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My grandfather came from Hungary and was the only one in his family who settled down in the United States. The rest of his family remained in Erope. When World War I broke out, he seemed to have become another man, downherated. Such obvious change was not born out of his welfare, but out of fear: if his only son, my uncle, had to go to war, it would be cousin fighting against cousin.  
One day in 1918, my Uncle Milton received his draft notice. My grandparents were very upset. Bt my mother, at the age of 10, felt on top of the world about her soldier brother going off to war. Realizing how he was regarded by his little sister and all of her friends, my uncle bought them all service pins, which meant that they had a loved one in the service. Al the little girls were delighted.  
The moment came when my uncle and the other soldiers, without any training but all in uniforms, boarded the train. The band played and the crowd cheered. Athough no one noticed, I’m sure my grandmother had a tear in her eye for the only son. The train slowly pulled out, but not about a thousand yards when it suddenly paused. Eeryone stared in wonder as the train slowly returned to the station. There was a dead silence before the doors opened and the men started to step out. Someone shouted,”The war is over. ”For a moment, nobody moved, but then the people heard someone bark orders at the soldiers. The men lined up in two lines, walked down the steps, and with the band playing, marched down the street, as returning heroes, to be welcomed home. My mother said it was great day, but she was just a little disappointed that it didn’t last a tiny bit longer.  

【題組】51 . What the grandfather was most worried about was .
(A) the spread of the world war
(B) the safety of his living two cousins
(C) a drop in his living standards
(D) his relatives killing each other

2.【題組】52. The underlined phrase “draft notice” means “ “
(A) order for army service
(B) train ticket for Erope
(C) letter of rejection
(D) note of warning

3.【題組】53. What did the “service pins”(in Para. 2)stand for in the dyes of the little girls?
(A) Strength.
(B) Curage.
(C) Victory.
(D) Honor.

4.【題組】54. Which of the following words can best describe the ending of the story?
(A) Dsappointing.
(B) Unexpected.
(C) Uncertain.
(D) Inspiring.

Three years ago, five parrots were set free in a wild place of Aizona, thousands of miles from the Cannel Islands in Jersey sher they had been looked after by zookeepers. No evolutionary strategies informed them how to behave in this new Landscape of mountainous pine forest unoccupied by their king for 50 years. To the researchers’ surprise, they failed to make contact with a group of wild parrots imported from Mexico and set free at the same time. Within 24 hours the reintroducing ended in failure, and the poor birds were back in cages, on their way to the safety of the Aizona reintroduction programme.  
Eer since then, the programme has enjoyed great success, mainly because the birds now being set free are Mexican birds illegally caught in the wild, confiscated (没收) on arrival north of the border, and raised by their parents in the safety of the programme. The experience shows how little we know about the behaviour and psychology(心理) of parrots, as Peter Bnnett, a bird researcher, points out:” Reintroducing species of high intelligence like parrots is a lot more difficult. People like parrots, always treating them as nothing more than pers or valuable ‘collectables’. ” 
Now that many species of parrot are in immediate danger of dying out, biologists are working together to study the natural history and the behaviour of this family of birds. Last year was an important turning point: conservationists founded the World Parrot Trust, based at Hayle in Crnwall, to support research into both wild and caged birds.  
Research on parrots is vital for two reasons. Forest, as the Aizona programme showed, when reintroducing parrots to the wild, we need to be aware of what the birds must know if they are to survive in their natural home. We also need to learn more about the needs oft parrots keot as pets, particularly as the Trust’s campaign does not attempt to discourage the practice, but rather urges people who buy parrots as pets to choose birds raised by humans.  

【題組】55 . What do we know about the area where the five parrots were reintroduced?
(A) Its landscape is new to parrots of their king.
(B) It used to be home to parrots of their kind.
(C) It is close to where they had been kept.
(D) Pine trees were planted to attract birds.

