No one should be forced to wear a uniform under any circumstance. Uniforms are demeaning to the human spirit and totally unnecessary in a democratic society. Uniforms tell the world that the person who wears one has no value as an individual but only lives to function as a part of a whole. The individual in a uniform loses all self-worth.
          There are those who say that wearing a uniform gives a person a sense of identification with a larger, more important concept. What could be more important than the individual himself? If an organization is so weak that it must rely on cloth and buttons to inspire its members, that organization has no right to continue its existence. Others say that the practice of making persons wear uniforms, say in a school, eliminates all envy and competition in the matter of dress, such that a poor person who cannot afford good-quality clothing need not be belittled by a wealthy person who wears expensive, quality clothing. Those persons conveniently ignore such critical concepts as freedom of choice, motivation, and individuality. If all persons were to wear the same clothing, why would anyone strive to be better? It is only a short step from forcing everyone to wear the same clothing to forcing everyone to drive the same car, have the same type of house, eat the same types of foods. When this happens, all incentive to improve one’s life is removed. Why would parents bother to work hard so that their children could have a better life than they had when they know that their children are going to be forced to have exactly the same life that they had?
      Uniforms also hurt the economy. Right now, billions of dollars are spent on the fashion industry yearly. Thousands of persons are employed in designing, creating, and marketing different types of clothing. If everyone were forced to wear uniforms, artistic personnel would be unnecessary. Salespersons would be superfluous as well; why bother to sell the only items that are available? The wearing of uniforms would destroy the fashion industry which in turn would have a ripple effect on such industries as advertising and promoting. Without advertising, newspapers, magazines, and television would not be able to remain in business. Our entire information and entertainment industries would founder.

      【題組】 25. The author’s primary purpose in writing this passage was to:
      (A) Plead for the abolishment of uniforms.
      (B) Show that uniforms are not possible in a democratic society.
      (C) Discuss the pros and cons of wearing uniforms.
      (D) Advocate stronger governmental controls on the wearing of uniforms.
      (E) Convince the reader that uniforms have more disadvantages than advantages.


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      必勝客 高二上 (2017/11/18):

      demean             貶低...的身份; 使表現

      self-worth        自我價值

      identification     認出; 鑒定; 識別; 確認

      belittle              輕視; 貶

      superfluous      多餘的, 過量的, 過剩的

      abolishment      廢除; 廢止


      10 v. to plead; to request; to petition for a new trial or judgment
      (A) presume
      (B) surprise
      (C) appeal
      (D) number

      9. During the economic recession, small companies were often forced to _____ with larger ones to survive.
      (A) plead
      (B) verify
      (C) subsidize
      (D) merge

      必勝客 高二上 (2016/04/17)


      1. 使(公司等)合併
         It was decided that the two businesses should be merged.
      2. 使融合;使同化

      1. (公司等)合併
           Our bank merged with theirs.

      2. 融合;同化
          The two lanes merge going into the tunnel.


      V. 閱讀測驗(40%)  (1) The heat was intense as we moved down the long corridor. Not only was it a difficult blaze, but the July heat made things even worse as we struggled to get the best of the flames. As we finally made the turn into the apartment where the fire had started, the words of the young mother outside screamed in my brain: “Please help! My baby is in there!”  We moved into the bedroom and I started looking in the usual spots where a child might seek refuge: under the bed, in the corners. As I groped my way through the thick smoke, I suddenly fell forward, tripping over something on the floor. It was the child. Ripping off my mask to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, I grabbed the child and raced for the stairs. When we reached the waiting Rescue Squad members, I collapsed in a heap in the gutter. The ambulance sped off into the night, its siren wailing. Later that evening, we received word that the child had died in the hospital’s emergency room. Another small life lost in the city.   Why do little children such as that one have to pay the price for the neglect of others? During my career as a fire fighter, I have seen this happen many times. You would think that we would become hard and callous, but we don’t. We mourn each person who dies. What bothers me is that many senseless tragedies could have been prevented. An overwhelming number of deaths in fires can be prevented by just one thing—a smoke detector. It is estimated that fewer than 50 percent of all dwellings in the United States are protected by smoke detectors. Why are so many people ignorant about the need for smoke detectors? Smoke detectors save lives. They are easy to install. Their cost is reasonable, and they offer immediate protection.  People must persuade their communities to provide fire education for everyone. The money spent on fire education reaps a reward that cannot be measured. If you do not think so, then consider your reactions if the child I carried out of that flaming apartment had been a member of your own family. You would probably then be willing to do anything at all to undo that tragedy.
      【題組】56. The author’s main purpose in the passage is to _______.
      (A) advertise a new brand of smoke detector
      (B) persuade readers to become fire fighters
      (C) plead for donations from the public
      (D) encourage fire safety measures

      答案:B [無官方正解]
      24-30題為題組 【C】 There are two kinds of sleep: one is rapid eye movement (REM), and __24__ is no rapid eye movement (NREM). While you are sleeping, you __25__ between REM and NREM sleep. Most individuals have four or five REM periods of dreaming each night. The first one may begin only a half hour after they fall asleep. Scientific research also puts forward the evidence __26__ the final one may last up to an hour. Nightmares usually occur toward dawn, __27__ the brain waves are less active. However, some people do not have a good night’s sleep. That’s because they __28__ breathing while sleeping. Some snorers even suffer from the condition __29__ apnea, because the throat muscles relax too much and block the airway. This is a dangerous condition. __30__ the brain is without oxygen for four minutes, there will be permanent brain damage.
      (A) plead with
      (B) find it hard
      (C) are unable to
      (D) have trouble

      答案: [無官方正解]