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1.1.If the tapes do not meet your satisfaction, you can return them within thirty days for a full __________.
(A) fund
(B) refund
(C) funding
(D) fundraising

2.2.There was a slight departure delay at the airport due to __________ weather outside.
(A) forbidden
(B) inclement
(C) declined
(D) mistaken

3.3.For safety reasons, radios, CD players, and mobile phones are banned on board, and they must remain __________ until the aircraft has landed.
(A) switched on
(B) switch on
(C) switch off
(D) switched off

4.4.During take-off and landing, carry-on baggage must be placed in the overhead compartments or __________ the seat in front of you.
(A) parallel
(B) down
(C) underneath
(D) lower

5.5.While many couples opt for a church wedding and wedding party, a Japanese groom and a Taiwanese bride __________ in a traditional Confucian wedding in Taipei.
(A) tied the knot
(B) knocked off
(C) wore on
(D) stepped down

6.6.If the air conditioner should __________, call this number immediately.
(A) break up
(B) break down
(C) break into
(D) break through

7.7.__________, the applicant was not considered for the job.
(A) Due to his lack of experience
(B) Because his lack of experience
(C)His lack of experience
(D) Due to his experience lack

8.8.The company __________ by a nationally-known research firm.
(A) the surveyed market had
(B) had the surveyed market
(C) had the market surveyed
(D) the market had surveyed

9.9.__________ the first computers, today’s models are portable and multifunctional.
(A) Alike
(B) Unlike
(C) Dislike
(D) Unlikely

10.10.The hotel __________ for the conference featured a nine-hole golf course.
(A) that he selected
(B) that he selected it
(C) that selected
(D) he selected it

11.11.Now you can purchase a seat and pick up your boarding pass at the airport on the day of departure __________ simply showing appropriate identification.
(A) together
(B) for
(C) by
(D) with

12.12.The downtown bed-and-breakfast agency has __________.
(A) a two-night minimum reservation policy
(B) a policy two-night minimum reservation
(C) a reservation two-night policy minimum
(D) a minimum policy two-night reservation

13.13.Finding an accountant __________ specialty and interests match your needs is critically important.
(A) who
(B) which
(C) whose
(D) whom

14.14.Smokers who insist on lighting up in public places are damaging not only their own health but also that of __________.
(A) another
(B) each other
(C) one another
(D) others

15.15.The Internet is creating social isolation __________ people are spending more time on computers.
(A) unless
(B) so that
(C) though
(D) as

16.16.__________ the offer is, the more pressure we will have to bear.
(A) The greatest
(B) The greater
(C) More of
(D) Most of

17.17.Ecotourism is not only entertaining and exotic; it is also highly educational and __________.
(A) rewarded
(B) rewards
(C) reward
(D) rewarding

18.18.Readers __________ to the magazine pay less per issue than those buying it at a newsstand.
(A) subscribe
(B) subscribing
(C) subscribed
(D) are subscribing

19.19.Passengers __________ to other airlines should report to the information desk on the second floor.
(A) have transferred
(B) transfer
(C) are transferred
(D) transferring

20.20.__________ is first to arrive in the office is responsible for checking the voice mail.
(A) The person
(B) Who
(C) Whoever
(D) Whom

21.21.Members of the design team were not surprised that Ms. Wang created the company logo __________.
(A) itself
(B) herself
(C) themselves
(D) himself

22.22.In the interests of safety, passengers should carry __________ dangerous items nor matches while on board.
(A) either
(B) or
(C) neither
(D) not

23.23.I am sure that if he __________ the flight to Paris, he would have arrived there by now.
(A) makes
(B) made
(C) is making
(D) had made

24.24.“We are approaching some turbulence. For your safety, please keep your belts __________ until the ‘seat belt’sign goes off.”
(A) fasten
(B) fastened
(C) fastening
(D) be fastened

