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  • 中央造幣廠101年新進人員甄選試題 37 by 高普考/三四等/高員級◆英文
Passage Two Questions26 to 30 are based on the following passage. A recent study shows that sixteen out of every 100 American couoles have violent confrontations of one sort or another during the course of a year. In six of these cases there is severe kicking, biting, punching or hitting with objects. Almost four of every 100 wives are seriously beaten by their husbands. three of every 100 children are kicked or punched by their parents. More than a third of all brothers and sisters severely attack each other. A expected, the incidence of violence is highest among the urban poor (many of them minoroties).blue-collar workers, people under 20 or without religious beliefs, families with a husband who is jobless and those with four to six children. But the study also showed that violence occurs among wealthy families as well. Indeed, the wife of a university president once quietly called Straus, one of the sociologists who conducted the study, to ask what she could do about her husband, who often beat her. Straus suggested seeking assistance from marriage advisors. Steaus and his colleagues found out that there are various root causes that give rise to such behavior.“The reason are mixed –psychological, sociological, situational,” says Straus.“The husband, for example, may feel under particular stress because be has been out of work too long. Violence may also be an echo of the past,” Straus explains.“When Mummy gives her two-year-old a slap(巴掌)for putting something dirty in his mouth, he is learning from infancy that those who love you hit you.” Another reason may be the worsening economic situations.“If we have a real economos decline, It’s going to get worse,” economic situations.“If we have a real economic declines,it’s going to get worse,” says Gelles, one of Straus” colleagues. These sociologists have no easy answer to violence in the American family. While they welcome such move as the opening of shelters for beaten wives and the establishment of a National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect, they belive that there must be more basic attack on vilolence,including the reduction of “macho”(大男子主义)themes on the television,the outlawing of physical punishment in schools and perhaps even the wlimination of death senernces.A Straus explains,“Volence is an acceptable solution to problems in American society,And that is how it is used in families.
【題組】26.Which of the following statements is true?
(A)More than a third of brothers attack sisters in American families.
(B)Almost four percent of husbands are seriously beaten by their wives.
(C)Six out of one hundred couples experience severe domestic violence.
(D)Six percent of American couples have some kind of domestic violence.
The high school prom is the first formal social event for most American teenagers. It has also been a rite of passage for young Americans for nearly a century.
The word “prom” was first used in the 1890s, referring to formal dances in which the guests of a party would display their fashions and dancing skills during the evening’s grand march. In the United States, parents and educators have come to regard the prom as an important lesson in social skills. Therefore, proms have been held every year in high schools for students to learn proper social behavior.
The first high school proms were held in the 1920s in America. By the 1930s, proms were common across the country. For many older Americans, the prom was a modest, home-grown affair in the school gymnasium. Prom-goers were well dressed but not fancily dressed up for the occasion: boys wore jackets and ties and girls their Sunday dresses. Couples danced to music provided by a local amateur band or a record player. After the 1960s, and especially since the 1980s, the high school prom in many areas has become a serious exercise in excessive consumption, with boys renting expensive tuxedos and girls wearing designer gowns. Stretch limousines were hired to drive the prom-goers to expensive restaurants or discos for an all-night extravaganza.
Whether simple or lavish, proms have always been more or less traumatic events for adolescents who worry about self-image and fitting in with their peers. Prom night can be a dreadful experience for socially awkward teens or for those who do not secure dates. Since the 1990s, alternative proms have been organized in some areas to meet the needs of particular students. For example, proms organized by and for homeless youth were reported. There were also “couple-free” proms to which all students are welcome.

【題組】48. Which of the following statements is true?
(A) Unconventional proms have been organized since the 1960s.
(B) In the 1980s, proms were held in local churches for teenagers to attend.
(C) Proms have become a significant event in American high schools since the 1930s.
(D) In the 1890s, high school proms were all-night social events for some American families.

