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Junk food is everywhere. We’re eating way too much of it. Most of us know what we’re doing and yet we do it anyway. So here’s a suggestion offered by two researchers at the Rand Corporation: Why not take a lesson from alcohol control policies and apply them to where food is sold and how it’s displayed? “Many policy measures to control obesity(肥胖症)assume that people consciously and rationally choose what and how much they eat and therefore focus on providing information and more access to healthier foods,” note the two researchers. “In contrast,” the researchers continue, “many regulations that don’t assume people make rational choices have been successfully applied to control alcohol, a substance — like food — of which immoderate consumption leads to serious health problems.” The research references studies of people’s behavior with food and alcohol and results of alcohol restrictions, and then lists five regulations that the researchers think might be promising if applied to junk foods. Among them: Density restrictions: licenses to sell alcohol aren’t handed out unplanned to all comers but are allotted(分配)based on the number of places in an area that already sell alcohol. These make alcohol less easy to get and reduce the number of psychological cues to drink. Similarly, the researchers say, being presented with junk food stimulates our desire to eat it. So why not limit the density of food outlets, particularly ones that sell food rich in empty calories? And why not limit sale of food in places that aren’t primarily food stores? Display and sales restrictions: California has a rule prohibiting alcohol displays near the cash registers in gas stations, and in most places you can’t buy alcohol at drive-through facilities. At supermarkets, food companies pay to have their wares in places where they’re easily seen. One could remove junk food to the back of the store and ban them from the shelves at checkout lines. The other measures include restricting portion sizes, taxing and prohibiting special price deals for junk foods, and placing warning labels on the products.
【題組】59. Why do policymakers of alcohol control place density restrictions?
(A)Few people are able to resist alcohol’s temptations.
(B)There are already too many stores selling alcohol.
(C) Drinking strong alcohol can cause social problems.
(D) Easy access leads to customers’ over-consumption.

5 We all remember too well that smiles go a long way, but often forget that so do angry words.
(A) We all remember very well that there are times for us to show our kindness, but often forget that there are also times for us to let off our anger.
(B) We all remember very well the times when we are kind to other people, but often forget those times when we say all the angry words to them.
(C) We are all well aware that people will remember our kindness for a long time, but often forget that they also have long memories about our anger.
(D) We are all well aware that people consider being kind to others a right thing to do, but often forget that they think it is wrong to be mean to others.


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【題組】5. ( ) Parker: Many girls care too much about their appearance. There are many other things to care about. Bella: I know what you mean, but ________.
(A)I think a positive attitude is important
(B)I think you should accept the way you are
(C)there’s nothing wrong with your appearance
(D)there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty

It is early summer. August’s long-awaited vacation time still seems ages away, but by the same token, its torpor-producing heat and mildew-generating humidity have not yet arrived. Instead, these cool, end-of-June days practically insist on getting the picnic season under the way immediately. But, also, there is a difficulty: alfresco dining has a bad name among us. Tenth-rate hot dogs, carbonized chicken parts, and beef a-la-charcoal are principally what come to mind when we hear the words “outdoor food”. The passage suggests that the author believes that
(A) picnicking in August is long-awaited.
(B) August is better than June for a picnic.
(C) there are some negative aspects to eating outside.
(D) picnicking is better alfresco.

Sherry Hsu 國三上 (2011/05/06)

KK [ælˋfrɛsko] DJ [ælˋfreskəu]

在戶外, 在露天

Hsu Baleng 高一下 (2013/12/19)
by the same token 基於同樣的原因
tenth-rate 最劣等的

必勝客 高二上 (2017/05/14)

torpor-producing     麻木生產的


1463   In every house, ______ there are children, there are noises. 
(A)for the time 
(B)as long as 
(C)all over 
(D)at the conclusion

irene 國二下 (2016/09/06)
as long as 只要