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IV. Reading 61-65) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sometimes referred to as attention deficit disorder (ADD), is a mental disorder in which an individual displays a pattern of age inappropriate hyperactivity, impulsivity, or inattention. The symptoms of ADHD must present themselves before the age of 12, and they must occur in multiple settings (e.g. at home and school, not just at home). A meta-analysis of genetic studies found that ADHD is highly heritable. Environmental factors—such as the use of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy –contribute to the presentation of ADHD, but genetics play a more prominent role. About 6 percent of people in the United States under the age of 18 meet the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for ADHD, and males are about three times more likely to be diagnosed. Treatment for ADHD includes social interventions (psychotherapy, behavioral interventions, parent training, and education) and medication. Social interventions and medication can both be effective on their own, but a combination of the two modalities tends to be the most effective. Behavioral interventions and psychotherapy have been found to be very effective for the treatment of mild ADHD symptoms. In the treatment of children with ADHD, it is essential to include parents in the process. In addition to behavioral interventions, parents and children can benefit from education about ADHD. Many parents will have difficulty responding to their children with ADHD because they are under the impression that the child is intentionally being disrespectful or disruptive. Education about the biological causes and symptoms of ADHD can help reduce tension in parent-child relationships. It helps parents to know that their child isn't simply trying to be a nuisance, but that they have a physical limitation that makes it very difficult to control their behavior. Children with ADHD can benefit from therapy focused on social skills training. Role-playing, modeling of good behavior, practicing conversation skills such as listening and waiting to speak, conflict management education, and emotional management skills can all help children reduce the impact of their symptoms. Medication has been found to be effective for about 80 percent of those with ADHD, but there have been mixed findings regarding the long-term effects of its use. Medication can improve a child's ability to focus, control impulsive behavior, and decrease excessive motor behavior. That being said, they are not magic pills that make children behave well and become effective students. These abilities are better fostered through parenting skills.
【Group】65.According to the author, “there have been mixed findings regarding the long-term effects of its use.” What does it mean?
(A) There may be side-effects for the long-term use of the medication.
(B) There is no problem for the long-term use of the medication.
(C) The medication can only be effective for a short period of time.
(D) The medication is more effective for children than adults.

4. Despite the apparently bewildering complexity of this procedure, the underlying ____ is quite elementary.
(A) confusion
(B) principle
(C) phenomenon
(D) simplicity
Triumph Huang Senior 21st (2012/05/31 01:21):
1. 複雜(性),錯綜(性)[U]
a political problem of great complexity
2. 錯綜複雜的事物[C][P1]
* underlying--> underline
vt.1. 位於...的下面;置於...之下
2. 構成...的基礎
The social problems underlying these crises remain unsolved.
1. 基本的
2. 初級的,基礎的
He is a self-educated man. He didn't finish even elementary school.
3. 【化】元素的
Tin is an elementary substance.

1. 混亂;混亂狀況;騷動
The room was in a state of confusion.
2. 混淆
You can avoid confusion by speaking clearly.
3. 困惑;慌亂
The old woman looked at him in confusion.

7. I don’t know whom I should trust. Your ______ of the story is quite different from what Jack told me.
best ans!
Aming Chen Junior 31st (2012/10/02 20:01):
(A)version (B)present (C)exampl.....View more content , Login

315   I don't know whom I should trust. Your ______ of the story is quite different from what Jack told me.
葉又忻 Junior 32st (2015/07/08 20:48):

The manager is quite efficient because he knows ______.
(A)how to make good use of time
(B)how to make less money
(C)how to tell time exactly
(D)how to make himself healthier and wealthier
note:錯誤had + p.p.
賴佳伶 Senior 21st (2013/09/28 10:19):

Producing or causing desired effects.
Having the ability to accomplish a task with the least amount of waste.
efficient cause
相關字:adv. efficiently.
非考上不可啊!!!! University 12st (2014/04/08 07:58):