6.【題組】56. The reintroducing experience three years ago shows that man-raised parrots ______.
(A) can find their way back home in Jersey
(B) are unable to recognize their parents
(C) are unable to adapt to the wild
(D) can produce a new species

7.【題組】57. Why are researches on parrots important according to the passage?
(A) The Trust shows great concern for the programme.
(B) We need to knows more about how to preserve parrots
(C) Many people are interested in collecting parrots.
(D) Parrots’ intelligence may some day benefit people.

8.【題組】58. Acording to the passage, people are advised_______.
(A) to treat wild and caged parrots equally
(B)to set up comfortable homes for parrots
(C) not to keep wild parrots as pets
(D) not to let more parrots go to the wild

When I was seven my father gave me a Timex, my first watch. I loved it, wore it for years, and haven’t had another one since it stopped ticking a decade ago. Why? Bcause I don’t need one. I have a mobile phone and I’m always near someone with an iPod or something like that. Al these devices(装置)tell the time—which is why, if you look around, you’ll see lots of empty wrists; sales of watches to young adults have been going down since 2007.  
Bt while the wise have realized that they don’t need them, others—apparently including some distinguished men of our time—are spending total fortunes on them. Bands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Beitling command shocking prices, up to £250.000 for a piece. 
This is ridiculous. Epensive cars go faster than cheap cars. Epensive clothes hang better than cheap clothes. Bt these days all watches tell the time as well as all other watches. Epensive watches come with extra functions—but who needs them? How often do you dive to 300 metres into the sea or need to find your direction in the area around the South Pole? So why pay that much of five years’ school fees for watches that allow you to do these things? 
If justice were done, the Swiss watch industry should have closed down when the Japanese discovered how to make accurate watches for a five-pound note. Instead the Swiss reinvented the watch, with the aid of millions of pounds’ worth of advertising, as a message about the man wearing it. Rolexes are for those who spend their weekends climbing icy mountains; a Patek Philippe is for one from a rich or noble family; a Beitling suggests you like to pilot planes across the world.  
Watches are now classified as “investments”(投资). A1994 Philippe recently sold for nearly? £350, 000, while 1960s Rolexes have gone from? 15, 000 to? 30, 000 plus in a year. Bt a watch is not an investment. It’s a toy for self-satisfaction, a matter of fashion. Prices may keep going up-—they’ve been rising for 15 years. Bt when of fashion. Prices may keep going up—they’ve been rising for 15 years. Bt when fashion moves on, the owner of that? £350, 000 beauty will suddenly find his pride and joy is no more a good investment than my childhood Times.  

【題組】59 The sales of watches to young people have fallen because they__________.
(A) have other devices to tell the time
(B) think watches too expensive
(C) prefer to wear an iPod
(D) hame no sense of time

10.【題組】60. It seems ridiculous to the writer that_______________.
(A) people dive 300 metres into the sea
(B) expensive clothes sell better than cheap ones
(C) cheap cars don’t run as fast as expensive ones
(D) expensive watches with unnecessary functions still sell

11.【題組】61. What can be learnt about Swiss watch industry from the passage?
(A) It targets rich people as its potential customers.
(B) It’s hard for the industry to beat its competitors.
(C) It wastes a huge amount of money in advertising.
(D) It’s easy for the industry to reinvent cheap watches.

12.【題組】62. Which would be the best title for the passage?
(A) Timex or Rolex?
(B) My Cildhood Timex
(C) Watches? Mot for Me!
(D) Watches—a Valuable Cllection

Afew years ago, Paul Gerner began to gather a group of architects in Las vegas to ask them what it would take to design a public school that used 50 percent less energy, cost much less to build and obviously improved student learning . ”I think half of then fell off their chairs,” Gerner says.  
Gerner manages school facilities (设施)for Cark county, Nevada, a district roughly the size of Massachusetts. B 2018, 143, 000 additional students will enter the already crowded public-education system. Gerner needs 73 new schools to house them. Four architecture teams have nearly finished designing primary school prototypes (样品) ; They plan to construct their schools starting in 2009. The district will then assess how well the schools perform, and three winners will copy those designs in 50 to 70 new buildings.  
Green schools are appearing all over , but in Cark Cunty, which stands out for its vastness, such aggressive targets are difficult because deign requirements like more natural light for students go against the realities of a desert climate. ”One of the biggest challenges is getting the right site orientation(朝向), ” Mark McGinty, a director at SH Achitecture, says. His firm recently completed a high school in Las Vegas. “You have the same building, same set of windows, but if its orientation is incorrect and it faces the sun, it will be really expensive to cool.” 
Surprisingly, the man responsible for one of re most progressive green-design competitions has doubts about ideas of eco-friendly buildings. ”I don’t believe in the new green religion,” Gerner says. ”Gerner says.”Some of the building technologies that you get are impractical. I’m interested in those that work. ”Bt he wouldn’t mind if some green features inspire students. He says he hopes to set up green energy systems that allow them to learn about the process of harvesting wind and solar power. ”You never know what’s going to start the interest of a child to study math and science,”he says.  