25.25.Each country has its own regulations __________ fruit and vegetable imports.
(A) pertaining
(B) edible
(C) allowable
(D) regarding

26.26.Those wishing to be considered for paid leave should put __________ requests in as soon as possible.
(A) they
(B) them
(C) theirs
(D) their

27.27.The convenience store __________ owner just won the grand lottery will be closed next month.
(A) which
(B) who
(C) whose
(D) that

28.28.The flight will make a __________ in Paris for two hours.
(A) stopover
(B) stepover
(C) flyover
(D) crossover

29.29.All of the students cried out excitedly __________ knowing that the midterm examination had been canceled.
(A) for example
(B) because
(C) as long as
(D) upon

30.30.If you carry keys, knives, aerosol cans, etc., in your pocket when you pass through the security at the airport, you may __________ the alarm, and then the airport personnel will come to search you.
(A) let on
(B) let off
(C) set on
(D) set off

31.31.My father always asks everyone in the car to __________ for safety, no matter how short the ride is.
(A) tight up
(B) fast up
(C) buckle up
(D) stay up

32.32.Client: What are this hotel’s __________? Agent: It includes a great restaurant, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and much more, such as in-room Internet access, 24-hour room service, and trustworthy babysitting, etc.
(A) installations
(B) utilities
(C) amenities
(D) surroundings

33.33.Tourist: What is the baggage allowance? Airline clerk: __________
(A) Please fill out this form.
(B) Sorry, cash is not suggested to be left in the baggage.
(C) It is very cheap.
(D) It is 20 kilograms per person.

34.34.The manager gave a copy of his __________ to his secretary and asked her to arrange some business meetings for him during his stay in Sydney.
(A) visa
(B) boarding pass
(C) itinerary
(D) journey

35.35.A tour guide is __________ informing tourists about the culture and the beautiful sites of a city or town.
(A) afraid of
(B) responsible for
(C) due to
(D) dependent on

36.36.A bus used for public transportation runs a set route; however, a __________ bus travels at the direction of the person or organization that hires it.
(A) catering
(B) chatter
(C) charter
(D) cutter

37.37.I was overjoyed to learn that I had accumulated enough __________ to upgrade myself from coach to business class.
(A) loyalty points
(B) credit cards
(C) grades
(D) degrees

38.38.Palm Beach is a coastline __________ where thousands of tourists from all over the world spend their summer vacation.
(A) airport
(B) resort
(C) pavement
(D) passage

39.39.Before you step out for a foreign trip, you should __________ about the accommodations, climate, and culture of the country you are visiting.
(A) insure
(B) require
(C) inquire
(D) adjust

40.40.Our __________ flight to Los Angeles due to the stormy weather in Long Beach.
(A) was landed
(B) had averted
(C) had been transformed
(D) was diverted

41.41.After disembarking the flight, I went directly to the __________ to pick up my bags and trunks.
(A) airport lounge
(B) cockpit
(C) runway
(D) baggage claim

42.42.Disobeying the airport security rules will __________ a civil penalty.
(A) result in
(B) make for
(C) take down
(D) bring on

43.43.I would like to express our gratitude to you __________ behalf of my company.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) by
(D) with

44.44.The security guards carefully patrol around the warehouse at __________ throughout the night.
(A) once
(B) odds
(C) intervals
(D) least

45.45.__________ the father came into the bedroom did the two little brothers stopped fighting.
(A) Only when
(B) Only if
(C) If only
(D) While

46.46.Working as a hotel __________ means that your focus is to ensure that the needs and requests of hotel guests are met, and that each guest has a memorable stay.
(A) commander
(B) celebrity
(C) concierge
(D) candidate

47.47.Mount Fuji is considered __________; therefore, many people pay special visits to it, wishing to bring good luck to themselves and their loved ones.
(A) horrifying
(B) scared
(C) sacred
(D) superficial

48.48.The non-smoking policy will apply to any person working for the company __________ of their status or position.
(A) regardless
(B) regarding
(C) in regard
(D) as regards

