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102 年 - 102年關務特考五等英文#10056 

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1.1 It was raining hard. David was getting all ______ when he came home because he didn’t bring an umbrella.
(A) dry
(B) hard
(C) soft
(D) wet

2.2 The doctor works in a nearby hospital. Every day he examines his ______ carefully.
(A) burglars
(B) patients
(C) buyers
(D) prisoners

3.3 His head started to ______ from the noise of the engine.
(A) ache
(B) occur
(C) move
(D) push

4.4 If I’m buying the whole set with a necklace and earrings, how much will that be ______ ?
(A) throughout
(B) altogether
(C) further
(D) alike

5.5 In this novel the author ______ that goodness and beauty are the same.
(A) clarified
(B) returned
(C) charged
(D) transformed

6.6 We are asked to enter the ______ before we are allowed to use the computer system.
(A) hole
(B) money
(C) password
(D) term

7.7 My watch is very ______ . It always tells the correct time.
(A) skilled
(B) accurate
(C) naughty
(D) rare

8.8 When the kids had a ______ over the result of the game, they had a heated argument.
(A) nature
(B) quarrel
(C) taste
(D) tendency

9.9 Many people think that smoking should not be ______ in any public place because it is harmful to health.
(A) born
(B) drunk
(C) reached
(D) allowed

10.10 If a magazine is published every week, we say it is printed ______ .
(A) annually
(B) daily
(C) weekly
(D) monthly

11.11 Thousands of years ago, people started to train and use ______ to travel across the desert.
(A) cows
(B) hippos
(C) goats
(D) camels

12.12 In order to find out the effects of sleeplessness, Prof. Wang designed an______ .
(A) exclusion
(B) extension
(C) experience
(D) experiment

13.13 Besides the grades they obtained at the exams, students also got ______ points for making a good progress.
(A) different
(B) extra
(C) minus
(D) positive

14.14 Early to bed and early to rise ______ a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
(A) makes
(B) it makes
(C) that make
(D) which makes

15.15 Jane loves music, so her father is going to buy her a ______ as a birthday present.
(A) vegetable
(B) victory
(C) violin
(D) vanity

16.16 I bet Dr. Steven Murphy’s new book will ______ the interest of many readers.
(A) rise
(B) arise
(C) rose
(D) arouse

17.17 It is true he is young, ______ he is pretty smart for his age.
(A) nor
(B) or
(C) but
(D) so

18.18 Why ______ take the train to Taichung? It will take you only about two hours.
(A) should
(B) about
(C) don’t
(D) not

19.19 You ______ stop before a red traffic light or you’ll be given a ticket.
(A) may
(B) must
(C) will
(D) could

20.20 We decided to take a holiday in Japan ______ a change.
(A) at
(B) for
(C) under
(D) with

21.21 You should never take ______ food into your mouth than you can chew.
(A) less
(B) more
(C) fewer
(D) most

22.22 His sister likes buying not only new clothing ______ . His parents can’t stand her anymore.
(A) and new shoes
(B) with new shoes
(C) but also new shoes
(D) as well as new shoes

23.23 Henry ______ public transportation, but this morning he is going to take the bus.
(A) rarely used
(B)is rarely using
(C) is rarely used
(D) rarely uses

24.24 ______ on your own ideas and the information you got, please give an explanation on this issue.
(A) Base
(B) Based
(C) Basing
(D) To base

25.25 The letter that is still lying on the table ______ last week.
(A) should have sent
(B) could have sent
(C) should have been sent
(D) could have had sent

26.26 Jessie: When did you come to Taipei? Rachel: ______ . This is my first time in Taipei. Jessie: Do you want me to show you around now?
(A) I’d been here for three days
(B) I arrived here three days ago
(C) I am here to visit my uncle
(D) I’ve never come to Taipei before

27.27 Mr. Lee: How long has Linda lived in Taipei? Miss Wang: She has lived there ______ six years already.
(A) before
(B) for
(C) since
(D) when

28.28 A: Excuse me. Can I get a ticket for the 8:30 flight to Taipei? B: Oh, the flight is sold out. A: ______ I’ve got to get to my brother’s wedding. When is the next flight?
(A) I don’t believe it!
(B) Let’s see.
(C) I am afraid so.
(D) Could you please repeat that?

