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1.1. Cheating at the game ruined the most valuable players’ ____________.
(A) knowledge
(B) dishonesty
(C) prediction
(D) reputation

2.2. Americans were surprised to find that their country was ____________ number thirteen in quality of life worldwide.
(A) deleted
(B) chained
(C) rated
(D) scared

3.3. A Boeing 787 made an ____________ landing earlier this week because of the plane’s overcharged batteries.
(A) emergency
(B) emotion
(C) emphasis
(D) empire

4.4. Angry college students and ____________ of freedom of speech accuse the press buyers of trying to control our media industry.
(A) fertilizers
(B) newcomers
(C) managers
(D) defenders

5.5. The weather has recently been ____________ and this may cause illnesses.
(A) greedy
(B) domestic
(C) anxious
(D) unstable

6.6. The report has to be ____________ to the board of directors next Friday for approval.
(A) exaggerated
(B) screamed
(C) submitted
(D) equipped

7.7. Studies have found that alcohol can cause or worsen the common ____________ of sneezing, itching, and coughing.
(A) greetings
(B) symptoms
(C) terminals
(D) nightmares

8.8. May’s mother made a quick ____________ from her sickness after taking the medicine.
(A) recovery
(B) emotion
(C) religion
(D) energy

9.9. I began to learn the piano when I was at college and soon found out that I was good at it.
(A) decided
(B) discovered
(C) contained
(D) considered

10.10. Experts from more than 20 countries met in India to talk over climate change and food safety.
(A) convince
(B) collect
(C) discuss
(D) deny

11.11. The Cancer Genome Atlas Project found that gene mapping identifies four different types of breast cancer.
(A) recognizes
(B) contrasts
(C) conceals
(D) simplifies

12.12. According to studies, drinking one or two glasses of wine a week during pregnancy can have an impact on the baby’s brain.
(A) excuse
(B) agreement
(C) option
(D) influence

13.13. John’s father was so busy that he totally ignored his own health.
(A) founded
(B) persuaded
(C) neglected
(D) discouraged

14.14. Over the years, her singing has given pleasure to people all over the world.
(A) care
(B) light
(C) manner
(D) joy

15.15. With online dating, people learn a lot about a potential partner before meeting each other.
(A) humorous
(B) real
(C) possible
(D) generous

16.16. 16. Teacher: I called your mom today, and she said you weren’t home until 10 p.m. So, where were 
Hank: Um… I’m sorry. _______________ 
Teacher: As long as you’re telling me the truth, it’s OK.  
(A) I went to a concert.
(B) Don’t make fun of me.
(C) My mom thought I was late.
(D) You didn’t call my mom.

17.17. Travel Agent: Now, our agency has come up with a travel package — Buy Two Get One Free. 
Passenger: _______________ 
Travel Agent: Yes, would you like to purchase this travel package?
(A) It sounds like a comic!
(B) It depends on the weight.
(C) It sounds great!
(D) It depends on you.

18.18.Reporter: Hello, what’s your name? 
Protester: My name is Emma. 
Reporter: _______________ 
Protester: Yes. I am here to speak for the animals.    
(A) Are you afraid of animals?
(B) How many people are here?
(C) Are you here to protest against animal testing?
(D) What do you say about the animal shelters?

19.19. Mary: John, can you do me a favor? 
John: Sure. What can I do for you? 
Mary: I’m going to my son’s music performance tomorrow morning. _______________ 
John: OK. I guess I can.
(A) Could you take my shift?
(B) Why not ask someone else?
(C) In case I am occupied.
(D) It sounds like a good excuse.

20.20. Policeman: Sir, please move your vehicle immediately. 
Jack: Did I do anything wrong? 
Policeman: You parked in the space reserved for the disabled. 
Jack: _______________ 
Policeman: Thank you for your cooperation.
(A) But, there is no one parking here.
(B) I’m sorry. I will move it right away.
(C) Really? I thought you understand my situation.
(D) I think you need to calm down.

21.21. Jane: Thank you for stopping by. Can I get you anything? 
Lisa: _______________ 
Jane: Coming right up.
(A) You have nothing I want from you.
(B) A cup of coffee would be nice.
(C) No, I don’t drink in the daytime.
(D) I don’t know what I have in mind.

