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發表于: 2013/08/26

The Miniature Guide to The Foundation for Critical Thinking
By Dr. Richard Paul and Dr. Linda Elder
Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools



Why Critical Thinking? 2

The Elements of Thought  3

A Checklist for Reasoning  4

Questions Using the Elements of Thought  6

Three Levels of Thought  7

Universal Intellectual Standards  8

Template for Analyzing the Logic of Articles and Textbooks 11

Criteria for Evaluating Reasoning  12

Essential Intellectual Traits 13

Three Kinds of Questions  16

A Template for Problem-Solving 17

Analyzing and Assessing Research 18

What Critical Thinkers Routinely Do 19

Stages of Critical Thinking Development 20

The Problem of Egocentric Thinking  21

The Problem of Sociocentric Thinking  22

Envisioning Critical Societies 23