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In times of economic crisis. Americans turn to their families for support. If the Great Depression is any guide, we may see a drop in our skyhigh divorce rate. But this won’t necessarily represent. an increase in happy marriages. In the long run, the Depression weakened American families, and the current crisis will probably do the same. We tend to think of the Depression as a time when families pulled together to survive huge job losses, By 1932. when nearly one-quarter of the workforce was unemployed, the divorce rate had declined by around 25% from 1929 But this doesn’t mean people were suddenly happier with their marriages. Rather, with incomes decreasing and insecure jobs, unhappy couples often couldn’t afford to divorce. They feared neither spouse could manage alone. Today, given the job losses of the past year, fewer unhappy couples will risk starting separate households, Furthermore, the housing market meltdown will make it more difficult for them to finance their separations by selling their homes. After financial disasters family members also tend to do whatever they can to help each other and their communities, A 1940 book. The Unemployed Man and His Family, described a family in which the husband initially reacted to losing his job “with tireless search for work.”He was always active, looking for odd jobs to do. The problem is that such an impulse is hard to sustain Across the country, many similar families were unable to maintain the initial boost in morale(士气). For some, the hardships of life without steady work eventually overwhelmed their attempts to keep their families together. The divorce rate rose again during the rest of the decade as the recovery took hold. Millions of American families may now be in the initial stage of their responses to the current crisis, working together and supporting one another through the early months of unemployment. Today’s economic crisis could well generate a similar number of couples whose relationships have been irreparably(无法弥补地)ruined. So it’s only when the economy is healthy again that we’ll begin to see just how many broken families have been created.
【題組】60.What will the current economic crisis eventually do to some married couples?
(A)It will force them to pull their efforts together
(B)It will undermine their mutual understanding
(C)It will help strengthen their emotional bonds
(D)It will irreparably damage their relationship
五、閱讀測驗 說明︰第 41 至 50 題,每題請根據本文選出最適當的一個選項 每題請根據本文選出最適當的一個選項,標示在答案卡之 ,標示在答案卡之「選 擇題答案區」。每題答對得 2 分,共 20 分,答錯不倒扣。 How hard is it to find something to eat that is both healthy and delicious? It’s not as hard as you think. Bananas are almost perfect when it comes to flavor and health benefits. Some of the health benefits include lower blood pressure, better digestion, and increased muscle movement. Bananas are loaded with vitamins and minerals, making them one of nature’s healthiest fruits. They have three times the amount of vitamin A and C compared to apples. In addition, they have five times more protein than an apple. The potassium in bananas can help your heart and lower your blood pressure. This mineral also aids in muscle movement and digestion and is good for the kidneys. Furthermore, it can help maintain bone strength. Bananas provide not only physical benefits but also mental and emotional benefits. Bananas contain tryptophan, a well-known compound in foods that helps lift our mood. Also because tryptophan aids in sleep, eating a banana before bed helps us rest better. Next time you want a healthy snack or a boost in your mood, look no further than nature’s perfect fruit – the banana! In the old days every region had its own system of measurement. The British, for example, used feet and inches, while the Danes used thumbs and palms. Fortunately, all this confusion changed thanks to the insight of two scientists. Jean Delambre and Pierre Mechain were astronomers who knew that the world needed a unified system of measurement. They decided that the base unit for this should be one ten-millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the equator. They called this unit the meter, after the Greek word for “a measure.” In 1792, the two scientists decided to calculate the new measure by measuring the distance between Dunkirk, France and Barcelona, Spain. Starting at Paris, Delambre would go north and Mechain would head south. During the measurement, war broke out between France and Spain, and Mechain was trapped in enemy territory. Later, the Spanish realized the importance of the metric system, so they provided a military escort to protect the scientist. Things were no better for Delambre, who faced hostile mobs and accusations of sorcery! Despite these difficulties, the survey was completed, and slowly the system began to gain popularity around the world. Although the system spread, the definition of a meter had to change, due to errors in the scientists’ measurements. It turned out a meter wasn’t actually one ten-millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the equator. Today, a meter is defined as 1/299,792,458 of the distance light travels in a vacuum in one second.
【題組】42. What is true about apples?
(A) They have less protein than bananas do.
(B) They have more vitamin A than bananas.
(C) They have a compound that helps sleep.
(D) They have more vitamin C than bananas. Some American parents might think their children need better educations to compete with China and other countries. But how much do the parents themselves need to change? A new bestseller called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua has caused a debate about cultural differences in parenting. Ms. Chua, born and raised in the U.S. by immigrant Chinese parents, is a professor at the Yale Law School, and the mother of two daughters, both of whom are as excellent as their mother. In the Chinese culture, the tiger represents strength and power. In her book, Ms. Chua writes about how she demanded excellence from her daughters. For example, she threatened to burn her daughter's stuffed animals unless she played a piece of music perfectly. She would insult her daughters if they failed to meet her expectations. She also had a clear list of what her daughters were not allowed to do, such as watching TV, playing video games, or—getting any grade less than an A. Now she receives many criticisms because of her book, though she argues it was the way her parents raised her and her three sisters.

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請依下文回答第 14 題至第 17 題 Some school administrators think of physical education (PE) as a frill, and many critics say that team-oriented PE fails to help those kids who need it most, the overweight or awkward kids who hate to play team sports. Today, American children are less physically fit than ever before, and about 25% of all American children are overweight. Diseases related to obesity, like diabetes and high blood pressure, are more common among teenagers. A new fitness philosophy in PE may help change the situation. This new approach focuses on individualized activities like running, scaling a climbing wall, or working with weights. Individualized PE has a lot of advantages over team sports. Students who hate team sports because of rough teammates, harsh coaches, and social pressure sometimes grow fearful of all exercises. Individualized PE can help remove those fears. Individualized PE is easier to schedule because a student can work whenever he or she is free. A student can run or do aerobic exercises nearly anywhere, anytime. There is no need to get together with all other students. Finally, individualized exercise is more practical as a lifetime pursuit: an individualized PE program teaches skills valuable for the rest of a student’s life.
【題組】14 According to the article, why do some American students fear team sports?
(A) It is often difficult to find enough teammates to play a team game.
(B) It is often difficult to play a game without some sort of social pressure.
(C) It is often difficult to find a proper place to play a team game.
(D) It is often difficult to find a good coach.
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