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31 The land is a storehouse of ______ for all kinds of plants, and its reserve of nutrients is essential to any successful agriculture.
(A) facilities
(B) fertility
(C) nuance
(D) pesticides

Jay Liao 高三上 (2013/08/27)
facilityn. 設備, 靈巧, 容易fertilityn......看完整詳解
坐四望三 我不要鑽石 許武 高二下 (2013/09/25)
pesticides 農藥

王者風範,寄予政風,文武雙 高一上 (2014/04/05)
68.Ireland has had a very difficult history. The problems started in the 16th century when English rulers tried to conquer(征服) Ireland. For hundreds of years, the Irish people fought against the English. Finally, in 1921, the British government was forced to give independence to the south of Ireland. The result is that today there are two “Irelands”. Northern Ireland, in the north, is part of the United Kingdom. The Republic of Ireland, in the south, is an independent country. In the 1840s the main crop, potatoes, was affected by disease and about 750,000 people died of hunger. This, and a shortage (短缺) of work , forced many people to leave Ireland and live in the USA, the UK, Australia and Canada. As a result of these problems, the population fell from 8.2 million in 1841 to 6.6 million in 1851. For many years, the majority of Irish people earned their living as farmers. Today, many people still work on the land but more and more people are moving to the cities to work in factories and offices. Life in the cities is very different from life in the countryside, where things move at a quieter and slower pace. The Irish are famous for being warm-hearted and friendly, Oscar Wilde, a famous Irish writer, once said that the Irish were “the greatest talkers since the Greeks”, Since independence, Ireland has revived(复兴) its own culture of music, language, literature and singing. Different areas have different styles of old Irish songs which are sung without instruments. Other kinds of Irish music use many different instruments such as the violin, whistles, etc. What does the author tell us in paragraph 1?
(A).How the Irish fought against the English.
(B).How Ireland gained independence.
(C).How English rulers tried to conquer Ireland.
(D).How two ”Irelands” came into being.

The year is 2094. It has been announced that a comet (彗星) is heading towards the Earth . Most of it will miss our planet , but two pieces will probably hit the southern half of the Earth .
On 17 July , a piece four kilometers wide enters the Earth’s atmosphere (大气层) with a massive explosion . About half of the piece is destroyed , but the remaining part hits the South Atlantic at 200 times the speed of sound . The sea boils and a huge hole is made in the sea bed . Huge waves are created and spread outwards from the hole . The wall of water , a kilometer high , rushes towards southern Africa at 800 kilometers an hour . Cities on the African coast are totally destroyed and millions of people re drowned .
Before the waves reach South America , the second piece of the comet lands in Argentina . Earthquakes and volcanoes are set off in the Andes Mountains . The shock waves move north into California and all around the Pacific Ocean . The cities of Los Angeles , San Francisco and Tokyo are completely destroyed by earthquakes . Millions of people in the southern half of the earth are already dead, but the north won’t escape for long . Because of the explosions , the sun is hidden by clouds of dust , temperatures around the world fall to almost zero .Crops are ruined . The sun won’t be seen again for many years . Wars break out as countries fight for food . A year later , no more than 10 million people remain alive .
Could it really happen ? In fact , it has already happened more than once in the history of the Earth . The dinosaurs were on the Earth for over 160 million years . Then 65 million years ago they suddenly disappeared . Many scientists believe that the Earth was hit by a piece of object in space . The dinosaurs couldn’t live through the cold climate that followed and they died out . Will we meet the same and ?

【題組】74.Why can’t the northern half of the earth escape for long ?
(A).Because the land is covered with water
(B).Because the light and heat from the sun can not reach the earth .
(C).Because people there can not live at the temperature of zero .
(D).Because wars break out among countries .

41. These days a green building means more than just the color of the paint. Green building can also refer to environmentally friendly houses, factories, and offices. Green building means “reducing the impact (影响) of the building on the land”, Taryn Holowka of the U.S. Green Building Council in Washington, DC, said. According to Holowka, building account for (占了) 65 percent of total U.S. electricity use. But green building can reduce energy and water use. Also, the building are often located near public transportation such as buses and subways, so that people can drive their cars less. That could be good for the environment, because cars use lots of gas and give off pollution. Green building are often built on developed land, so that the buildings don’t destroy forests. Marty Dettling is project manger for a building that put these ideas into action . The Solaire has been called the country’s first green high-rise building . According to Dettling, “We’ve reduced our energy use by one-third and our water by 50 percent,” The Solaire cuts energy in past by using solar power. “On the face of the building we have solar panels which change the sun’s energy into electricity,” Dettling explained. The solaire also has lights that automatically turn off when people leave the room. In addition, the building has lots of windows, allowing people to use the sun for light during the day. The solaire cuts water reusing it. Not everyone is eager to move into a green building, however. Some people think that things like solar panels cost more money than more traditional energy sources. Anyhow, Holowka said, “It’s going to be big.” In the second paragraph, the underlined words “the building” most probably refer to ____.
(A) an ordinary building
(B) an energy-saving building
(C) a green-colored building
(D) a building in Washington DC

Question 32-40 Generally, in order to be preserved in the fossil record, organisms must possess hard body parts such as shells or bones. Soft, fleshy structures are quickly destroyed by predators pr decayed by bacteria. Even hard parts left on the surface for and length of time will be destroyed Therefore, organisms must be buried rapidly to escape destruction by the elements and to be protected (5) agents of weathering and erosion Marine organisms thus are better candidates for fossilization than those living on the land because the ocean is typically the site of sedimentation, whereas the land is largely the site of erosion. The beds of ancient lakes were also excellent sites for rapid burial of skeletal remains of freshwater organisms and skeletons of other animals, including those of early humans Ancient (10)swamps were particularly plentiful with prolific growths of vegetation, which fossilized in abundance. Many animals became trapped in bogs overgrown by vegetation. The environment of the swamps kept bacterial decay to a minimum, which greatly (aideD)in the preservation of plants and animals. The rapidly accumulating sediments in flood plains, deltas, and stream channels buried freshwater organisms, along with other plants and animals that happened to fall into the (15)water. Only a small fraction of all the organisms that have ever lived are preserved as fossils. Normally, the remains of a plant or animal are completely destroyed through predation and decay. Although it seems that fossilization is common for some organisms, for others it is almost impossible. For the most part, the remains of organisms are recycled in the earth, which is fortunate because (20)otherwise soil and water would soon become depleted of essential nutrients. Also, most of the fossils exposed on Earth’s surface are destroyed by weathering processes. This makes for an incomplete fossil record with poor or no representation of certain species. The best fossils are those composed of unaltered remains. Generally, it is the inorganic hard parts, composed mostly of calcium carbonate, that form the vast majority of unaltered fossils. Calcite and (25)aragonite also contributed to a substantial number of fossils of certain organisms.
【題組】35. The fact that the "land is largely the site of erosion" (line 7) is significant because
(A) erosion is less destructive than sedimentation
(B) fossils are most common in areas subject to erosion
(C) erosion contributes to the destruction of skeletal remains
(D) few organisms live in areas that experience extensive erosion