29.29 Mary: It’s raining hard. Jane: Mmm! Mary: Could you please lend me your umbrella? Jane: No problem! But remember to ______ .
(A) bring it back
(B) move it back
(C) pay it back
(D) pick it back

30.30 John: How about catching a movie? There’s a new one playing at Warner Village. Mary: Oh, yeah? ______ ? John: It’s The Chronicles of Narnia. It’s supposed to be pretty good. Mary: Great! Let’s go.
(A) What’s it
(B) When is it
(C) Where’s it
(D)Who’s in it

31.31 Alex: When’s a good time to visit Hualien? Terry: ______ .
(A) I had a good time in Hualien
(B) You have to take a train
(C) You should go in spring
(D) You should wear heavy clothes

    Photographs serve many purposes, and nearly everyone has a camera, but some photographers see deeper and show more than others.     32    artists, they are deeply concerned with form and shape as they touch the human spirit. Dorothea Lange was such a photographer. 
    Dorothea Lange,     33    in 1895, began her career as a commercial photographer. But her finest pictures recorded the suffering of poor people and were taken during the hard years of the American Depression in the 1930s. Her photographs helped to   34   the government into taking action to improve the conditions in which they lived.     35    she made thoughtful photographic studies of the Japanese Americans who were in prison in America during the Second World War, when Japan and America were enemies. She also photographed many other people, both great and     36    . When she died in 1965, her photographs formed part of collections all round the world. 

(A) With
(B) Without
(C) Like
(D) Unlike

(A) was born
(B) who was born
(C) she was born
(D) such as she was born

(A) force
(B) create
(C) have
(D) permit

(A) While
(B) After
(C) Later
(D) As

(A) humble
(B) grassy
(C) blunt
(D) authentic

To: HRManager@company.com 
From: “Stella Simpson” <stellasimpson@hotmail.com> 
Subject: Job Application 
Dear Human Resources Manager, 
I’m writing to show my interest in the Sales Adviser position you advertised on JobMarket.com. I hold a college degree in tourism. Therefore, I have both the knowledge and the skills required for this position. Having been working in a five-star hotel for five years, I am experienced in working with people in the tourism industry. My responsibilities include helping customers check in and out of the hotel, answering questions on the phone, and dealing with customers’ requests and complaints. 
Although my duty does not include selling products to customers, I have been fully aware of their needs and know how to help them solve problems. Having served in this industry for several years, I am a person who is friendly, helpful, patient, and can certainly work under stress. If given the chance, I am available for interview at any time and place. I can be reached either through mail or phone. Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 
Yours sincerely, 
Stella Simpson 
Stella Simpson 
 168 Main Street 
Sydney NSW 1000 
Cell: 843-495-1378 
Email: stellasimpson@hotmail.com 

【題組】37 How did Stella Simpson send her application letter?
(A) By fax
(B) By post
(C) By email
(D) By telephone

38.【題組】38 Which industry is she most likely to work for if she is given the job?
(A) computer
(B) tourism
(C) health care
(D) education

39.【題組】39 What is her job position in the five-star hotel she works for?
(A) A front-desk clerk
(B) A housekeeper
(C) A manager
(D) A waitress

40.【題組】40 What is her strong point according to her description in the letter?
(A) management skills
(B) telephone skills
(C) computer skills
(D) people skills

41.【題組】41 Judging from her description in the letter, what kind of person is Stella Simpson?
(A) She is kind, supportive and understanding.
(B) She is brave, humorous and direct.
(C) She is peaceful, generous but dependent.
(D) She is honest, smart but plain.

