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    全人教育(whole-person education)—指教學時瞭解學生的心理需求..
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    全人教育(whole-person education)—指教學時瞭解學生的心理需求..
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    組織因為分工的緣故,導致人員在無人文主義精神的環境下工作,而漸失活力。並且因此常見行政人員對民眾缺乏耐心、回應僵化及缺乏關懷的現象。此為何種組織的病象? (A)異化的病態現象 (B..
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    全人教育(whole-person education)—指教學時瞭解學生的心理需求、能力、經驗、性格、意願等主觀條件,並加以配合之來進行教學活動,從而激發學生的求知慾、學習動機,而能快樂學習。簡言..
13 學者W. Ouchi的「Z理論組織」強調「全觀性的觀點(holistic perspective)」,這種管理哲學就是希望我們把組織人員視為下列何者?
(A)單向度的人(one-dimensional person)
(B)全人(the whole person)
(C)行政人(the administrative person)
(D)經濟人(the economic person)
やました ひとみ 高一下 (2012/12/07 12:54)
Lavanilla 大一上 (2013/06/28 21:40)
萬家香 高二下 (2013/07/30 16:21)
全人 無所不會的人
There’s a different kind of graffiti that uses the actual street as a canvas and adds a whole new dimension. It’s called three-dimensional street art, and it’s out of this world. Normal graffiti looks like a flat, two-dimensional picture, but three-dimensional paintings appear to be coming right out of the surface. Many people have already experienced 3D animation at work in James Cameron’s latest sci-fi hit movie, Avatar. With 3D street paintings, you don’t even wear 3D glasses. Imagine walking up to a crack in the icy surface of the Earth. Go one step further and you will fall into the freezing water hundreds of meters below. This is the kind of thrill you get when you see the incredible piece called the Crevasse by Edgar Mueller. Of course, you know it is just a painting. Mueller knows that your eyes can trick you mind, so his painting makes you wonder for a moment if the ground has actually disappeared. This incredible painting is one of the best examples of optical illusion to date. He spentfive days, working 12 hours a day, to create the 250 square meter image of the crevasse. Mueller, a German artist, is one of the best known 3D street painters in the world. The huge street serves as his canvas, and he uses chalk or washable paint to make his masterpieces. Another features an enormous shark with its mouth open, bursting out of a brick floor and ready to seize passersby. Using great skill and patience, Mueller, along with other talented 3D street artists, are adding a new dimension to graffiti. Which of the following is an example of an optical illusion?
(A)A cellphone with a hidden button.
(B)A painting of a shark devouring its prey.
(C)A shirt that has a tie printed on it to trick you.
(D)A person drawing a picture on the street.
Chun Jen Wan 高二上 (2012/09/13 23:56)






ALex Sue 小四下 (2012/09/14 21:38)
我覺得C應該是一件襯衫上印有一條領帶.   所以才有會拐人的illusion
何謂「全人教育」(whole-person education)?
YI 高三下 (2013/04/05 20:03)
一、全人教育就是一種自我發展教育,著重人生的過程,如何懂得經營自己,追求不斷的自我開展與成長,體現生命最大的價值與意義,活出快樂積極的人生。  二、全人教育就是一種生活為主的教育:每個家庭成員均應參與家事,從中學得生存能力,培養責任感,踏實的照顧家人,使彼此的互動更融合,並懂得如何找到生活的情趣,把握現在,活在當.....觀看完整全文,請先登入


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What does “whole person learning” mean?
(A) Teachers should well estimate students’ intellect and design activities to actually meet their needs.
(B) Teachers put great emphasis on student’s thinking processes or cognition, and help them discover the rules of the language they are acquiring.
(C) Teachers should have understanding of the relationship among student’s feelings, physical reactions, and instinctive protective reactions.
(D) None of the above.

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64.We have met the enemy and he is ours We bought him at a pet shop When monkey-pox,a disease usually found in the African rain forest suddenly turns up in children in the American Midwest it’s hard not to wonder of the disease that comes from foreign animals is homing in on human beings “Most of the infections (感染)we think of as human infections started in other animals “ says Stephen Morse director of the Center for Public Health Preparedness at Columbia University. It’s not just that we’re going to where the animals are; we’re also bringing them closer to us Popular foreign pets have brought a whole new disease to this country A strange illness killed Isaksen’s pets and she now thinks that keeping foreign pets is a bad idea “I don’t think it’s fair to have them as pets when we have such a limited knowledge of them “says Isaksen “Laws allowing these animals to be brought in from deep forest areas without stricter control need changing “says Peter Schantz Monkey-pox may be the wake-up call Researchers believe infected animals may infect their owners We know very little about these new diseases Anew bug(病毒)may be kind at first But it may develop into something harmful(有害的)Monkey-pox doesn’t look a major infectious disease But is not impossible to pass the disease from person to person We learn from Paragraph I that the per sold at the shop may A.come from Columbia B.prevent us from being infected C.enjoy being with children D.suffer from monkey-pox