into sight. Immediately I came alive, I decided to wave back. From then on my joumey became interesting.I threw my magazine into the waste basket and decided to join in Malaysian life.Then everything came alive.The mountains seemed to speak to me.Even the trees were smiling.I stared t everything as if I was looking at it for the first time. The day passed fast and I even forgot to have my lunch until I felt hungry. I looked at my wat ch and was surprised that it was 3:00 pm.Soon the train pulled up at Butterwi I looked at the people all around me.They all looked beautiful. When my uncle arrive with, I threw my around thim to give him a (拥抱).I had never done this before. He seemed surprised and then his weather-beaten face warmed up with a huge smile. We walked arm in arm to his car. I looked forward to the return journey. The author expected the train turp to be .
5. The photographer published a photo on his personal blog and was surprised to discover three years ago that it had been shared among Facebook users as a photo of “abandoned orphans”, with some people even weaving ____ tales about the kids, like “their mother had died and their father left them”.
(A) hilarious
(B) negotiable
(C) reliable
(D) intricate
Sophia Su 高二下 (2015/05/23 10:38)
hilarious: 令人捧腹大笑, 喜不自禁; 比較: hazardous - 危險的
intricate: 錯綜複雜, 難理解的; 比較: extricate- 脫困, 脫身

It was a(n) _____ for the army soldiers when they heard the rescue helicopters. Their tension and fear of death was relieved.
(A) catharsis
(B) premonition
(C) subterfuge
(D) appraisal
陳維維 高二下 (2010/06/12 17:49)

             (A) catharsis強烈情緒的抒發(B) premonition預告; 徵兆 (C) subterfuge藉口; 託辭 (D) appraisal評價

57. You are from a middle class family, and live in a normal size home without any showy possessions, but you are surrounded by surprising consumption. This contrast is beginning to bother your 6-year-old son. You are worried that he will want to live as they do, and wonder if you should move. Sometimes big pocket money, joyful birthday parties, special playrooms and super-big houses tell you that your neighbors probably have more money than you do, and that they’re not as careful as you are with money, but you may find that they cook and dig in the garden with their children just as often as you do, talk with them as freely and read to them every night. Or you may find that some of these parents stay in on wing of their big house while children play by himself, way off in a wing of his own. In that unfortunate case, he is basically growing up alone without being looked after properly, but this can happen to a child who lives in a normal-size house, too, if he has a TV. A computer and a few video games in his room. Even the most caring parent doesn’t walk in and out of it to see what show her child is watching, what Internet site he has found and if he’s playing that video game. Too much uncontrolled screen then may lead to a certain loss of innocence (天真), and if it doesn’t, you might decide to move. Don’t judge your neighbor too harshly (严厉地), though. There some things that are right with almost any neighbor and some things that are wrong with the best of them. --- like those super-big houses. The wealth of their owners ---- and the way they throw money around---- may make your son feel sorry for himself, unless you help him understand that you and his dad save some of the money, give some to people who don’t have enough and use the rest to pay for whatever the family needs. Children want ----- should be provided with---- explanations when their parents don’t give them what they want. What is the problem with the worried parent in the text?
(A) Her house isn’t as big as her rich neighbor’s.
(B) Her son is left alone without anyone in charge.
(C) She can’t provide her son with a special playroom.
(D) She worries about the effect of her neighbor on her son.