49.49.This puzzle is so __________ that no one can figure it out.
(A) furry
(B) fuzzy
(C) fury
(D) futile

50.50.If I had called to reserve a table at Royal House one week earlier, we __________ a gourmet reunion dinner last night.
(A) can have
(B) will have had
(C) would have had
(D) would have eating

51.51.__________ unemployed for almost one year, Henry has little chance of getting a job.
(A) Having been
(B) Be
(C) Maybe
(D) Since having

52.52.The school boys stopped __________ the stray dog when their teacher went up to them.
(A) bully
(B) bullied
(C) to be bullying
(D) bullying

53.53.The teacher had asked several students to clean up the classroom, but __________ of them did it.
(A) all
(B) both
(C) none
(D) either

54.54.Before the applicant left, the interviewer asked him for a current __________ number so that he could be reached if he was given the job.
(A) connection
(B) concert
(C) interview
(D) contact

55.55.If you have to extend your stay at the hotel room, you should inform the front desk at least one day __________ your original departure time.
(A) ahead to
(B) forward to
(C) prior to
(D) in front of

56.56.I will be very busy during this weekend, so please do not call me __________ it is urgent.
(A) except
(B) besides
(C) while
(D) unless

57.57.Prohibited items in carry-on bags will be confiscated at the checkpoints, and no __________ will be given for them.
(A) argument
(B) recruitment
(C) compensation
(D) decision

58.58.All the employees have to use an electronic card to __________ in when they arrive for work.
(A) clock
(B) access
(C) enter
(D) apply

59.59.I called to ask about the schedule of the buses __________ to Kaoshiung.
(A) leaving
(B) heading
(C) binding
(D) taking

60.60.As for the delivery service of our hotel, FedEx and UPS can make __________ at the front desk Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
(A) posts
(B) pickups
(C) picnics
(D) practices

61.【題組】 Many visitors to Italy avoid its famous cities, preferring instead the quiet countryside of Tuscany, located in the rural heart of the country. Like the rest of Italy, Tuscany has its share of art and architectures, 【61】 travelers are drawn more by its gentle hills, by its country estates, and by its hilltop villages. This is not an area to rush through but to enjoy slowly, like a glass of fine wine produced here. Many farmhouses offer simple yet comfortable 【62】. From such a base, the visitors can 【63】 the nearby towns and countryside, 【64】 up the sunshine, or just 【65】 in the company of a good book.
(A) if
(B) once
(C) but
(D) because

(A) accommodations
(B) replacements
(C) customs
(D) privileges

(A) explain
(B) explore
(C) explode
(D) expose

(A) leap
(B) mount
(C) soak
(D) creep

(A) register
(B) relax
(C) reduce
(D) repeat

66.【題組】 Vancouver Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is situated off the west 【66】 of Canada, about one and a half hour by ferry from Vancouver on the mainland. Victoria, the capital city, 【67】 over one hundred and fifty years ago and is famous for its old colonial style buildings and beautiful harbor. It is the center of government for the province of British Columbia, so many of the people living there are 【68】 as public servants. The lifestyle is very relaxed, 【69】 to other cities in Canada, and this is 【70】 a lot of people to move there after they retire. The island is also popular with tourists because of the magnificent mountain scenery and the world-renowned Butchart Gardens.
(A) quarter
(B) position
(C) coast
(D) site

