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<E>Very few people understand and apply the incredible 90-10 secret to their daily life. This results in millions of people suffering from undeserved stress, trials, problems and heartache. They feel as if their lives were dominated by negative feelings and filled with unpleasant experiences. Stress and unhappiness are like a 51 blanket, preventing them from enjoying their life 52 . What exactly is the 90-10 secret? 10 percent of our life consists of what happens to us, 53 which we have no control, yet we allow it to affect our emotions. For instance, we curse when our car breaks down or get upset when our schedule has to be 54 off due to a delay of the plane. Frustrated as we may be, we cannot stop nor change what has happened. The other 90 percent, however, is determined by our reaction. More often than not, by a change of attitude, things can start looking brighter. Life, in turn, can be wedge-free and enjoyable. The 90-10 secret teaches us how to 55 the 90 percent that we can change rather than the other 10 percent. With the application of this philosophy, a changed and positive life shall be within our reach.
(A) to the point
(B) to the extent
(C) to the top
(D) to the fullest


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8. _____ he _______ clean the room now?
(A) Is / have to
(B) Does / have to
(C) Does / has to
(D) Do / have to

Passage Two Questions 57 to 61 are based on the following passage. You’ve now heard it so many times, you can probably repeat it in your sleep. President Obama will no doubt make the point publicly when he gets to Beijing: the Chinese need to consume more; they need—believe it or not—to become more like Americans, for the sake of the global economy. And it’s all true. But the other side of that equation is that the U.S. needs to save more. For the moment, American households actually are doing so. After the personal-savings rate dipped to zero in 2005, the shock of the economic crisis last year prompted people to snap shut their wallets. In China, the household-savings rate exceeds 20%. It is partly for policy reasons. As we’ve seen, wage earners are expected to care for not only their children but their aging parents. And there is, to date, only the flimsiest (脆弱的) of publicly-funded health care and pension systems, which increases incentives for individuals to save while they are working. But China is a society that has long esteemed personal financial prudence (谨慎). There is no chance that will change anytime soon, even if the government creates a better social safety net and successfully encourages greater consumer spending. Why does the U.S. need to learn a little frugality (节俭)?Because healthy savings rates are one of the surest indicators of a country’s long-term financial health. High savings lead, over time, to increased investment, which in turn generates productivity gains, innovation and job growth. In short, savings are the seed corn of a good economic harvest. The U.S. government thus needs to act as well. By running constant deficits, it is dis-saving, even as households save more. Peter Orszag, Obama’s Budget Director, recently called the U.S. budget deficits unsustainable and he’s right. To date, the U.S. has seemed unable to see the consequences of spending so much more than is taken in. That needs to change. And though Hu Jintao and the rest of the Chinese leadership aren’t inclined to lecture visiting Presidents, he might gently hint that Beijing is getting a little nervous about the value of the dollar—which has fallen 15% since March, in large part because of increasing fears that America’s debt load is becoming unmanageable. That’s what happens when you’re the world’s biggest creditor: you get to drop hints like that, which would be enough by themselves to create international economic chaos if they were ever leaked. (Every time any official in Beijing deliberates publicly about seeking an alternative to the U.S. dollar for the $2.1 trillion China holds in reserve, currency traders have a heart attack.) If Americans saved more and spent less, consistently over time, they wouldn’t have to worry about all that.
【題組】61. What is the author’s purpose of writing the passage?
(A) To urge the American government to cut deficits.
(B) To encourage Chinese people to spend more.
(C) To tell Americans not to worry about their economy.
(D) To promote understanding between China and America.

C When a Swedish ship that sank in 1628 was recovered from the port of Stockholm,historians and scientists were overjoyed with the chance to examine the remains of the past. The ship construction showed how ships were built and operated during the seventeenth century. In this way,artifacts,objects made by human beings,provided a picture of daily life almost 400 years ago. Underwaterarchaeology-the study of ships,aircraft and human settlements that have sunk under large bodies of water-is really a product of the last 50 years. The rapid growth of this new area of study has occurred because of the invention of better diving equipment .Bsides the Swedish ship wreck(残骸),underwater archaeologists have made more exciting discoveries such as the 5000-year-old boats in the Mediterranean Sea. Underwater archaeology can provide facts abut the past.In ancient ports all over the world are ships sunken in the past 6,000 years. There are also sunken settlements in seas and lakes telling of pelples way of life and their systems of trade in ancient times.Underwater archaeologists want to study these objects to add to the world's knowledge of history,but they have to fight two enemies. One enemy is treasure hunters who dive for ancient artifacts that they can sell to collectors. Once sold,these objects are lost to experts. The second enemy is dredging machines(挖掘机)often used to repair ports.These machines destroy wrecks and artifacts or bury them deeper under sand and mud.B teaching the public about the importance of underwater“museums”of the past,archaeologists are hoping to get support for laws to protect underwater treasures.
【題組】63.What purpose does Paragraph 1 serve in the passage?
(A)To provide background information of the topic
(B)To attract readers' attention to the topic
(C)To use an example to support the topic
(D)To offer basic knowledge of the topic

5. A: ______ we ______ go to school on Saturdays? B: Unfortunately(不幸的), Yes.
(A)Does;has to
(B)Does;have to
(C)Do;has to
(D)Do;have to