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  • 文學、書籍 1 by 教甄◆教育專業科目
      《自畫像》 《麥田群鴉》(Wheatfield with Crows),1890年,收藏於梵谷博物館 《安特衛普的後院》(Back..
  • 赫曼‧慕特修斯Hermann Muthesius & DWB 47 by 教育哲學
    Hermann Muthesius (赫曼‧慕特修斯)(1861-1927K,柏林) 生平簡介 Hermann Muthesius(赫曼‧慕特修斯)是普魯士貿易局(Prus..
  • 晚期哥德及早期文藝復興 53 by 教甄◆美術專業
    晚期哥德及早期文藝復興 (Late Gothic and The Early Renaissance)    文/ 詹益承   Renaissance一詞來自法文,有「..
  • Paley老師 9 by 教甄◆幼教專業試題
    Vivian Gussin Paley是一位退休的美國幼稚園老師,1987獲得美國Erikson Award for Service to Children,1989年獲得美國MacArthu..
  • 法國人文主義教育家拉伯雷(Rabelais) 4 by 教育哲學
    弗朗索瓦·拉伯雷(François Rabelais,約1493年-1553年4月9日),法國文藝復興時代的偉大作家,人文主義的代表。 1532年春天,拉伯雷開始..
49、他的油畫作品《阿諾菲尼夫婦》﹝Portrait of Arnolfini and his Wife﹞繪畫技巧相當傑出,能保持法蘭德斯﹝Flemish﹞的特色。他也發明了一種完善的油彩溶劑,使畫作能將燦爛的色彩保存到現在而不退色。以上的敘述指的是那一位西洋畫家?
(A)波希﹝Hieronymus Bosch﹞﹝1450 ~ 1516﹞
(B)揚•范•艾克﹝Jan van Eyck﹞﹝1395 ~ 1441﹞
(C)喬托﹝Giotto di Bondone﹞﹝1267 ~ 1337﹞
(D)貝利尼﹝Jacopo Bellini﹞﹝1400 ~ 1470﹞。
Cherry Hou Senior 22st (2013/05/26 21:38):


 艾克﹝Jan van Eyck﹞﹝1395 ~ 1441﹞─《阿諾菲尼夫婦》﹝Portrait of Arnolfini and his Wife﹞

41-45 What we today call America folk art was, indeed, art of, by, and for ordinary, everyday "folks" who, with increasing prosperity and leisure, created a market for art of all kinds, and especially for portraits. Citizens of prosperous, essentially middle-class republics—whether ancient Romans, seventeenth-century Dutch burghers, or nineteenth-century Americans—have always shown a marked taste for portraiture. Starting in the late eighteenth century, the United States contained increasing numbers of such people, and of the artists how could meet their demands. The earliest American folk art portraits come, not surprisingly, from New England—especially Connecticut and Massachusetts—for this was a wealthy and populous region and the center of a strong craft tradition. Within a few decades after the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the population was pushing westward, and portrait painters could be found at work in western New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri. Midway through its first century as a nation, the United States' population had increased roughly five times, and eleven new states had been added to the original thirteen. During these years the demand for portraits grew and grew, eventually to be satisfied by the camera. In 1839 the daguerreotype was introduced to America, ushering in the age of photography, and within a generation the new invention put an end to the popularity of painted portraits. Once again an original portrait became a luxury, commissioned by the wealthy and executed by the professional. But in the heyday of portrait painting—from the late eighteenth century until the 1850's—anyone with a modicum of artistic ability could become a limner, as such a portraitist was called. Local craftspeople—sign, coach, and house painters—began to paint portraits as a profitable sideline; sometimes a talented man or woman who began by sketching family members gained a local reputation and was besieged with requests for portraits; artists found it worth their while to pack their paints, canvases, and brushes and to travel the countryside, often combining house decorating with portrait painting.
【Group】44. The relationship between the daguerreotype (2nd paragraph line 16) and the painted portrait is similar to the relationship between the automobile and the _________.
(A) horse-drawn carriage
(B) driver
(C) highway
(D) engine
Kerry Hung Senior 32st (2010/08/19 00:38):

daguerreotype  1 銀版攝影術  2 銀版攝影照片

177 This is indeed a good copy of the portrait. The ______ is in the British Museum in London.
(A) original
(B) origin
(C) originally
(D) originality
Lovely Pei Senior 22st (2012/03/16 14:30):


a. 形容詞

  1. 最初的, 本來的; 原始的[Z][B]

    The original price of the car was a bit too high.這輛汽車的原價太高了一點。

  2. 有獨創性的; 新穎的; 奇特的

    He is an original dramatist.他是個有獨創性的劇作家。

  3. 原作的; 原本的[B]

    This is an original painting by Picasso.這是一幅畢卡索的原作。

n. 名詞
  1. 原物; 原著; 原畫; 原版[C]

    The original of this picture was nowhere to be found.這幅畫的原作已無處尋覓。

  2. 原著之語言; 原文[the S]

    He can read Shakespeare in the original.他能讀莎士比亞作品的原文。

  3. 原型

  4. 有獨創性的人[C]

  5. 怪人[C]


(B) origin  n.
  1. 起源; 由來; 起因[C][U]

    What was the origin of the quarrel?這場爭吵的起因是什麼?

  2. 出身; 門第; 血統[U][P1]

    His origins were humble.他出身低微。

  3. 【數】原點

In many western cultures, people believe that “seven” is a lucky number, but in Chinese communities around the world, “eight” is considered the most fortuitous of numbers, _____16_____ it much coveted for addresses, phone numbers and bank accounts. Number “eight” sounds very similar _____17_____ the Chinese word for “being rich and having a lot of money”. The Chinese feel that “eight” portends not only prosperity _____18_____ confidence and money worth even millions. Most Chinese also try their very best to _____19_____ numbers which make them think of things that have bad luck. For _____20_____ , some Chinese do not like the number “four” because it sounds like the Chinese word for “death”. The number eight doesn't have the same appeal to the Japanese or Koreans—whose cultures have been influenced by the Chinese—but all three cultures are united in their avoidance of the number four.
Sophie Senior 32st (2016/06/01 12:31):
(A)illustration說明 n.
肖像 n.
例子 n.  for instance︰舉例說明
論證 n.

31. The Mona Lisa is the portrait of a woman with a very enticing smile.
教甄教程◆英文- 2008 - 台南縣97年度縣立國中英文教甄#11868
Cherry Chang University 21st (2013/11/27 15:08):
(A)luminous 發光的; 夜光的; 光輝的
(B)elusive 逃避的, 躲避的
(C)oblivious 忘卻的; 健忘的
(D)alluring誘人的; 迷人的; 極吸引人的
Dex Shih Senior 31st (2014/12/08 02:55):
Alluring definition, very attractive or tempting; enticing; seductive.