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After the tycoon survived the Icelandic volcano eruption, he started to feel as if he was on the _____ of a new life.
(A) threshold
(B) balcony
(C) advent
(D) altar
Kerry Hung 高三下 (2010/08/14)

advent 來臨
上榜黃 大一下 (2013/05/20)
threshold KK [ˋθrɛʃhold] DJ [ˋθreʃhəuld]

1. 門檻[C]

同義詞doorway, portal, gateway 變化形 名複thresholds  definition example related expression online resource n. 名詞


He had never crossed the threshold of a bar before. 他過去從未進過酒吧的門。

出發點, 開端, 起點[S]

Scientists are on the threshold of a breakthrough in their treatment of that disease. 科學家在治療那種疾病方面很快就要取得突破。


The tax threshold for a pensioner is $6, 000. 領退休金的人的納稅起點是六千美元。


(工資, 價格的)起增點

Viva Lin 高三上 (2014/01/18)
 PHRASE 在…开端;将要经历;面临着 If you are on the threshold of something exciting or new, you are about to experience it.  
  • We are on the threshold of a new era in astronomy.


  • ...a lovely girl on the threshold of growing up.


For some time now, it has been possible to imagine a moment when you will be able to watch whatever you want whenever you want in the setting of your choice. The handful of websites that now offer streaming or downloadable feature films offer a glimpse of what is to come. One of the intriguing promises these websites hold is a kind of virtual cinematheque. The retrieval and preservation of film history has been a project of many decades, accelerated and democratized by the rise of the DVD, which has put hundreds of old films in easy reach of the multitudes. Now, with the Internet that extends the promise of comprehensiveness and universal accessibility, it is possible to expect that before too long the entire surviving history of movies will be open for browsing and sampling at the click of a mouse for a few dollars. Besides making the established home viewing habits a bit easier to indulge, the on-line viewing experience also makes possible the rise of on-line video as a form of first-run distribution. That is, as more and more movies that find their public not at the multiplex or the art house, but at your house, the tyranny of feature films will erode. It is nearly impossible for a film that runs less than 70 minutes to be booked into a theater by itself, or for, say, a 17-minute movie to be given a block of television time. But on-line screen time is more flexible and may thus reward filmmakers for brevity or at least economy of expression.
【題組】Which of the following statements about the preservation of film history is true?
(A)The preservation of film history has been complete since the rise of the DVD.
(B)The preservation of film history begins with the advent of virtual cinematheque.
(C)The preservation of film history is easier with the advent of virtual cinematheque.
(D)The preservation of film history has become difficult because of the rise of the DVD.
Chun Jen Wan 高二上 (2012/03/28)






提高層次 大一上 (2015/06/18)
handful:少數的streaming:影音串流feature films:劇情片intriguing:耐人尋味的virtual cinematheque:虛擬電影中心retrieval:檢索preservation:保存democratized:大眾化put...in...:加進multitudes:大眾comprehensiveness:全面性before too long:不久
advent出現;到來 基督降臨;降臨節phpzQW86K
第三段:除了使既定在家觀賞的習慣有點容易沉迷之外,在線觀看的體驗也使興起的在線視頻作為首輪放映發行的一種形式成為可能。也就是說,當越來越多的電影發現他們的民眾不在多廳電影院或art house,而是...
With the ______ of Christmas, people are shopping and buying gifts for their family and friends.
(A) advent
(B) addict
(C) advice
(D) adulate
YT (2016/02/19)
adulate : 奉承
advent : 到來
______ means to predict, foresee, suggest beforehand or to vaguely foreshadow.
(A) Advent
(B) Adumbrate
(C) Advice
(D) Adulate
Sharon Hsieh 國一下 (2013/02/01)
advent n. appearance
adumbrate v. predict
Portfolio assessment is getting popular nowadays. A portfolio is a purposeful collection of students’ work __(6)__ time that contains samples of their language performance at different stages of completion, as well as the student’s own observations on his or her progress.  In spite of these potential difficulties, __(7)__, it has been argued that the positive impact of portfolios on both teachers and learners is in itself sufficient reason to continue their use, __(8)__ it cannot be demonstrated that portfolio assessment is technically more reliable than more traditional means of assessment. In addition, with the __(9)__ of new technology, the practical problems of data management and storage associated with paper-based portfolios do not __(10)__, since the contents can be stored, displayed and transmitted electronically. A wide variety of work samples can now be captured in different electronic formats.
(A) advance
(B) purpose
(C) exception
(D) advent
Viva Lin 高三上 (2013/06/04)
at the advent of
1. 在…到来的时候