    Research is now starting to reveal some puzzling ways in which music influences us. Why, for instance, are relaxing or uplifting effects sometimes only fully experienced after listening? Does a change of tempo in a sound track, or even silence itself, have a delayed impact on nervous system? Dr. Luciano Bernardi measured the heart rates, breathing rates, and blood pressure of 24 men as they listened to sections of slow and fast classical music, techno, rap, and more. To Bernardi’s surprise, bodily functions only drop significantly when the music slowed down or ended—or when he inserted an unexpected two-minute pause into each track. This delayed response occurred whatever music the subjectslistened to, or was most noticeable during gaps in slower music. 
    According to Bernardi, listening to music involves some focus of attention, and it’s only when that focus ends that the body fully relaxes. Bernardi claims we could tackle physical and mental stress by creating our own music, alternating between fast and slow rhythms, creating our own music to reduce stress and anxiety. It may not be what we listen to, but how we listen to it that turns music into therapy. 

【題組】42.What does the word “subjects” in paragraph one refer to?
(A) fast and slow music
(B) Dr. Bernardi’s research team
(C) 24 men
(D) classic, techno, and rap

43.【題組】43 According to the article, what was the result of Dr. Bernardi’s research?
(A) People feel totally relaxed while they listen to music.
(B) People feel relaxed when the music slowed down.
(C) People feel focused when they listen to fast music such as rap.
(D) People feel focused after the music ends.

44.【題組】44 What would be the most suitable title for this article?
(A) Puzzling Music
(B) The Tempo of Music
(C) Creating Our Own Music
(D) Music as Therapy

45.【題組】45 Which of the following is NOT how Dr. Bernardi found out the way in which people responded to music in his research?
(A) He kept track of people’s heart rates and breathing rates.
(B) He used different types of music.
(C) He measured the muscle response to see if people were relaxed.
(D) He added a pause in the middle of the sound track to see if people were relaxed.

46.【題組】46 What does Dr. Bernardi’s research imply?
(A) To concentrate, we could listen to music when we study.
(B) We should add pauses in the sound track to help us stay focused.
(C) Slow music helps us relax, so we should listen to classic music.
(D) Listening to music, fast and slow, can help us deal with stress.

47.    The aboriginal people of Australia have always made the land important in their arts. When settlers from Europe came to Australia in the 18th and 19 th centuries, they claimed that the land was owned by no one, but, as the art works of the indigenous show, the land has always given the aboriginal people a sense of mutual belonging: they belong to the land and the land belongs to them. Traditional “dreamtime”  art reflects the creation myths and migration legends of ancestral beings across difficult terrain. Paintings done on bark often show a bird’s eye view of a familiar landscape, a river, or a campsite. Stencil paintings on rocks mark important places on tribal journeys. And the colors for paintings originally came from clay ochre mined from the earth and wood ash. Even though watercolors and oil paints may now be used, works by contemporary aboriginal artists still show the close relation of the indigenous people to the land they have lived on for millennia. 
【題組】47 “Dreamtime” in traditional Australian indigenous art expresses
(A) mythic stories from the ancient past.
(B) experiences of hard life in the city.
(C) the individual feelings of contemporary artists.
(D) traveling across the land at night.

48.【題組】48 The main idea of this paragraph is that the aboriginal art of Australia illustrates
(A) how aboriginal art has been modernized.
(B) why the European settlers dreamed of a new land.
(C) how the aboriginal people maintained a close relationship with the land.
(D) how the artists struggled to survive in a difficult territory.

49.【題組】49 According to the paragraph, clay and wood ash were used by aboriginal painters to
(A) build their campfires.
(B) make their weapons.
(C) build their dwelling places.
(D) make their paints.

50.【題組】50 This paragraph implies that the view the European settlers had of Australia was
(A) fortunate.
(B) accurate.
(C) mistaken.
(D) proper.