22.22.Coffee Shop Clerk: What can I get for you? 
Customer: Mocha, please. 
Coffee Shop Clerk: ____________ 
Customer: Half milk and no sugar. Thank you.    
(A) For here or to go?
(B) How would you like it?
(C) Cash or charge?
(D) How would you like to pay for it?

23.23. Lucy: You forgot to clean your room as you promised, Tom. 
Tom: Oh, no! It totally slipped my mind. Will you do it for me before Mom gets back? 
Lucy: ____________
(A) In your dreams!
(B) Out of sight, out of mind!
(C) You are welcome.
(D) You are a boy of my dream.

24.24. Zoo Keeper: You look like you are having a good time with the kangaroos. 
Child: Yeah, I do! I notice that they are sensitive when someone is getting close to them. 
Zoo Keeper: Good observation! _______________ 
Child: Thank you.
(A) You need to feed them more.
(B) You’re really good with animals.
(C) You take such good care of them.
(D) You’re going to learn how to take care of them.

25.25.Olivia: What’s the biggest source of pollution? The answer might surprise you. 
Fenny: Plastic bags? 
Olivia: No, throwaway diapers. 
Fenny: But how come they became a source of pollution? 
Olivia: _______________    
(A) About fifty years ago.
(B) They don’t break down easily.
(C) Cotton diapers are good for the environment.
(D) People are using fewer throwaway diapers.

26.▲ 下篇短文共有 5 個空格,為第 26 – 30 題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 In my free time, I really like surfing the Internet. When I get home from work, I turn on my computer, wait until it boots up completely, and then go online. With a broadband Internet service, webpages load faster with a high-speed 26 , and I can upload and download files faster. I usually check my e-mail first and write a few messages to family and friends. I sometimes 27 the local news headlines at my favorite news website and read up on the 28 local and international news. This website often provides video news clips that I can view online. I sometimes order products online to save money and time 29 going to a store and buying what I am looking for. Whatever I do, I realize that there are problems with using the Internet, including scams, identity theft, and viruses. I am very careful not to 30 my personal information. Using the Internet can be a fun and convenient way of shopping and finding out new information, but I just need to be careful.
(A) description
(B) confusion
(C) connection
(D) dedication

(A) put
(B) scan
(C) direct
(D) mix

(A) latest
(B) latter
(C) less
(D) lest

(A) instead of
(B) inclusive of
(C) in sense of
(D) in spite of

(A) turn out
(B) figure out
(C) put out
(D) give out

31.▲ 下篇短文共有 5 個空格,為第 31 – 35 題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 If you are looking for a new job, here are some job interview tips you should keep in mind when meeting with a potential employer. First, be sure to dress appropriately for the 31 . If you have an interview for a high-ranking job offered by a big company, then you might want to consider 32 nice pants and a dress shirt. However, you don’t want to overdress, either. 33 , be sure to do some research on the company. This will help you know if you have the needed skills or experience to work for that company. Finding out something about the company will also help you ask key questions about their business to show them you are interested in their company. Finally, be 34 to tell them why you would be the best choice for the position. You do not have to 35 about your accomplishments, but you can tell them in a confident and direct way why you can help their company better than other applicants. ˉ
(A) occasion
(B) platform
(C) opposition
(D) partnership

(A) wear
(B) wore
(C) worn
(D) wearing

(A) On the contrary
(B) In other words
(C) Otherwise
(D) Next

(A) decided
(B) reported
(C) prepared
(D) connected

(A) blame
(B) boast
(C) bend
(D) balance

36.▲ 下篇短文共有 5 個空格,為第 36 – 40 題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 Cell phones have changed a lot since they first became popular about twenty years ago. They used to be large and the buttons were also often hard to 36 . Now, most of the smart cell phones do not have buttons — they have touchscreens! Cell phones are not just used to make calls now; even the most basic phones can also send text messages. Some have 37 , so when you are having fun with your friends, or see something cool in a store, you can take a picture and send it to others immediately. What most people are excited about are “apps” — 38 that allow your phone to do many cool things. Only smartphones are smart enough to 39 these apps. There are apps for many different things. Some turn your phone into a 40 positioning system ( GPS ), so you will not get lost when you travel. Others allow you to download music, or movies. No matter which phone you choose, it is easy to see how cell phones help us every day and continue to get smarter! ˉ
(A) print
(B) paved
(C) press
(D) possess

