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109 年 - 109 調查特種考試_四等_各組別:英文#106625 

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1.31 Your extra pay would be _____ according to the number of hours you spend with the students during the summer.
(A) paralyzed
(B) overcharged
(C) reckoned
(D) peered

2.32 Pressure groups urged the public to _____ goods from companies that use child labor.
(A) boycott
(B) detach
(C) contain
(D) retreat

3.33 The water is _____ ; you can easily see everything clearly through it.
(A) additional
(B) affordable
(C) polluted
(D) transparent

4.34 The French _____ Vietnam in the 1800s, which explains why French cuisine has had lots of influence on Vietnamese food culture.
(A) colonized
(B) diminished
(C) migrated
(D) subscribed

5.35 Children _____ on a balanced diet and sufficient exercise.
(A) deprive
(B) thrive
(C) throw
(D) depart

6.36 Citrus fruits, ________ oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, are loaded with high levels of vitamin C.
(A) as to
(B) in fact
(C) in short
(D) such as

7.37 Aerobics is a perfect _____ of power and beauty that helps you lose weight and boost metabolism.
(A) combination
(B) depression
(C) inspection
(D) possession

8.38 Ginkgo biloba is said to be effective at boosting memory, but there is also _____ that it may increase the risk of strokes.
(A) privacy
(B) concern
(C) modesty
(D) regulation

9.39 Two weeks after the hurricane, the remote village is still suffering a _____ need of water, food, and medical supplies.
(A) denial
(B) reluctant
(C) desperate
(D) possessive

10.40 Too much _____ in a person's blood might lead to heart disease.
(A) cholesterol
(B) diabetes
(C) diagnosis
(D) atmosphere

11.41 It is only human to be _____ of successful people but you may learn to appreciate your own unique talents.
(A) cautious
(B) digital
(C) general
(D) jealous

12.42 A great _____ often succeeds by thinking out of the box.
(A) commuter
(B) inventor
(C) elevator
(D) register

13.43 The elderly are most _____ to cold weather and flu viruses, so they should receive more care in winter.
(A) valuable
(B) considerate
(C) vulnerable
(D) resistible

14.44 With the coming of the election, both of the candidates will need to _____ their support in order to win.
(A) consolidate
(B) contribute
(C) deprive
(D) deceive

15.45 The budget has been approved by the board, including increased _____ on research and development.
(A) endurance
(B) evacuation
(C) expenditure
(D) extension

Thought to have been constructed since the 1930s, Perth Blue Boat House has been rebuilt and repaired on a number of occasions and has had lots of uses. For decades, locals drove past this bright blue wooden house several times a day without noticing. But recently,   46   its popularity on Instagram, the boathouse has become a well-known tourist attraction. There has been a(n)   47   of visitors to this area, with tour buses and self-driven visitors stopping here for pictures. Popularity,   48   , can come with problems. The closest public toilet is 1.5 miles away. Tourists go to a nearby restaurant to use the toilets. The owner   49   that some had been rude, disruptive and even verbally abusive.   50   this problem, Perth’s city council has decided to build its first solar-powered toilet. It will reportedly cost US$278,000 to install and an additional $14,000 per year for maintenance.

(A) rather than
(B) instead of
(C) deprived of
(D) due to

(A) increase
(B) aversion
(C) division
(D) ratio

(A) therefore
(B) likewise
(C) though
(D) once

(A) promoted
(B) complained
(C) reminded
(D) prescribed

(A) To solve
(B) After solving
(C) To depict
(D) After depicting



39. Chopper(喬巴) and Nami(娜美) are good friends. Chopper ____________     and Nami ____________    . (A)is playing basketball; is playing piano. (B)is playing the basketball...

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109 年 - 109 調查特種考試_四等_各組別:英文#106625-阿摩線上測驗

109 年 - 109 調查特種考試_四等_各組別:英文#106625