【題組】63.How did the architects react to Garner’s design requirements?
(A) They lost balance in excitement.
(B) they showed strong disbelief.
(C) they expressed little interest.
(D) they burst into cheers.

14.【題組】64.Which order of steps is followed in carrying out the project?
(A) Asessment-Prototype-D)sign-Cnstruction.
(B) Asessment-Dsign-Prototype-Cnstruction.
(C) Dsign-Asessment-Prototype-Cnstruction.
(D) Dsign-Prototype-Asessment-Cnstruction.

15.【題組】65.What makes it difficult to build green schools in Cark Cunty?
(A) The large size.
(B) Limited facilities.
(C) The desert climate.
(D) Poor natural resources.

16.【題組】66.What dose Gerner think of the ideas of green schools?
(A) They are questionable.
(B) They are out of date.
(C) They are advanced.
(D) They are practical.

  Sunday is more like Monday than it used to be, Places of business that used to keep daytime “business hours” are now open late into the night. Ad on the Internet, the hour of the day and the day of the week have become irrelevant (不相关的).Ahalf century ago in the United States, most people experienced strong and precise dividing lines between days of rest and days of work, school time and summer time. Today the boundaries still exist, but they seem not clear. 
The law in almost all states used to require stores to close on Sunday; in most, it no longer does ,It used to keep the schools open in all seasons except summer, in most, it still does. Ad whether the work week should strengthen its legal limits, or whether it should become more “flexible,” is often debated. How should we, as a society, organize our time? Should we go even further in relaxing the boundaries of time until we live in a world in which every minute is 
much like every other? 
  These are not easy questions even to ask. Part of the difficulty is that we rarely recognize the “law of time” even when we meet it face to face. We know as children that we have to attend school a certain number of hours, a certain number of days, a certain number of years – but unless we meet the truant officer (学监) ,we may well think that we should go to school due to social custom and parents‟ demand rather than to the law. A adults we are familiar with “extra pay for overtime working,” but less familiar with the fact that what constitutes(构成) “overtime” is a matter of legal definition. When we turn the clock forward to start daylight – saving time, have we ever thought to ourselves: “Here is the law in action”? A we shall see, there is a lot of law that has great influence on how organize and use time: compulsory education law, overtime law, and daylight – saving law- as well as law about Sunday closing, holidays, being late to work, time zones, and so on. Once we begin to look for it ,we will have no trouble finding a law of time to examine and assess. 

【題組】67. B saying” Sunday is more like Monday than it used to be,” the writer means that __________.
(A) work time is equal to rest time
(B) many people have a day off on Monday,
(C) it is hard for people to decide when to rest
(D) the line between work time and rest time is unclear

18.【題組】68. The author raises the questions in Paragraph 2 to introduce the fact that people____.
(A) fail to make full use of their time
(B) enjoy working overtime for extra pay
(C) are unaware of the law of time
(D) welcome flexible working hours

19.【題組】69.Acording to the passage, most children tend to believe that they go to school because they_____.
(A) need to acquire knowledge
(B) have to obey their parents
(C) need to find companions
(D) have to observe the law

20.【題組】70. What is the main idea of the passage?
(A) Our life is governed by the law of time.
(B) How to organize time is not worth debating.
(C) New ways of using time change our society.
(D) Our time schedule is decided by social customs.