(A) paints
(B) cameras
(C) brushes
(D) layers

(A) applications
(B) approaches
(C) appliances
(D) appointments

(A) inhabit
(B) imply
(C) contribute
(D) handle

(A) global
(B) grateful
(C) grammar
(D) generous

41.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第 41 − 45 題 Coal remains a critical component of the world’s energy supply despite its image as a polluter. As an enemy of environmentalists, it creates so much pollution. In this case, coal still has the undeniable advantages of being widely available and easy to ship and burn. The biggest attraction is low cost, however. By many estimates, burning coal still costs about one-third as much as using renewable energy like wind or solar power. As a result, global demand for coal is expected to reach 8.9 billion metric tons by 2016. In addition to strong demand for thermal coal, which is burned in power plants, use of metallurgical coal or coking coal is also expected to double. For now, coal seems to be avoiding a serious potential impediment to its use: international treaties restricting greenhouse gas emissions. So far, such agreements to prevent climate change have been ineffective. In the long term, coal’s future depends on China and India, which rely heavily on coal for their electric power, and its prospects look bright mainly because it is cheaper than its competitors.
【題組】41. What is the main idea of the passage?
(A) The demand for coal.
(B) The greenhouse effect.
(C) The use of wind energy.
(D) The climate change.

42.【題組】42. In line 2, what does the word “it” refer to?
(A) Pollution.
(B) Enemy.
(C) Coal.
(D) Estimate.

43.【題組】43. According to the passage, why does coal’s future rely on China and India?
(A) The two countries have not found relatively clean energy sources yet.
(B) The two countries depend heavily upon coal to generate power.
(C) Coal industry attracts a lot of attention in the two countries.
(D) Coal is bright and readily available in the two countries.

44.【題組】44. In the passage, the word “impediment” is closest in meaning to __________.
(A) advantage
(B) benefit
(C) convenience
(D) obstacle

45.【題組】45. Which of the following is NOT the advantage of coal according to the passage?
(A) Image.
(B) Price.
(C) Shipping.
(D) Availability.

46.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第 46 − 50 題 In Chinese mythology, snakes are often associated with monsters. Some experts on Taoist customs and beliefs suggest that people put on some decorations with snake designs. Others recommend that people should buy orchids, tulips, and other yellow-colored flowers. These are helpful ways to begin 2013, the Year of the Snake, to attract some good luck. For some people, snakes have long been scary. One reason may be that unlike most other animals, they have no legs. Another is that some species are deadly poisonous. The other reason may be that they are silent creatures and can often attack without any warning. When people see snakes, they often scream, hoping to frighten them away. In fact, they are just wasting their time. Snakes cannot hear screams because they have no ears. Their eyesight is generally weak, too. However, they have a good sense of smell and can feel even the smallest vibrations made by walking animals. Some snakes can also detect heat so that they can hunt at night for small animals like mice and rabbits. Though they have no arms or legs, they can swallow their prey, alive and whole. Every animal has its strengths and weaknesses, and snakes are no exception. The best way to protect oneself against the bite of a poisonous snake begins long before seeing one. Before going hiking or picnicking, be sure to wear heavy shoes or boots. Avoid walking through high grass or over fallen trees. Stay on the hiking paths or in open fields. Whatever you do, don’t bother to scream. ˉ
【題組】46. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) How to treat snakebites.
(B) A general introduction to snakes.
(C) The eating habits of snakes.
(D) Where to find snakes.

47.【題組】47. According to the passage, which of the following is mentioned as a symbol of good luck?
(A) Keeping snakes as pets.
(B) Shoes or boots.
(C) Decorations with snake designs.
(D) Fallen trees.

48.【題組】48. Which of the following reasons is NOT given in the passage to explain why people are scared of snakes?
(A) Their poisonous bites.
(B) Their open and bright eyes.
(C) Their lack of arms and legs.
(D) Their ability to attack people without warning.

49.【題組】49. The word “prey” in the second paragraph refers to __________.
(A) screams
(B) small vibrations
(C) silent creatures
(D) hunted animals

50.【題組】50. Which of the following is NOT a way to avoid snakebites?
(A) Stay in open fields.
(B) Avoid grassy areas.
(C) Wear heavy boots.
(D) Scream at snakes.