(A) was founded
(B) founded
(C) was founding
(D) found

(A) regarded
(B) employed
(C) included
(D) treated

(A) compared
(B) to compare
(C) comparing
(D) compare

(A) hindering
(B) demanding
(C) attracting
(D) prohibiting

71.【題組】 After 16 weeks of labor contract disputes, Wang Metals workers say they have had enough. At 10:30 this morning, hundreds of workers walked out of work and onto the picket line. Wang Metals has more than 800 workers, and the union says about 90 percent of them are participating in the strike. They plan to continue to picket factory office here in four-hour shifts. The union representative claims workers have taken these measures as a last resort. “ We had met and decided to wait for the company to put a decent offer on the table, and when it finally did last night, it turned out to be unacceptable. So, we voted to strike.”The representative said that union members will strike as long as necessary. Extra security has been ordered by the plant, and guards are blocking passage through the main entrance to the factory. Local business leaders are concerned because any kind of prolonged dispute could have a negative effect on other sectors of the community as well. “Wang Metals is the backbone of our local economy. Everything from food to entertainment, to houses…it all connects to the plant,” says one business owner.
【題組】71. Which of the following is the best headline for this news report?
(A) Wang Plant Orders Extra Security
(B) 800 Workers Stage Walkout at Wang
(C) Wang Metals Loses Money During Strike
(D) Wang Workers Start Strike Today

72.【題組】72.What triggered the strike?
(A) The company being the backbone of the local economy.
(B) An offer by the company that the union found unacceptable.
(C) 90 percent of the workers picketing the factory offices.
(D) The company ordering extra security guards.

73.【題組】73.How long do the workers intend to strike?
(A) For four weeks.
(B) A number of weeks.
(C) Indefinitely.
(D) Late into the night.

74.【題組】74.If some of the plant workers were to lose their jobs, what might be the effect on the community as a whole?
(A) Hardly any effect. Things would stay the same.
(B) There would be more houses available for other people to live in.
(C) The economy of the community would suffer.
(D) The economy of the community would prosper.

75.【題組】75.Who blocked the passage through the main entrance to the factory?
(A) Security guards.
(B) Local business leaders.
(C) Union representatives.
(D) Company officials.

76.【題組】 Vacation rentals are fully private homes whose owners rent them out on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to hotels. They are available in all kinds of destinations, from a rustic cabin in the mountains to a downtown apartment in a major city. They can be townhouses, single-family-style homes, farms, beach houses, or even villas. Vacation rentals are generally appealing for many reasons. They are, to name some on the top, cost-saving, spacious, great for large groups, separated from crowds, and no tips or service charges. Besides, they have kitchens for cooking, living rooms for gathering, outdoor spaces for parties or barbeques, and they offer the appeal of living like locals in a real community. They are usually equipped with facilities such as sports and beach accessories, games, books and DVD libraries, and in warmer locations, a swimming pool. Many vacation rentals are pet-friendly, so people can take their pets along with them when traveling. Customers who choose hotels often enjoy the advantages of brand recognition, familiar reservation processes, and on-site service, while booking a vacation rental may mean stepping out of that comfort zone in order to get privacy, peace and quietness they offer -- things that are hard to obtain in a hotel room. For tourists, choosing a vacation rental over a hotel means more than short-term lodging -- vivid experiences and lifelong memories are what they value.
【題組】76. What is this reading mainly about?
(A) Planning leisure trips.
(B) The values of different vacation destinations.
(C) Alternative accommodations for tourists.
(D) Booking accommodations for fun trips.

77.【題組】77.What is the major concept of a vacation rental?
(A) Private houses rent out on weekdays only.
(B) Private homes rent out to tourists.
(C) Furnished homes for rent when owners are on vacations.
(D) Furnished rooms for short-term homestays.

78.【題組】78.Which of the following is NOT considered the reason that makes vacation rentals appealing?
(A) Familiar booking processes.
(B) Being economic.
(C) Being equipped with many useful facilities.
(D) Being pet-friendly.

79.【題組】79.What is the major advantage when tourists choose hotels rather than vacation rentals?
(A) Fame and wealth.
(B) Living like locals.
(C) Fair prices.
(D) On-site service.

80.【題組】80.Which of the following statements is a proper description of vacation rentals?
(A) They are shared by many owners.
(B) Tipping is not necessary at vacation rentals.
(C) They are built for business purpose.
(D) Daily cleaning is usually included in the rental contract.